by Gary Bergel HOLY WEEK – From its own posture of “Hosanna,” creation responded to Christ’s entry into Jerusalem. Flowers sang their multi-hued praises. Palm fronds and willow branches “clapped their hands.” (Isaiah 55:12) Jesus declared that if the disciples and masses had been silent, then the rocks would have cried out. All of creation waits for its release from corruption and death too. It groans and “stands on tiptoe,” as J. B. Phillips phrased it in his translation of… Read more

by Mitch Hescox Climate Change makes bad things worse. It intensifies natural processes, making natural events unnatural or extreme. Climate Change hits the most vulnerable the hardest. Climate Change Vulnerability Index 2012 The darker the color on the map indicates greater difficulty in scrapping out life. The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Bangladesh are already some of the most difficult places to survive in the world, and with climate change things get that much harder…. Read more

Host Alexei Laushkin talks with Nancy Sleeth, co-founder and Managing Director of Blessed Earth. Nancy travels throughout the U.S. speaking and writing about faith and the environment and has written her latest book Almost Amish, One Woman’s Quest for a Slower, Simpler, More Sustainable Life being published by Tyndale Publishing this spring. Nancy is also the author of Go Green, Save Green, the first-ever practical guide for going green from a faith perspective. Nancy specializes in leading workshops on the… Read more

by John Humphreys As a Catholic with a real passion for wildlife conservation, I work hard to do the right thing for the Earth. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, though, can’t it? Don’t all of us engaged in Creation Care feel inadequate from time to time? The short-sighted “do-it-the-dirty-way-because-it’s-cheaper” attitude of today’s society can be, frankly, awfully depressing. As is the eternal refrain of “looking after the environment will cost jobs”. How do we stay positive? I think an important… Read more

by Dean Ohlman These words from the lyrics written by Jack Hayford come to my mind when the sun returns from the south and brings with it the gifts of spring. Although there can hardly be a more dramatic change created by spring than in the Great Lakes region, the changes created by nature’s Easter in the desert are a drama of a different sort. I recently spent a couple weeks with my brother and sister-in-law at their home in… Read more

Jim Ball talks with Chris Wright International Director of the Langham Partnership (a ministry founded by John Stott) about the work of the partnership in equipping pastors around the world, his role as the Chair of the Statement Group for the Lausanne Movement’s Cape Town Commitment, and the emphasis of the Cape Town Commitment on creation care and climate change. Read more

Listen in this week as Alexei Laushkin talks with Dr. Fred Van Dyke recently named Executive Director of the Au Sable Institute and Richard Gasaway author of An Inconvenient Purpose. On the first part of the show we’ll be exploring the theological basis for creation care through one of Dr. Van Dyke’s recent works Between Heaven and Earth, Christian Prospectives on Environmental Stewardship. We’ll hear why Dr. Van Dyke wrote the book and explore some of the rich content of… Read more

By John Elwood On a fine summer morning last July, the mail carrier brought me my copy of John Stott’s valedictory work, “The Radical Disciple: Some Neglected Aspects of our Calling.” Within hours, I heard the news that Stott had died at age 90. We knew, followed and cherished John Stott for many reasons. Londoners knew him as the beloved rector of All Souls Church. Around the world, he taught Christians and seekers with his writings: more than 50 books… Read more

by Gary Bergel “Pollution is essentially a by-product of our vastly increased per-capita consumption, intensified by population growth, urbanization, and changing industrial processes. In the coming years, problems of environmental degradation will rise exponentially.” (Ash Council Memo to President Richard Nixon, 1970) The close of 2011 finds the U.S. at an historic ecological tipping point. On Friday, December 16, 2011, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS). On Wednesday, December 21, these MATS… Read more

  by Zoriah from flickr creative commons by Scott Sabin This article first appeared on July 6, 2009 in Issue #15 of Mars Hill Graduate School As our two pickups struggle through the grass and mud, it is clear that we are the first to pass this way in at least a few days. In the pouring rain the entire road, what Carlos, Plant With Purpose’s Dominican director, calls the international highway, seems like it could wash down the side… Read more

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