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Nothing Else to Say

______________ Even on good days, there‚Äôs always a sliver of resistance burrowed in the bottom of our character, just to keep us humble.   NOTHING ELSE TO SAY An orchard in May thousands of blossoms hiding the fruit and after a long day the sun intensifies flushing out the one crow hiding like the one [Read More…]

Lost Speech

______________ The truth of things waits out of view ready to surprise us when we least expect it. I learned the truth of this while out in the marsh one day at twilight.   Lost Speech The more that falls away, the more knit I am to things before they speak; drawn into the waters [Read More…]

Inside Out

______________ Everything in nature is bruised and worn. This is how each tree and hill gets its beauty. We are no different.   Inside Out I was taken aback, when joining a fitness club, at the history of my body: a rib removed, torn ligaments in an ankle, torn muscle in a knee, torn meniscus [Read More…]