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Short Wisdom on a Long Planet

______________ Our ecological problems are evidence of a deeper, spiritual problem whereby we, feeling incomplete, feed off the Whole; whereby we, feeling empty, use everything up in an attempt to fill ourselves; whereby we, feeling insignificant, scar the earth in order to feel significant.   Short Wisdom on a Long Planet We keep turning one [Read More…]

The Festival of Life

______________ We fight it constantly, but the meaning of life waits beyond all our plans and under all our desires; waiting for us to lose our maps and crack our hard shells open so that the light within can join with the light without.   THE FESTIVAL OF LIFE What if the heart cracks like [Read More…]

Beyond the Telling

______________   One of the reasons we are so bound to storytelling is that the telling opens us to truths too large to keep in view.   BEYOND THE TELLING I met a woman from Brazil who had to tell her story. Her mother was a difficult woman. But at the piano, she moved like [Read More…]