Does Being A WHITE Evangelical Make You Politically Stupid or Is It That Only Stupid People Become WHITE Evangelicals 73 Percent of the Time?

According to polls 73 percent of WHITE evangelicals will be voting for Mitt Romney.

If the polls are correct here’s the question I’d like to ask evangelicals using their own style of language/concerns/theological thinking as applied to their choice:

What’s the explanation for the fact that WHITE American evangelicals made the allegedly philandering lying ignorant braggart lapsed Roman Catholic Dinesh D’Souza their anti-Obama hero, embrace a pro-choice Mormon bishop who promoted abortion and Planned Parenthood in MA, are working to elect a job-destroying tax-avoiding lying flip-flopping-tell-anyone-anything-they-want-to-hear Swiss bank account collecting draft dodger running with a disciple of the God-hating, Jesus-mocking hater-of-the-poor Ayn Rand, for their presidential candidate and look the other way as a crazed ultra-Zionist many Israeli Jews fear billionaire casino owner who is being investigated for allegedly making billions off the dirtiest Chinese gambling Communist Party-controlled outfit in the world funds the enterprise, at the very same time as Franklin Graham sold his ailing  father Billy’s soul and denied core evangelical theology by taking Mormonism off the Billy Graham organization’s list of cults in order to help the Mormon pagan-ritual-performing, Trinity-denying, casino-money-grubbing billionaire-coddling, earth-destroying global-warming denying Mormon bishop win respectability for his dead-Jews-baptizing-polygamy-rooted-reality-denying-interplanetary Masonic lodge-embracing faith in an election against an exemplary modest faithful husband good father compassionate smart BLACK evangelical Christian President who’s major accomplishments include saving the economy, ending a war, killing our greatest enemy, giving health care to children and the poor and the “least of these” and who has tried to reduce the number of abortions by helping women escape poverty in a reenactment of the lesson of the parable of the Good Samaritan?

Go figure.

Your thoughts please in the comment section…

Frank Schaeffer is a writer and author of many books including Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back .

About Frank Schaeffer

Frank Schaeffer is an American author, film director, screenwriter and public speaker. He is the son of the late theologian and author Francis Schaeffer. He became a Hollywood film director and author, writing several internationally acclaimed novels including And God Said, "Billy!" as well as the Calvin Becker Trilogy depicting life in a fundamentalist mission home-- Portofino, Zermatt, and Saving Grandma.

  • GD

    I think the answer is both. I have run into some dumb white Evangelicals and have run into very intelligent white Evangelicals who just vote the party line, spout the Republican and Conservative BS and who seem to believe it even though when discussed can’t make a good case for their beliefs.

    But, I think the more important question is “Does being a White Evangelical make you a Christian?” There are many, many Biblical verses about liars, the king of lies (Satan) and those who just blindly spout lies. Because even demons believe in Jesus.

    To me, the question hits more at the core of Christianity and who truly are believers and those who continue to believe in and spout lies cannot truly be following God or Jesus, IMO.

    • Frank Schaeffer

      Hi GD, thanks for the thoughtful reply, and I love your question: “Does being a White Evangelical make you a Christian?” Great question, great point. Thanks F

  • Patrick Scott

    To me, the answer is simple: abortion and gay rights. Evangelical Christians believe that Obama is pro-choice and Romney is pro-life. Evangelicals also believe that supporting gay rights runs against Scripture and they align Obama’s position as running against Scripture. Lastly, let’s not forget that many of these say individuals are still thinking it’s possible that Obama is really a socialist from Kenya who embraces Islam secretly. When it comes policy choices, they would rather side with a Morman than with a fellow believer in Christ.

  • Frank Schaeffer

    Thanks for reading my little question/rant, Patrick. I agree, you nailed it, only thing is evangelicals have been conned by Fox News et al. If Romney is elected they’ll find they’ve traded a great president for a man who literally believes nothing at all. By then it will be too late but it will be remembered which group in America put him in the White House.

