One “Convert’s” Story – Christian Pastor to Jewish Rabbi

I really enjoyed this youtube video. The speaker accurately describes the slow process from one point to another that conversion involves. It’s a process that changes the mind, heart, and soul. What happens is that small truths are unveiled, one by one, until the old faith is no longer home. For me, is started with questioning when I was young. Logically, some things didn’t add up. And in practice, things didn’t add up. My heart was also elsewhere.

It has taken a decade of very slow learning and growing to get to where I’m at now. Which is at the beginning, really.

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About Lynn Swayze

Lynn Swayze is a an technology copywriter, author, and mother of four. She was raised Southern Baptist. Her journey toward Judaism began when she was a kid. She is currently converting to Judaism. Have conversion questions? Connect on Facebook or @Following_Ruth or @LynnSwayze.