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Folklore and “The Original” Version

A conversation with speculative fiction authors Max Gladstone and Michael Underwood got me thinking about the importance of the “original” version of stories and other expressive culture to people. Gladstone wrote this blog post about how the Star Wars Expanded Universe is essentially a folkloric variation on a narrative, in the same way that the [Read More…]

Workaholic Missives: brb, saving the world

For the second installation in my blog series on being a workaholic, I’d like to talk about my lack of social life. If you know me IRL, you might be thinking, “What?! Jeana, you have a thriving social life, what on earth are you talking about?!” And… to a degree you’d be right. When there’s [Read More…]

Workaholic Missives: A Love Letter

This post marks the beginning of a new blog series I’m writing, titled Workaholic Missives. I’m writing this series because: I’m a workaholic I don’t think being a workaholic is necessarily a bad thing I don’t have the time to explain to every individual in my life what this is all about Hence it’s easier [Read More…]