CT Movies picks 2006’s “critics’ choice awards”

Last week, CT Movies posted its list of the ten “most redeeming” films of the past year. Today, we posted “The 2006 Critics’ Choice Awards” — and just for the record, I didn’t cast any votes whatsoever for the #1 film, but since last year’s list was topped by my personal favorite of that year, I won’t complain too much. Read more

One year, two days, and counting …

Did I mention it was the twins’ birthday two days ago? Probably not. (That picture was taken over a month ago, though.)It has been a year since they were born. A whole year. And since my wife went back to work two weeks ago, I now find myself juggling the whole movie-critic thing with the parenting thing — and it’s been an interesting experience.I was telling someone the other day that the twins have been getting in the way of… Read more

Newsbites: Camp! Hobbit! Piracy! TenNapel!

There are many more items I would like to sift through and post here, but this tiny handful will have to do for now.1. Jesus Camp comes out on DVD tomorrow — and I just noticed that the back of the box says the deleted scenes will include “Additional Ted Haggard Sermon Footage”. Prepare to cringe.2. Greg Wright, of the Past the Popcorn movie site, offers his own interesting take on the Hobbit fracas at TheOneRing.net.3. Toronto Star columnist Michael… Read more

Canadian box-office stats — February 4

Here are the figures for the past weekend, arranged from those that owe the highest percentage of their take to the Canadian box office to those that owe the lowest.Blood Diamond — CDN $8,797,983 — N.AM $53,967,000 — 16.3%The Queen — CDN $5,776,923 — N.AM $45,522,000 — 12.7%Catch and Release — CDN $1,461,629 — N.AM $12,011,000 — 12.2%Pan’s Labyrinth — CDN $2,610,113 — N.AM $21,696,000 — 12.0%Smokin’ Aces — CDN $2,453,355 — N.AM $24,955,000 — 9.8%Epic Movie — CDN $2,459,222… Read more

They keep re-doing it, and never get it right.

Curiouser and curiouser.You may recall that I posted an item here two months ago complaining about the tight cropping of most of the cartoons on More Silly Symphonies: 1929 – 1938, one of the most recent entries in the ‘Walt Disney Treasures’ series of DVDs.At the time, I noted that The Goddess of Spring (1934) was not “windowboxed” like the other films, and I assumed this was because Disney was re-using the version they had made six years ago, when… Read more

CanWest News Service needs a fact-checker.

If I linked to every story out there about Hollywood’s quest for the next big fantasy franchise, I’d never get any work done. But this piece by Jamie Portman of CanWest News Service is worth citing here, if only to fact-check a couple of statements.First, a small and rather trivial matter of box-office statistics:Prince Caspian is the second of Christian academic C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia to be filmed, and Disney is promising a movie even more spectacular than the… Read more

“Muslim is the new gay.”

So says Mark Steyn, here and especially here, commenting on this.But wait a minute, I thought Christian was the new gay. Read more

Canadian theatre attendance dropping…

Major American studios like Fox are threatening to withhold their movies from Canadian theatres — but now the Globe and Mail reports that Canadians aren’t going to the movies all that much nowadays anyway, at least not compared to Americans:Canadian admissions have been edging downward for close to five years. The trend was brought home most recently by Telefilm Canada’s release of data for 2006. Overall box office last year was $831-million. While not a dramatic dip from 2005’s $831.3-million,… Read more

Prince Caspian — now twice as old!

In the book, Prince Caspian is 13. In the film, the actor playing him, according to the Times of London, will be turning 26 this summer, presumably while the film is still shooting. Is this a difference that makes a difference — of any sort? Discuss. (Hat tip to NarniaWeb.com.)FEB 3 UPDATE: A new post at NarniaWeb.com indicates that Susan and Caspian may flirt with each other in the film. Hmmm. Read more

Is Ted Dekker a fan of Donald Kaufman?

You know that subplot in the brilliant Spike Jonze film Adaptation (2002; my top ten list) where Charlie Kaufman’s twin brother Donald describes a screenplay he’s working on called The Three?Last night I finally got around to watching Thr3e, the most recent Christian genre pic to be distributed by FoxFaith.I won’t say any more, to avoid spoilers. But I swear, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was kinda weird and sad that a Christian movie had so… Read more

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