    • Patricia Williams

      I just learned today that Romneys religion has long desired to reap vengence against America for the way America treated and persecuted their prophet. Who better then that fine upstanding Bishop Romney. His so called 5 point plan for America will certainly accomplish the destruction of this nation. Seems the evangelical Dominionists have nothing on the power of the LDS Church. Divine retribution is in store for America if he is elected. Very scary indeed.

  • RitaAnn

    Hi Frank,

    I think the reason they’re supporting Romney is because 1) he was the only republican left standing after the primaries, 2) he now claims to be pro-life (but is pro-life just another term for anti-women—AKA “war on women”?) and 3) he looks like them. As Col. Wilkenson said the other day, “Let me be candid, our party is full of racists.”

    • Frank Schaeffer

      Hi Rita, yes, you got it “looks like them” has to be it. In fact Franklin Graham and Romney could be twins, outwardly the same, inwardly will do whatever it takes to hold onto the “natural order” AKA white men are in charge.

  • LoriAnne Chavez

    What of accepting seed money from the people who assasinated ArchBishop Romero? And that verse in the Bible about not even saying “Good bye” to those who deny Christ ie Mormons (2 John 1:10-11)? Perhaps Mammon rules again. Let’s all bow down to Nebuchadnezzar to be right with God? Do the ends justify the means, because if they do, sharia law would be an awesome way to address many of these issues. (Tip of the hat to people who claim Obama is Muslim.) But concerning abortion in the grand scheme of things, if I am not even supposed to say goodbye to Mitt, I am pretty sure I’m not supposed to vote for him even if he claims to be pro-life. My Bible says Paul was a murderer, and he was forgiven. People who deny the Christ, no. My logic may be faulty, but it appears to me that murder is covered & is a forgivable sin, however people who deny the Christ are not. Furthermore, if the church were doing its work, it would not matter if there were an abortion clinic on every corner.
    These are portions of arguments that I posted on my teenage son’s social media wall on Friday in an effort to offer moral support, while grown men and women (white evangelicals) were attacking his point of view. I thought that we had done a good job on Friday, until a church worker (white evangelical) posted Saturday morning that God was going to hold us my family accountable and that mexicans=obama and Obama doesn’t believe in God; oh, and he’s not racist. *sigh* We are all citizens of the United States, as if that made a difference. I continued: Only God has the power to judge who does and does not believe in Him. After everything was said and done, Lot was recorded as being a righteous man. I have little doubt that the right’s criticisms of Obama could very well have described Lot’s career of sitting at the gate. That being said, it is not my place to rain judgement on things that are truly gray and questionable. The silence was followed by a defriending and a deleting (by the white evangelical) of all references to the Bible that my son had posted. I am proud of my son and I told him to be proud of his heritage. This whole experience has left me feeling that certain churches should lose their tax exempt status. If they have supported these politicians and their wars, it is time that they should start paying for them. If I belonged to the party of “personal responsibility,” I would certainly feel that it was my duty to do so. You know, render to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

  • Ken

    Not unlike other white people they fear the browning of America. They want their country back.

  • Lausten North

    I try to hold back from using the “they’re stupid” response, knowing that is natural to think that when someone disagrees with your logic. In this case, it is getting more difficult. Besides the single issue voters and the race issue, both important, the Republicans have a basic issue of not knowing what their platform is. After a couple decades of chasing those single issues, and appealling to interest groups, they have become a mishmash of leaders who represent those disparate issues and groups. They should be regrouping, like the Democrats did after Carter, rebuilding their platform. Of course, when they can easily get money to support the mishmash, why bother?

  • Kate Barngrover

    He’s white, he’s tall, has graying sideburns, and looks like an aging Ken doll. His ideology is whatever it needs to be, he’s malleable. The fact that he has this ability to mold into whatever someone else needs him to be is what brought him into the Evangelical fold. They in turn gave him what he wanted, their support. A lie for a lie is what the trade is and we all all know that the character George Costanza was right, “It isn’t a lie if you really believe it.” They all get what they want, Mitt might get to be president, Grover gets a guy who can hold a pen, Adelson gets someone who will 100% side with him on Israel and support war if he so desires. Oh yeah and he’s WHITE.

