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Day of Digital Humanities: Dissertation Edition

I’m still in conference-recovery mode (see my post on this year’s ICFA to see part of why I was so jazzed), so this is a very brief attempt to engage in the #DayofDH conversation. As you may know–especially if you read my personal narrative about how I found DH–I recently wrote and defended a dissertation [Read More…]

China MiƩville on Folklore

At this year’s International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (one of my all-time favorite conferences), the theme is the Monstrous. And, appropriately, one of the guest of honor writers is China MiĆ©ville. I’ve only read three of his books (Perdido Street Station, The Scar, and The City and the City), but he is [Read More…]

Covering up Rape in a Community that Values Consent

Normally I’d post about sex and related topics over at but this topic has gotten me all fired up and talkative. I’m also leaving that option open to Miss Maggie Mayhem, who was one of the main sex work activists interviewed in this Salon piece on sexual assault in the BDSM community and who’s [Read More…]

Academic Mentoring and Sexuality

It warmed my heart to see this Chronicle piece on gay mentors in modern academe. The column is co-written by a student who came out as gay to his professor who is also gay, and it describes their interactions and their supportive mentor-mentee relationship. Professor Faunce writes, “we need to be on the front lines [Read More…]