Prince Caspian — the teaser poster

Cinematical posted the teaser poster for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian earlier today. The film comes out in eight months.

Jim Broadbent on Harry Potter, Indiana Jones

Jim Broadbent, winner of the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his excellent work in Iris (2001; my review), talked to Dark Horizons recently about his work in a couple of upcoming franchise pics:

Question: You must have a comfortable life which is hard to give up unless something comes up you want to do.

Broadbent: Yeah I had basically three months in Lincolnshire in the summer and suddenly now I’m back on the rollercoaster again and I’ve got to finish off Indiana Jones next month and I’ve got a bit on Young Victoria and it’s all been sort of stacking up and then I’m doing Harry Potter.

Question: Who are you?

Broadbent: Who am I? He’s called Horace Slughorn. He’s a retired teacher of magic who’s drawn back out of retirement because he’s got some secrets they need in the battle against the Deatheaters and he’s quite star struck as a teacher and he’s drawn back into the fold because he likes to notch up celebrity students, and he’s drawn back by Harry.

Question: Is he a comic character?

Broadbent: He is quite a comic character, yes. . . .

Question: And who are you in Indiana Jones?

Broadbent: I’m Indiana’s academic colleague at Yale. I’m his friend and colleague – there’s a couple of my scenes to go.

As others have noted, it sounds like Broadbent will be playing the same sort of role in the next Indiana Jones film that the late Denholm Elliott played in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and The Last Crusade (1989). But will it be serious, a la Elliott’s role in Raiders, or buffoonish, a la Elliott’s role in Last Crusade?

So … Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Superman, The Chronicles of Narnia … how many other franchises has Broadbent been in?

Zoe Saldana is Uhura in Star Trek XI

Variety and the Hollywood Reporter both announced today that Zoe Saldana is in final negotiations to play Lt. Uhura in the upcoming Star Trek movie. Saldana is 29 years old, which is only four years younger than Nichelle Nichols was when she created the character for the original TV series way back in 1966.

Juno — the trailer’s up!

Yet another pregnancy movie! And this one is directed by Jason Reitman, who also directed Thank You for Smoking (2005)! And it stars Michael Cera of Superbad! And it’s been getting great buzz! I can hardly wait for December, which is when Juno comes out.

YouTube Preview Image
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Canadian box-office stats — September 16

Here are the figures for the past weekend, arranged from those that owe the highest percentage of their take to the Canadian box office to those that owe the lowest.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday — CDN $6,010,000 — N.AM $28,474,000 — 21.1%
Shoot ‘Em Up — CDN $1,480,000 — N.AM $10,342,000 — 14.3%
Superbad — CDN $12,680,000 — N.AM $111,336,000 — 11.4%

The Nanny Diaries — CDN $2,510,000 — N.AM $23,987,000 — 10.5%
The Bourne Ultimatum — CDN $21,750,000 — N.AM $216,193,000 — 10.0%

Mr. Woodcock — CDN $774,647 — N.AM $9,100,000 — 8.5%
Balls of Fury — CDN $2,000,000 — N.AM $28,875,000 — 6.9%
3:10 to Yuma — CDN $2,040,000 — N.AM $28,549,000 — 7.1%
The Brave One — CDN $819,173 — N.AM $14,015,000 — 5.8%
Halloween — CDN $2,950,000 — N.AM $51,264,000 — 5.8%

A couple of discrepancies: Shoot ‘Em Up and The Nanny Diaries were #7 and #10 on the Canadian chart, respectively (they were #11 and #12 in North America as a whole), while Dragon Wars and Rush Hour 3 were #5 and #9 on the North American chart, respectively.

Cronenberg on atheism and explicit violence

The press screening for David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises started almost an hour late, so I saw the first 71 minutes but had to skip the last 25 due to a prior commitment. Apparently I missed “the scene everybody is talking about”, in which Viggo Mortensen fights a man to the death — in the nude.

Ah well, maybe one day I’ll get around to seeing the rest of this movie, though I’m not particularly keen on revisiting the hour-plus that I have already seen — mainly because I found it pretty dull. In the meantime, I am intrigued by how Cronenberg defends the explicit violence in this interview with Reuters:

There is a moment in the Russian mob movie “Eastern Promises” when the level of violence rises so high that the audience lets out a collective gasp, followed by a ripple of nervous laughter.

But director David Cronenberg and his star Viggo Mortensen insist the vicious climax to a murderous bathhouse battle between mob killers is an essential part of the movie, bringing home the reality and the finality of death.

“Murder is a serious thing. I am taking it very seriously,” Cronenberg told Reuters in an interview on the sidelines of the Toronto International Film Festival, where “Eastern Promises” had its premiere on Saturday night.

“I’m an atheist,” Cronenberg said. “To me an act of murder is the act of total destruction, it’s absolute. There’s no comeback, there’s no going to heaven, that’s it. And it is very easy for that to be veiled or covered up, in a movie especially.

“To me it makes perfect legitimate, artistic and, if you push me, moral sense as well to do that this way.”

Make of all that what you will.