Interview: Becoming Truly Human director Nathan Jacobs on being “none of the above” and giving the religiously unaffiliated a chance to be heard

The fastest-growing religious group in North America may be the group that claims no religious affiliation whatsoever. Up to one in four people now say “None of the above” when asked if they belong to one of the traditional religions. But, precisely because so-called “Nones” do not identify with a religious community, they don’t often find opportunities to talk about what they believe, and what they don’t believe. Kentucky-based filmmaker Nathan Jacobs tries to remedy that somewhat in Becoming Truly... Read more

Watch: The first trailer for Sony Animation’s The Star

“There is something seriously wrong with those animals.” (more…)

Exclusive: Watch the trailer for Becoming Truly Human, a documentary about the religiously unaffiliated

It used to be common for people to identify with a religious tradition, even if they weren’t very observant about it. But that is less and less the case these days, as studies have shown that an increasingly large percentage of the North American public has either given up on religion or never had it to begin with. Now filmmaker Nathan Jacobs has made a documentary that tells the stories of several “Nones” (so called because they tend to identify... Read more

Newsbites: A “teen Jesus” series is being developed by the creator of Orange Is the New Black, and more!

Three quick news items with a TV-and-the-Bible twist. (more…)

Watch: The people of Joppa sing and dance in a clip from Jonah: On Stage! — returning to theatres June 3

If you missed your chance to see Jonah: On Stage! on the big screen last month — or, if you did see it but were keen to watch it again — then heads up: There will be an encore matinee screening at theatres across the U.S. this Saturday. (more…)

Mary Magdalene gets its first promo reel at Cannes

There are two Bible-themed movies coming out in November — just six months from now — and so far there have been no trailers or clips for either film. (more…)

Jerusalem: The Biography gets the TV series treatment

Various sites are reporting that Lionsgate TV in the UK is developing a TV series adaptation of Simon Sebag Montefiore’s bestseller Jerusalem: The Biography. The book covers the history of Jerusalem over a period of about three thousand years — from King David, who made the city his capital circa 1000 BC, to the Six-Day War in AD 1967 — and Lionsgate creative chief Steve November says the series will run for “multiple seasons.” Does this mean we’ll get at... Read more

American Gods will have “multiple versions of Jesus Christ”

American Gods is a brand new TV series based on a book by Neil Gaiman which imagines that the gods of many different mythologies have come to America and have fallen on hard times because people don’t believe in them like they used to. (more…)

First look: Joseph and Mary in Sony Animation’s The Star

Now that Easter has come and gone, it’s time to look ahead to Christmas. (more…)

Jonah: On Stage! takes epic live theatre to the big screen

Jonah and the whale will be swimming soon to a theatre near you. (more…)