    • suzanne dubinin

      Wow! This article (thanks Frank!) and these posts, especially these last two, couldn’t be more succinctly and vividly poignant. Thanks for being intelligent human beings. We need all of you if we’re to survive….I mean the survival of the planet let alone the survival of this insane nation.

    • Gloria Wood

      I call it the “political sports model”…you pick a team (usually just like your friends and family…”tribalism”) and faithfully cheer for your guy. Truth seems not to matter…all that matters is winning. No thinking required…no cognitive dissonance…your cheer leaders (Fox news, priests, ministers, public figures, family spokesperson) will tell you what to think and what to say, and what to do. Yes…a bit depressing.

  • Linda Pettit


  • Brad

    I was an evangelical and was afraid of hell, that our country will be cursed due to the loss of our “christian” values and future generations of people would burn in hell.
    Fear that my whole world view would collapse and there would be nothing to support my identity. To believe the facts would require me to acknowledge that I could be wrong, the Bible could be wrong and that god, life and love are complete mysteries. There is the fear of being lost, confused and confronting a potential of meaninglessness.
    And yet on the other side of that fear there is a greater love, a deep humbleness, a freedom to discover what is true and a knowledge that everyone is most likely wrong about almost everything.

  • Jeff

    A few years ago former president Jimmy Carter mentioned that many elements of opposition to Obama were race-based. Of course he received fairly harsh criticism mostly from the right over his remark. In like manner, a couple days ago, we had a much more explicit expression of Carter’s observation via former aid to Colin Powell, George Wilkerson. See video:|maing6|dl1|sec1_lnk3&pLid=226553

    The concern over the make-up of white American evangelicals is a mixed bag in my experience. A couple of my friends in that category did indeed support Obama in 2008. Whether that is true today I do not know.

    Now, here is the kicker, I have been an evangelical for years. Now, I am at best agnostic. The Jesus I knew may have been a conflation of my personal identity, liberal. On the other hand I have some certainty that Jesus is not part of the Republican party as many people such as Glen Beck would like him to be.

    • Jeff

      Sorry, last post mentioned George Wilkerson, the correct name is Lawrence Wilkerson.

  • Norine Robinson

    Hard to add much to the above comments. But, I would say: Grover Norquist! “He’ll do whatever we tell him to do!” Romney is NOT a man of conviction who will stand up for beliefs, strong or otherwise. All that matters to him today is that he become President of the USA. If that happens, there will be much more to write on your blog, and it will be frightening.
    Reading CRAZY FOR GOD…….Thank you!

  • Frank Schaeffer

    Hi Norine, good point re Grover, and you can bet since Romney is an empty vessel that Ryan will run this show just as the VP ran the last Republican disaster and managed to get 5000 innocent Americans killed for no reason, close to 40,000 wounded and murdered (yes that’s the right word) over 250,000 men, women and children in Iraq.

  • Steve

    Bonhoeffer summed up our current Evangelical problem very well from a Nazi prison:

    “Radicalism always springs from a conscious or unconscious hatred of what is established. Christian radicalism, no matter whether it consists in withdrawing from the world or in improving the world, arises from the hatred of creation. The radical cannot forgive God his creation. He has fallen out with the created world, the Ivan Karamazov, who at the same time makes the figure of the radical Jesus in the image of the Grand Inquisitor. When evil becomes powerful in the world, it infects the Christian, too, with the poison of radicalism. It is Christ’s gift to the Christian that he should be reconciled with the world as it is, but now this reconciliation is accounted to be a betrayal and denial of Christ. It is replaced by bitterness, suspicion and contempt for men and the world. In place of the love that believes all and hopes all, in the place of the love which loves the world in its very wickedness with the love of God (John 3:16), there is now the pharisaical denial of love to evil, and the restriction of love to the closed circle of the devout. Instead of the open Church of Jesus Christ which serves the world till the end, there is now some allegedly primitive Christian ideal of a Church, which in its turn confuses the ideal of the living Jesus Christ with the realization of a Christian ideal. Thus a world which is evil succeeds in making the Christians become evil too. It is the same germ that disintegrates the world and that makes the Christians become radical. In both cases it is hatred towards the world, no matter whether the haters are the ungodly or the godly. On both sides it is a refusal of faith in the creation. But devils are not cast out through Beelzebub.” (Letters and Papers from Prison p.386)

    Sad…should they bring Romney in two things will happen. One, they will use their power to crush dissent and then Romney will throw them under the bus.

