Fox News Really Are Liars and If You Don’t Believe That Watch This

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Frank Schaeffer is an American author, film director, screenwriter and public speaker. He is the son of the late theologian and author Francis Schaeffer. He became a Hollywood film director and author, writing several internationally acclaimed novels including And God Said, "Billy!" as well as the Calvin Becker Trilogy depicting life in a fundamentalist mission home-- Portofino, Zermatt, and Saving Grandma.

  • Brad

    Sad and dangerous. The Fox audience is in a closed loop that only they can escape if they WANT to.

    • Richard Beninya

      And MSNBC is a closed loop on the other side. MSNBC is 85% commentary. Fox is 55% commentary.

      • R. Santa Maria

        Your point being?

        Commentary is not brainwashing, at least not at MSNBC.

        Having not only watched the news but watched the evolution of news services, I cannot see where MSNBC’s commentary is as biased and as inflammatory as Fox’s. “War on Christmas,” “War on Easter,” “Obama is after your guns.” as opposed to Hubris: Selling the Iraq War.

        Fox is a station of rabble rousers ready to stir any pot that distracts from the main dialogue. MSNBC, while not perfect, I admit, seems to try to inform and display what is going on with charts and math (something Fox shuns or manipulates to its advantage).

        I fear I must agree to disagree with you post.

        • lindylou

          Hey, Glen Beck has his blackboard! That’s a chart isn’t it. And the best part is he can erase it and claim whatever crap he wrote on it never happened.

      • Jim O’Briant

        What that article DOES NOT address is
        * whether the FOX and MSNBC news programs are factual or not
        * whether the FOX and MSNBC commentators tell the whole story (including facts and information that may differ from their own opinion)
        * whether the FOX and MSNBC commentators are telling the truth or lying.

        Remember, in a 2004 wrongful discharge lawsuit in Florida (when they were sued by a news reader who was fired for refusing to lie on the air), FOX defended themselves by claiming that they were NOT a news network, that they were an ENTERTAINMENT network and therefore could lie whenever they wanted to.

      • Devrie

        Yes, and the commentators on MSNBC say, “We’re liberal,” whereas the Fox commentators say, “We’re fair and balanced.” No liberal watches MSNBC for unbiased news coverage. That’s not the same for many Fox watchers.

      • Nicole

        No “Fox Watcher” ever watches ANY other news show including network, because they ONLY believe the Unfair and Unbalanced interpretation Fox delivers. How would they know what is actually going on in the world. A good example was the 2012 election. Fox convinced their viewers Romney was going to win. All the other news shows predicted the actual outcome.

        • HeavyGuy51

          This is a flat-out lie. I watch Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and all my local stations and read the Huffington Post online as well. Who comes up with this libellous crap?

    • Randall

      They are liars. So is Obama. The wars go on, the drones are flying. Obama is lying as people are dying.

    • Tom Morris

      This is an example of a network (MSNBC) that acts like a hired wing of the Obama administration, selectively finding some “inspiring” footage and criticizing Fox since they do not worship our emperor in the same way. Madow’s piece is pure garbage. I wish you would publish the endless venomous hate speech that MSNBC commentators publish against anyone who dares to criticize the administration.

  • Frank Schaeffer

    Right you are Brad, and they mostly only watch Fox for all their “news.” Fox is destroying the Republican Party because reality bites.

  • C Fred Smith

    Actually, we should not be surprised. FOX is a news agency–they thrive on ratings, which are garnered through sensationalism. However, it might be possible to show that CNN, ABC, NBC, etc. all do the same thing, on different occasions. Each station treats whatever stories they believe will appeal to their audience, and bring them back the next day. The internet abounds with stories–some of them true–of the mainstream media “ignoring” a story that is negative about the President, or about US military actions, etc. Fox is no different from all the others–it does have a different “niche market” but CNN–and MSNBC–also appeal to an audience in a “closed loop”–one that is more leftist or “moderate” but the MO is still the same, as is the result–truth is abandoned for the sake of ratings and sensationalism. It is no virtue to single out FOX as a culprit–they all do the same thing. We do better to go and read good books than to spend our time watching news broadcasts. We can get an idea of the news media are telling people (note, I didn’t say “of what is happening”) by checking the news websites, in just a few minutes’ time, and then get back to more important reading.

    • R. Santa Maria

      Granted, your right that a networks main bread and butter is ratings.

