by Alexei Laushkin I had a chance to meet Larry Gibson a few times during my life. Larry was a leading voice opposed to Mountain Top Removal, the process by which a mountain is blown up to more easily get out the coal seams in the those very mountains. I had an opportunity to visit the Kayford Mountain during the Creation Care Prayer Walk. For those of you who have a heart for space and location and home you won’t… Read more

Check out this interview with Curtis Witek a recent graduate of Wheaton College on how biblical hope sustains him in his work for creation care. Read more

Listen in as we talk with Pastor Tri Robinson of Boise Vineyard about creation care, heirloom Christianity, and much more. You won’t want to miss this special edition 40 minute creation care podcast. Read more

TV weather men and women, or at least their society, finally approved a definitive statement on climate change. Joining other major scientific bodies the American Meteorological Society’s states, “Prudence dictates extreme care in accounting for our relationship with the only planet known to be capable of sustaining human life.” The Society has issued a rigorous and fair statement on climate change. It agrees with our belief that creation care is a matter of life, and that climate changes presents one… Read more

By Mitch Hescox For the first time since 1985, Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards have been finalized, raising fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles to 54.5 mpg by 2025. 10 years after What Would Jesus Drive we finally have higher fuel economy standards that consumers are demanding. This is good for our wallets, human health, job creation, and national security. With the standards announced today the average family will still save from $6,000 to $8,000 through the life of the vehicle primarily… Read more

On this podcast Alexei talks with Timothy Dalrymple of Among many tasks Tim oversees the Evangelical Channel for Listen in as they talk about the Patheos Evangelical Channel, his background in the evangelical community, the recent shooting at Family Research Council, evangelicals & politics, and much more. You can read more of Tim’s writing at Philosophical Fragments.   Read more

by Mitch Hescox & Alexei Laushkin The hottest July on record, drought plaguing almost two-thirds of the US, and Arctic sea ice at historic low levels. God’s creation needs a little good news and we just got it. US carbon pollution is declining with emissions at their lowest point in 20 years. With that the US has made deeper and faster cuts in carbon pollution emissions than any country in the world over the last 6 years. It’s not enough… Read more

by Chuck Summers One of the primary reasons Rob and I started this blog site over three years ago was to help people see God in and through His Creation. Both the Old and New Testament teach us that God makes Himself known through the world He has made. Our lives are enriched spiritually by contact with nature. Creation is, in fact, one of God’s primary ways of speaking to us. This past week, while reading Psalm 36, I was… Read more

By John Elwood More than 2,600 of the world’s top marine scientists warned last week that coral reefs around the world are in rapid decline due to human impacts. They urged action on climate to stem the tide of decay. The world’s largest society of reef scientists, the International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS), met in the northeastern Australian city of Cairns, and warned that people’s livelihoods were at risk. They pinpointed warming oceans, increasing ocean acidification, overfishing, and pollution as… Read more

by Alexei Laushkin When we sow sparingly we reap sparingly. If you have a garden or have ever grown food you know this to be true. If you sow and prepare a meager portion, your field or your garden will produce meagerly. Many of us live 24/7 lives. Matthew Sleeth of Blessed Earth encourages us to live 24/6 lives. We won’t have room for the Kingdom and His purposes if we don’t give him some room to work in our… Read more

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