  • michael hardin

    Too many Evangelicals have forgotten that a part of loving God is with our “minds.” Too many have thought processes like cement: all mixed up and permanently set. White Male American Conservative Evangelicalism is just the latest mask for Constantinianism, that f***ed up marriage of church, state power, and mammon. Christianity, real Christianity has its small remnant of faithful followers of Jesus, it always has, in the humble, non-violent, peacemaking, justice seeking, prayerful folks. But for the most part Christendom is a zombie religion: it died a long time ago and has been consuming humanity ever since. It needs a divine bullet to the brain. It needs the Gospel.

  • meechespeaches

    Thank you because I do have something to say to this. This is the type of thinking I hate. I’ve known white evangelical males of varying political viewpoints, levels of intellect, etc and to brand the whole group is what’s stupid, and I contend the underlying issue behind why people remain distrustful and angry. The fact the the word WHITE is capitalized is intended to vilify whiteness banketly and subconsciously, breeding more distrust and anger where it does not belong. Where the anger should be directed is at BAD PEOPLE. Bad people come in all colors, genders, beliefs etc. and it’s the bad people who are pointed to by OTHER BAD PEOPLE who want to vilify the entire group. The people who need to be singled out are BAD PEOPLE. The groups they belong to, born into or otherwise, are incidental and irrelevant.

  • ashenvale

    Stupid effin’ white people. Stuff like this makes me wanna go all Nat Turner on the ofay m@////f@//////s. But then i look in the mirror…

  • spamld

    The source of the problem is fundamentalist evangelical dogma itself, particularly the teachings that only faith matters and that a person’s works don’t matter at all. That allows fundamentalists to put stock in flawed men like Jimmy Swaggart, Ted Haggard, Jim Bakker, or Dinesh D’Souza.

    Meanwhile, they’ll excoriate an honorable man like Romney, who lives a model Christian life, because he is Mormon. The only reason they think he’s not a Christian is because of their white-knuckled deathgrip on outdated creeds from the Dark Ages that were used as justification to burn people who had a different religious opinion at the stake.

    Romney’s support of abortion is misrepresented here. He is opposed to abortion morally, but he doesn’t feel that it is his duty to enforce his religious views upon people via the force of law. The gospel is all about changing people from the inside out. Abortions will diminish when sufficient numbers of people are properly evangelized and shown a better way. Get people to do the right thing for the right reason and abortion becomes a non-issue. How does forcing religious policies on people by force of law differ from Sharia in Muslim countries? There is a better way!

    The writer’s expressed attitudes do nothing to help his side; it only serves as an embarassment.

    • Agnikan

      From Romney’s website:

      “With Roe overturned, states will be empowered through the democratic process to determine their own abortion laws and not have them dictated by judicial mandate.” ( )

      It seems that Romney is quite pro-choice: the states should have the choice to decide their abortion policies.

      • Mel Hoffman

        The problem with the State solution is that some very conservative states, with Theocratic governments, would make it illegal. Those citizens would be forced into illegal procedures. The solution to to just keep your hands off Roe V Wade. It’s settled law.

  • Joe Campbell

    I think that 73% of white evangelicals are also Westboro Baptist members in the closet.

  • sean carlson

    Those dreadful white people overwhelmingly put Obama in the White House. Fast forward 4 yrs later & said dreadful white people (some anyway) are deeply disappointed in this administration. One suspects there’s a little bit more to this than what’s written here.

  • Rusty Horn

    Tell us what you really think, Frank… ;)

  • Fr. Russ

    We love your writing Frank; you are one of the very few who seem to have our religious theological view, our mentor James Vincent “Radical Jesus” is our “Way”… Keep up the wonderful work… love to have you back on our show..

