Why Creation Care Means Sharing the Gospel

by Alexei Laushkin

John Stott once asked if those who loved the creator would also be willing to share his one and only son Jesus Christ to a world in need.

It’s always struck me that you can’t separate the works of a Christian from the spreading of the gospel. I’m a big fan of Billy Graham. His name has become synonymous with evangelism in evangelical culture. We are called to share the news of salvation to all and we create those opportunities by following what Jesus has commanded us when it comes to caring for the least of these, works of compassion, caring for His creation, and entering into parts of our contemporary culture where few Christians if any dare to venture.

Part of the reason Christians feel an overwhelming sense of guilt about evangelism is either because many of us know too few non-Christians to share with, or because we know some but are too afraid to risk offending those that we do know. But the truth is that works and words must flow together in the Christian life. The joyful Christian who cares about creation care gladly shares the gospel to all. He need not fear if his work/words are not in accord because care of God’s creation is at the core of the Gospel, at the core of our restored humanity.

So we go forth in the Great Commission to reach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit teaching all that He has commanded including the care of God’s world.

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