      However, Fox is not a News outlet or service.

      Look closely and you see that they are actually an entertainment service (their news outlet included in this) and, therefore, can skew the news much like Comedy Central or any other “parody” station can.

      One needs to do their research and make sure they are getting news, not entertainment.

      After all, there is a marked difference between an interview with, say, a former President and interviewing Santa Claus on a “War on Christmas.”

  • Franklin Clark

    C Fred Smith, I won’t deny that the cable news networks are rubbish, but they aren’t equally rubbish, and if you have examples of CNN and MSNBC being as blatant as this, you should present them. Regardless, Maddow’s point is correct: discussion of Israeli security is more nuanced in Israel than it is in America.

    • Richard Beninya

      quick example: NBC selectively editing George Zimmerman 911 call to paint him as a racist.

      • Nicole

        I live in the Sanford area and know some of his friends. They are not only racist but paranoid about blacks. It makes me sick when I see the national news defend him.

  • David Moriah

    No, C Fred Smith, they are not all the same and the propaganda OBJECTIVE of Fox “News” (sic) is qualitatively and quantitatively different than whatever bias slips into mainstream sources like CNN or the major networks, for whom the OBJECTIVE is to report straight news. I grant you MSNBC similarly has a propaganda objective for the left in the same way Fox does for the right. The main difference there is that MSNBC, and brilliant commentators like Maddow, present their bias in a far more compelling and well-thought out manner than the shrill hucksters at Fox. I studied at the feet of Frank’s Dad, the late Francis Schaeffer, and though I now see he missed some things in aligning himself with the Christian Right he was on target about how the “death of truth” was spreading throughout our culture. I like to think he would be appalled at Fox News, which is an evil and insidious institution that is more responsible than any other for undermining truth and coarsening our civic discourse.

  • Molly Hollis

    Classic FOX News. They are trying to keep their reality alive. Another example of the Republican Party imploding. Keep it up Tea Party. After watching this clip, my hope is “the not so converted” will not drink the GOP Kool-Aid. Thanks for posting, Frank.

  • Frank Schaeffer

    Good points Franklin and David, there is no “moral equivalency” between the cable news people. Fox is in a class by itself. And they are literally taking down the Republican Party with them. Fox is unique as are a number of Murdoch companies. In the UK they have behaved so badly that for the first time in modern history there is a serious attempt to curtail press freedom. Congratulations FOX! In America the political party you shill for is being hurt by your lies because of the fact that non fact based politics eventually loses and in the UK you managed to do to the press freedoms what no one thought could happen: get them curtailed.

  • http://patheos Threeten2yuma

    Back on your meds are ya, Frank? Well, good for you, Bro! And look, here’s all our friends who didnt give a shit about properly raising children.

    Locked in our communal death grip much like Holmes and Moriarty, we can now all go over these falls together!

    • Benjamin

      … what?!

      • http://Patheos threeten2yuma

        … Huh?! Read a book, Benjamin, and I’ll be happy to converse with you, my curious Friend.

    • Jody

      And your point is???? Add to the discussion if you are going to jump in.

      • http://Patheos threeten2yuma

        Hi, Jody. I’ve been criticized on this very blog for my verbosity. I’m giving concision a shot this time around. I’ve said my piece . . . unless you’re really asking for elucidation. And then the sin, I guess, is on your head!

  • Adrian

    Sean Hannity gets expert insight….baaaa haaaaaaaaaaa…..

  • http://na Keith O.Piper

    For my sanity I’m committed to stop thinking of Fox News as an actual “news” organization. Its all propaganda and when one listens, one should consider the source, comprised of liars, twisters of facts and just plain purveyors of ordinary Bull Shit.

  • Neil

    Those of you who follow Fox I sincerely and profoundly pity you. But I pray for you,

    • Nicole

      So many of my friends actually believe what they shovel out as truth. It is sad and to Neil, I say, Amen.

  • HeavyGuy51

    interesting how people who turn against orthodoxy always end up aligning themselves, under a veil of enlightened erudition, with those who have always been regarded for 2000 years as “apostates” and blasphemers of the Spirit.

    • HeavyGuy51

      and was not referring to mere vehement disagreement with the news on the FOX network.

