All Your Objections to Christian Nonviolence Finally Answered (Video Blog)

Crown of thorns and bible on old wooden background

In the context of discussing the issue of Christian Nonviolence (perhaps the most common issue I discuss here) a lot of objections come up– objections I appreciate, because I once had them myself when I was first discovering what Jesus actually taught.

As we’ve journeyed together, I’ve found myself answering many of the same objections over the span of multiple different discussions. As a result, I decided to do a first ever video blog (something I hope to do more of) where I systematically go through all of the common theological objections to the nonviolent/pacifism position, and provide my theological answer to those specific objections.

I hope you’ll find this helpful, and that if nonviolent enemy love is something you wrestle with from a theological perspective, you’ll join me as we walk through these common objections. If you’re already an evangelist for enemy love, pass this along to friends who bring these same objections to you, and we’ll all walk through them together.

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