Unafraid: Moving Beyond Fear-Based Faith is Here Now!


From following my blog here on Patheos you know that I don’t shy away from critiquing the parts of American Christianity that I find problematic. I’m comfortable with controversy, but I don’t speak out simply for the sake of debate. I care deeply about the legacy of our Christian faith. I care about you and your faith journey.

Over the past few years my Christian faith has undergone a transformation, moving beyond the fear-based fundamentalist religion I was raised with, to something broader, more inclusive, and centered on a loving God. It took a lot of work wrestling with the lies and distortions I came to believe—from what I believed about God’s character, to how I viewed myself, down to the things I believed about people who believed differently than me.

I’ve worked through a lot the last few years, and I chronicle the ups and downs in my book Unafraid: Moving Beyond Fear-Based Faith, which is on sale today. If Unafraid can help you in your own faith journey, then all of my struggles were worth it. With the publication of Unafraid I want to extend my hand to you, to take yours and walk alongside you as you shed the old fears that permeated your faith and taking on a new identity in Christ.

Unafraid not only tells my own story of growth and change, but also provides a message of hope and a clear roadmap for Christians who feel the life and vitality of their faith being suffocated amidst the fear and exclusion so prevalent in American Christianity. There’s a better, more authentic way to embrace the love of God and share it with everyone around us, a way that I hope will inspire you and leave you unafraid.

Get your copy of Unafraid today and please share your thoughts with me on social media! I can’t wait to begin this journey with you.




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