  • http://Patheos threeten2yuma

    For anyone who is interested, here’s a little something that Frank produced about a generation ago in which his “crazy” old man described, among other things, the manipulation of the media by all sides across the political spectrum in a film series that was presumptuously entitled, “How Should We Then Live: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture.”

    I’d like to suggest that anyone who thinks that the strawberry Kool-Aid served up over on MSNBC tastes any better than the grape Kool-Aid sloshing around on FOX is too naive a child with whom to attempt any reasoning.

    • alvon

      threeten, i’d like your opinion on two questions:

      1) what are the respective agendas that Fox News and MSNBC are pushing?

      2) are there substantive differences in the methods of manipulation that each network uses?

      • http://Patheos threeten2yuma

        Not trying to sound like Jesus, because I’ve got quite a long way to go before I get to be like Him, but I’ll answer your question, Alvon, if you first answer me this: first, did you watch the Francis Schaeffer clip that I linked from YouTube; and, second, what is your own opinion on your own two questions?

  • Frank Schaeffer

    Thanks all for the good comments, even ones I disagree with. It interests me that the best non-ideological TV news these days doesn’t come from any North American source. Aljazeera and the BBC are the best, in as much when they report on things I know about they usually get it right which is really the only way to judge a news outfit since 90 percent of the time none of us are personally familiar with the details. I’ve been interviewed in depth by NPR’s Terry Gross on Fresh Air and she’s the only journalist/interviewer that did what you’d call homework. As for news outlets when the BBC interviews me they seem to have also really looked for questions near the truth of the situation not for ideological spin, same for Aljazeera. One of the funniest things about Fox watchers is that they bought the Bush lie that Aljazeera was lying in their Iraq reporting and it turned out that the liars were in the White House and AJ actually was reporting the truth — as by the way — my Marine son fighting in the Iraq and Afghan wars knew on the ground. So this is more complex than left v right. Professionalism is also an issue. But Fox is not the “same as” MSNBC. In Europe MSNBC would be considered center right/conservative. Americans just don’t understand how far right the Murdoch empire is here. Even his papers in the UK don’t try to pull what he pulls here with Fox because in Europe Murdoch can’t count on the level of ignorance the Republican base has these days. Sorry folks, Fox is watched and believed by uninformed and stupid viewers. Fox didn’t make them stupid but it sure helps keep the loons that way.

    • http://none edward hopkins

      mara liasson and juan williams are ignorant liars?

  • http://patheos Threeten2yuma

    Sorry, Frank. It’s your blog, and so you should maybe get “the last word,” but a couple of anecdotes and an ad hominem flourish at the end do not an argument make. ;)

  • John Haselton

    Frank your father would be ashamed of you. -j

  • Molly Hollis

    A message to threeten2yuma:

    You are a curious fellow. From your previous postings, it’s obvious you know Frank, Dr. Schaeffer, Edith Schaeffer and perhaps the whole Schaeffer clan from their days in Switzerland.

    I too met the Schaeffers in Switzerland in 1971. Dr. Schaeffer was a brilliant man and theologian. He was also a man who understood human suffering, pain and the truth. I believe he was ahead of his time and worried about future generations. I saw first hand the love he had for his wife, children and grandchildren. I watched him work and travel with Frank, admired the amount of love and respect he had for Frank and the truth.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Schaeffer would be sadden by today’s religious right, the corruption, the slanted media, the wars we are fighting, what has happended to the Republican Party, and the lack of truth. Times have changed immensely. Dr. Schaeffer worked closely with Frank, and their relationship was one of respect and honesty. Yes, Franky has grown and evolved, however, his heart and core are the same. He is his father’s son.

    My question to you, THRETEN2YUMA, why are you so cynical, rude in your remarks, and just plain mean? As you asked someone else, are you not taking your meds? You refer to Dr. Schaeffer plenty in your posts; do you think he would approve of your sarcasm? AKA the bully’s humor.

    By the way, Frank Schaeffer has no idea I’m writing this post. I met him when he was 17 years old and have watched him grow into a wonderful man. Sorry Frank, hope this doesn’t piss you off, I couldn’t take this guy’s b.s. any longer. He needs to work on Bachman’s campaign. Molly Walsh Hollis


    • http://Patheos threeten2yuma

      Molly, Molly, Molly,

      Trust me, please, I mean no offense . . . not to Frank, nor to any of the Schaeffer clan, nor to you, nor to anyone else who reads the lowly “Comments” section of this relatively obscure little leftist blog. And if you watched the YouTube clip I linked to Francis Schaeffer’s pretty prescient survey of things to come as articulated from his vantage point back forty years ago, you’d have to think that maybe even the old man, himself, would approve my hearkening back to his thoughts and writings. I’m also pretty sure he might even appreciate what you perceive as “sarcasm,” because, after all, he had Frank around for almost the last half of his life!