  • j bohn

    Hey Frank, never heard of you before, but will say I am a little surprised by your cliche and hyperbole ridden diatribe about the political right. That by the way, is a grammatically ridiculous bunch of sound bytes, intended for who? People who don’t read? It seems to me that you are just another one of those supposedly enlightened liberals, who likes to spew nasty stuff about people you don’t agree with. That said, in answer to your question. White Evangelicals are simply what they are, White evangelicals, they are also people, who have various political views; to bring the question you brought implies that these people are somehow less than you are because of their faith, that you (being cool and enlightened) are now better because you’ve been there, but saw the real light. This is just fodder for the unthinking masses. and by the way, I am not a white evangelical, nor am I a supporter of Romney, but I am against Obama, and you should be too. You wanna talk about a liar, or someone who doesn’t do what He says, why not mention Obama? Check your facts, it’s the best way become an anti obama supporter.

    • David Woodruff

      Mr. Bohn, when did you stop being an Evangelical, or did you perhaps change your ethnicity since we last met?

  • Frank Schaeffer

    Hi all thanks for reading my post. And what about this?

  • Janet ODell

    This op-ed of yours posted on Huffpo yesterday was a God-send to me. I am a professed Christian but attend no formal church as I could no longer stomach the hypocrisy here in the Bible belt in Texas. I watched Charles Stanley for many years but stopped about 5 years ago when I felt he was (in his cunning way) bashing Barack Obama for President. I am an avid and staunch supporter of President Obama. I was dating a man for about 6 months this year and he loved Stanley so I’d sit and watch with him on Sundays. Long story short, this past Sunday I watched Stanley trash (in his satanic grinning way of not mentioning Obama by name) President Obama over and over and then read his 10 ways to pray for electing a President. I almost fell on the floor. It was the most despicable, disgusting display I have EVER seen put on by a so-called “Christian Minister.” I immediately went to the “In Touch” website and let them have it. I also took to Twitter and Facebook and let my feelings be known. How DARE a minister stand up there and preach “christianity” while promoting an ANTI CHRISTIAN MORMON CULTIST for President! I have been livid ever since. Reading your piece today, Mr. Schaeffer restored my faith and helped me realize that I am not wrong in what I believe. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And I am posting and reposting your piece on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I want everyone to see it.

  • Mel Hoffman

    Mr. Schaeffer, you said a mouthful.

  • Thomas Mitchell

    I am not going to vote in this year’s presidential election. I will vote in the other races on the ballot, but cannot in good conscience cast a ballot for any of the candidates for President. Why? Both major party candidates, Romney and Obama, meet the Biblical definition of false teacher and we are instructed not to give our support to such men. I have concluded that they are not simply flawed men like those among whom we have had to choose in the past, but manifest a spirit of evil that should not have the support of a Christ follower. In Georgia, the only other choice we have is Libertarian Gary Johnson – pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage, and holding many of the other questionable views that Libertarians often have. For what I think should be obvious reasons, that is an unacceptable choice as well.

    Romney is not only Mormon, but was a high ranking leader in that group – a teacher. Mormon doctrine rejects the doctrine of the Trinity, but does so by teaching that Father, Son and Holy Ghost are not of the same substance, and that Jesus was a created being that has become a god. This teaching contradicts the clear teaching of Scripture found in John 1 and as a result meets the definition of false teacher found in 1 John 4:1-3, a definition explained throughout 1 John. 2 John 10-11 teaches that if we even give such men a greeting we participate in their deeds. I feel that voting for such a man, giving him my imprimatur, would make me a participant in his false teaching. I understand that some can distinguish 2 John by noting that he is running to be President, not coming to us as a teacher. Is that a distinction that really makes a difference under these circumstances? I do not believe so. Secondarily, I do not trust his “evolution” on abortion and gay marriage/civil unions. On October 17, the same day the Graham endorsement ads began to run, he met with and obtained the endorsement of the Log Cabin Republicans suggesting his “biblical” views on homosexuality are undergoing further “evolution.” Ever since the first debate he and his surrogates have been telling swing state voters that Roe v. Wade will not be overturned during his administration and pro-life legislation will not be part of his agenda.

