Prophet Joseph — episodes twenty-seven and twenty-eight


Synopsis. Amenhotep holds a public ceremony to promote Joseph to one of the highest positions in the land, and Joseph tells the people his plans for getting through the upcoming seven years of famine. The priests of Amon try to sow seeds of doubt in the crowd, but every time they raise a question about Joseph’s plans, Joseph happens to say something that answers their question. Later, Joseph organizes a team of assistants that includes his former prisonmates, his fellow ex-slave Nemisabu, and Malek, the Ishmaelite who sold him to Potiphar nearly twenty years earlier. Potiphar’s health is failing, and the priests convince the queen mother Tiye to tell her son that an officer named Horenhob should get Potiphar’s job if and when he passes away.

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Is Ben-Hur in box-office trouble?


With tickets on sale and the release date only three weeks away, it is now possible to get a sense of how big an audience the new Ben-Hur might have. And the news at this point isn’t very encouraging, as The Hollywood Reporter says the big-budget Bible epic is currently on track to gross only $14-15 million in its first weekend.

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Watch: The first trailer for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge


The first trailer for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge is here, and it has all the epic battle footage that you’d expect from the director of Braveheart as well as some clear nods to the religious faith of the film’s main character.

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Watch: Uhura faces off against Krall in two new Star Trek Beyond clips, plus a bunch of new TV spots


Star Trek Beyond has been in theatres for almost a week now, and the studio knows it’s facing stiff competition from Jason Bourne this coming weekend and Suicide Squad the weekend after that. So, to entice anyone who hasn’t already seen the film at least once, the studio has released two new clips. Check ’em out below the jump.

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Last Days in the Desert comes to DVD and iTunes next week

lastdaysinthedesert-dvd-aLast Days in the Desert, which stars Ewan McGregor as both Jesus and the Devil, is coming to home video next week. If you want to see it in high definition — and if you want to see the complete uncensored version that played at Sundance last year — then it looks like you’ll have to get the iTunes edition, which has both the PG-13 version of the film (which has been playing in theatres for the past two months) and a ‘Full Length Director’s Cut’, all for $14.99. Meanwhile, you can pre-order the DVD, which will apparently have just the PG-13 version of the film, at Amazon for $12.99. The film will be available in both formats August 2.

Watch: The first five clips from the new Ben-Hur


The first five clips from the new version of Ben-Hur are now available via WingClips, a website that provides movie clips that pastors can use to illustrate their sermons etc. As you might expect, these clips focus on the religious themes of the film, rather than the action-packed spectacle that the trailers have tended to emphasize.

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