      I’m jealous of you that you got to meet the Schaeffers back in 1971. Me, I never had the honor. I haven’t even met Frank personally. We’re just “pen pals,” if you will. But Frank likes me, and I like him because . . . well . . . because we’re both a couple of smart asses, if you haven’t noticed. Strange, you think me a “bully,” but it’s OK with you if Frank calls people “stupid” or “loons” or worse. One thing you can say about Frank, however, is that while he can dish it out, he also can take it. He doesn’t mind a little linguistic rough and tumble. And he appears to enjoy having me and my comments around, because he keeps telling me how much he appreciates them . . . unless, of course, he’s just being sarcastic? Uh-oh. Now you’ve got me worried.

      But Frank and me we also love Jesus . . . or at least I for sure do, and Frank says he “still” does. We also love our wives and our children and, especially, our grandchildren and America and apple pie . . . although I’m somewhat more partial to blueberry pie a la mode, but we can agree to disagree and not get our feelings hurt. See that’s the beauty of it. You can appreciate that, can’t you, Molly? Apple versus blueberry, and to each his own. I even call my selection, “bluebizzle pizzle wid vanilla ice crizzle,” and it makes my grandson laugh! I’m not trying to be mean or politically incorrect or anything, thereby, I’m just playing for an absurdist laugh. You see, with everything I’ve seen in my too short a time on this old earth, I’d be a nihilist . . . but Jesus won’t let me. So I do the next best thing and try to crack a joke! What I love about Frank is that he gets it. I’m sorry if you don’t.

      Plus Frank needs me . . . and all of us . . . right now. Haven’t you noticed that Frank appears to be suffering a writer’s block at present? He needs me and you and all the rest of us lowly “comments” people to help him fill out a page. He came right out and told me that a couple of posts ago. But Frank’ll be back soon, all full of piss and vinegar, as usual. I just know it! In fact, I’m as sure of that as I am that “the sun’ll come out tomorrow.” Say, that’s kind of catchy, don’t you think, Molly? I know what. Let’s all sing it together now! Let’s me and you and the “crazy” right-wingers and the commie lefties and the evangelicals and the emerging whatevers and the ancient orthodox all sing because there are enemies aplenty, both corporeal, as well as spiritual, who mean us all harm. But all of us who are His still believe, don’t we, the encouraging words of this song about the Son coming out Tomorrow!

      Love, 3:10

  • Molly Hollis

    Dear threeten2yuma:

    You’re right, The Son will Come Out Tomorrow. With all due respect, your lengthy comment and rambling left me with only a few thoughts. Yes, Frank is a follower of Christ and His teachings, and lives it everyday. I believe you are as well, because I remember your heartfelt post about your grandson. I enjoy a good laugh too, when the time and topic is appropriate. I just find your type of humor razor sharp, biting and harsh; not only to Frank Schaeffer, but to the others who have posted on this site. I’m not in agreement with you in assuming Dr. and Mrs. Schaeffer would approve of sarcasm on any level. I’m sorry to be so blunt with you in a public forum. Thank you for responding to my post. I wish you all best, Molly p.s. I did not watch the clip, I was there.

    • http://Patheos threeten2yuma

      Well then did you watch the Bruce Springsteen (“B.S.,” get it?) clip a couple posts up, Molly? Now that was funny was it not, Sister! Peace. ;)

      • http://Patheos threeten2yuma

        PS: This Patheos “Comment” software doesn’t allow any edits, Molly, or I would have deleted the smart-assed “B.S.” one I just made above. Oftentimes, I’m too quick in hitting the “Post Comment” button. I have enjoyed conversing with you and, even, accepting some criticism from you seeing as how it comes from a sincere heart. Take care. Your Friend, 3:10

  • Molly Hollis

    Dear Threeten2yuma:

    I too have enjoyed our conversations, and I believe you have a BIG heart full of love. When you wrote the piece about your grandson, it touched my heart. I thought such a lucky child to have a loving grandfather, a true blessing. Always wishing you the best, Molly