    Obama speaks about Christian faith. He lectures and instructs those that listen, but then articulates beliefs that are not Biblical. Further, he articulates those unbiblical beliefs as arising out of his Christian faith, contrary to Jude 4. His “evolution” on homosexual marriage is the most egregious example of this conduct. He idolizes human institutions, especially government. Moreover, his stance on the legalized killing of children is simply reprehensible. Finally, and this has become more obvious in the last year, Obama is clearly more interested in supporting Islamic concerns than Christian ones. I am not saying he is Muslim. I am not contending that an American president should be a Christian theocrat. An American president should not, however, claim a Christian faith and then pander to Muslims, especially to the detriment of Christians as well as national security (which is one of his primary responsibilities). I will say he provides no evidence that he walks in the light, and the evidence suggests that he walks in darkness. He holds himself out as a teacher, and thus also runs afoul of 1 John 4:1-3.

    Luther reportedly said he would rather be lead by a wise Turk than a dumb Christian. Fortunately we do not yet have to make such a choice. We, however, have two professing Christians that meet the Biblical definition of false teacher. Obama proclaims faith, but then professes unbiblical, abominable positions as resulting from that faith. Romney was a bishop and stake president in a cult, and his ascendency cannot but result in more souls being led astray. I cannot in good conscience vote for either. Further, I hope that by refusing to cast such a compromised vote, it will provide witnessing opportunities in the future when the subject of politics comes up.

  • Thomas Mitchell

    I would add, given the comment in the article, before this author criticizes Franklin Graham, he should probably repent of his actions and words over the past decades intended to sully his own father’s legacy.

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  • sean carlson

    Though I often wonder what power drink Frank is swilling before sitting down to his laptop I must confess to enjoying his over-the-top outrageous comments. Looks like aunt Sally in the attic has been replaced by crazy ol’ uncle Frank. :)

  • Patty H

    A lot of people vote their identities (religion, race, class, region, etc.). Millions of Americans have been told that the Republican Party is the standard bearer of their “Christian” religion, the “white race,” business people, the South and rural America in general. You’ve heard the phrase “My country, right or wrong.” This is “My party, right or wrong.” Even business people who admit that they are more prosperous under Democratic administrations will still vote for Republicans. You’ve heard of too many evangelicals dependent on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security or Disability payments who live in fear of “socialism” and want to end “entitlements.” To admit that Republicans are wrong is to admit that your church has been lying to you. What is your identity now? Where will you go?

  • Paul Meyer

    Love the 266-word question. Was wondering, though, What is your source for claiming that Mr. Obama is an “evangelical Christian”?

  • CGC

    Hi Frank,
    My name is Chris and I have been a conservative Republican all of my life. For the first time in my life I voted for a Democrat President, Barak Obama. I am tired of all the lies and misinformation by Fox news and Republican pundits and talk radio hosts. I am tired of all the scandal chasing, President dishing, and negative spinning that is way out of control. I am tired of the Republican party giving moderate to liberal candidates from George Bush to John McCain to Mitt Romney and then give a token conservative as vice-president nomination to pacify conservatives. I am tired of hearing white conservatives (which I am one) complain about things like the black vote just mindlessly votes Democrat when obviously white Evangelicals hypocritically do the same thing while mindlessly voting Republican. Justice issues are much larger than the few voting issues that most white evangelicals vote on. There are a few of us white conservative Evangelicals that are awakening out of our dogmatic slumber and recognizing our own stupidity and the deep complexities of the real world we live in. Unfortunately, I am afraid it appears the majority of conservative white evangelicals will keep changing the subject, learn nothing from this election, and listen to a whole new set of Republican spun lies to fear of a second Obama Presidency term thinking the worst, rather than doing the hard work of looking in the mirror and seeing how compromised, how tribal, and how sectarian we have actually become. May God bless Obama’s second term and may God awaken many more souls to seeing reality as it truly is and not simply seeing things as a mirror reflection of oneself.

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