Many thanks to Lionsgate for sending me a review copy of the brand new “special edition” of The Miracle Maker (2000). The new DVD isn’t all that different from the disc that Artisan put out a few years ago, but it does have a few nifty extras.Chief among these is the audio commentary with co-director Derek Hayes and one of the producers. They have some fun stories to tell about the cultural differences and problems in translation that they had… Read more

Eight years ago, around the time American Pie and the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair came out, I wrote an article on the subject of Christian actors doing nude scenes and/or love scenes.I wanted very badly to find a local actor who was both Christian and willing to discuss the subject, and in the end I found one — but ever since, I have kept my eyes open for other actors who might fit the bill. And so far,… Read more

Almost forgot to mention that Dead Silence, a horror film from the makers of the original Saw (2004), was not screened for critics. Read more

Now this is fun. Movie Marketing Madness links to this elevator ad for Superman Returns, from Brazil:Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that you, too, can feed your own personal Death Star plans into the mouth of R2-D2, thanks to a promotion that is being sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service in honour of Star Wars’ 30th anniversary: Read more

My review of Shooting Dogs, AKA Beyond the Gates, is now up at CT Movies, as is my review of Premonition. Read more

Beyond the Gates would make an interesting double-bill with Hotel Rwanda. Both films concern the genocide of 1994 — and the shock that those living in that country felt when the international community failed to do much more than evacuate the people there who happened to have white skin. But whereas the latter film was largely about Africans who survived the massacre, thanks to a cunning businessman who knew how to push the buttons of those in power, the new… Read more

Adam’s Apples (2005), directed by Anders Thomas Jensen and starring Casino Royale’s Mads Mikkelsen as an “insanely optimistic preacher”, comes to the VanCity Theatre March 30 – April 5. Read more

Watching the Casino Royale DVD this week, it dawned on me that I have interviewed two of the film’s supporting stars in the past.Eva Green (Vesper Lynd) was on the press junket for Kingdom of Heaven (2005) — though I admittedly didn’t use any of her quotes when I wrote up my junket report — and I did a phoner with Jeffrey Wright (Felix Leiter) in connection with Shaft (2000).Here is the article that came out of that phoner:- -… Read more

Just a quick note to say that The Inquiry, AKA The Final Inquiry — i.e. the film about a Roman soldier who is sent by Tiberius to investigate rumours regarding the resurrection of Jesus — will not be opening on April 6, AKA Good Friday, after all. The Fox Faith Movies website now says the film is merely “coming soon”. Read more

You may recall an item I posted here back in October about the differences between the Canadian and American poster art for Shut Up & Sing: Dixie Chicks. It looks like those differences have carried over to the Canadian and American versions of the DVD — and what’s more, the Canadian version is widescreen, but the American version is fullscreen. Huh. I wonder if that means they have cropped the sides, or opened the top and bottom.MAR 21 UPDATE:… Read more

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