    • http://Patheos threeten2yuma


      You may find this funny, but then again maybe not. I don’t know you well enough to venture a guess, but I believe that I do know who you are. At first when I noticed that Frank didn’t address your comments (which is unusual for Frank, by the way) and then when you mentioned that you first met him when he was seventeen, I thought perhaps you were an old girlfriend of Frank’s. Then it occurred to me after I noticed your use of your maiden name, “Walsh,” that you might be Genie’s older sister who traveled to Switzerland with her when she first met Frank over there at L’Abri. When I researched that possibility in Frank’s autobiography, Crazy for God, I discovered that Genie’s older sister is named Pam and that I was close but not quite accurate, because you are, in fact, Genie’s kid sister, Molly, who was only about 12 years old when Frank and Genie married!

      (So you see, Dear Friend, that my powers of deduction are really quite astounding, and, therefore, I would be the Holmes figure in my original simile in this thread of comments . . . but you are far too nice to be Moriarty, so let’s forget that I ever even made the comparison in the first place.)

      I don’t fault you for coming to your big brother-in-law’s defense. My own kid sister would have done the very same thing. In fact, when I was about eleven years old and she was only about eight or so, she almost caved in the skull of my best friend with a heavy metal stake after he had gotten the best of me in a boyish fight and was on my back pushing my face into the dirt and telling me, “Eat it! Eat it!” Fortunately, our mother spied what was happening at the crucial moment when my little sister had the metal stake raised up high over her head like a Sunday School picture of a young David all set to cut off Goliath’s head with the giant’s own sword, and she yelled, “KATHY!!!” thus saving my best friend’s life! So, yes, I do indeed understand the love of a little sister for her big brother. And ever so grateful am I that when you first introduced yourself to me it was from a significantly safe distance via cyberspace!

      Politics, I’m afraid, brings out the worst in me, Molly. I believe that it does that in everyone else, as well, including Frank, whom I have personally advised to “F— politics, Frank!” I’ve also encouraged your brother to create some beauty with either his prose or his painting, both things he is fully capable of doing. Funny thing is, most of Frank’s fans want the politics, and it’s hard for him to trust that he’ll be able to make a living on art alone. Unfortunately, this very blog kind of bears out the validity of that theory, because, if you’ll notice, when Frank writes about something beautiful, there is very little response from his readers. But, man, when he starts foaming at the mouth like some rabid political attack dog, there seems always to be a great crowd that encircles him to cheer him on with “Sick ‘em, Boy!” and “Go get ‘em, Frank!”

      But you know what, Molly, Jesus eschewed politics when He could have been Lord of All through it. Of course, that just got Him crucified . . . but then where would we all be if that had never occurred? And anyway, most of us believe that He was Resurrected to now be “King of kings and Lord of lords,” don’t we? You know, I’ve sworn off politics more times than a repentant drunk swears off his drink, as any reader of these Comments can tell you, but I really mean it this time. I’m sick of offending nice people like yourself with something so unworthy as my politics, which, by the way, have run the gamut from Goldwater Republican to Ayn Rand Libertarian to drug-induced liberalism to Reagan/Bush/Bush variations of conservatism to whatever the hell it is that I now espouse. No, if I’m going to offend someone, especially nice people, it should be something that simply cannot be denied, and that, of course, is only The Gospel of Jesus Christ!

      So thank you for your encouragement, Dear Sister. It has meant a lot to me. Tell Frank I said that I hope we do eventually get the chance to drink that beer he still owes me! But I’m gonna try something different now. Frank’s gonna just have to fill this page without my help from now on. God has blessed you all with a beautiful family. Thank you all for sharing that blessing with the rest of us!

      Love, 3:10

  • http://Patheos threeten2yuma


    I should probably tell you “so long for now” too. I won’t say “goodbye,” because that sounds too permanent. I see you eschewed my good advice to you. That’s OK, Pal. We each got our own lives to live. I’ll miss you, Friend. Please take care. And don’t be calling, “Come back!” after me. This is painful enough as it is . . .

    Yours truly, -3:10

  • http://Patheos threeten2yuma
  • notbuying 911

    ALL BIG MEDIA LIES…duh! *madcow?..oh please…9/11?, inside job, (including MOSSAD) start there!