# X Commandment… For the Children’s Sake

X: Never forget passing on what is good doesn’t happen by chance.

Did your mother read out loud to you and encourage you to do  creative art projects by filling your house with books and art supplies and music?

Pass it on!

My mother and sisters read terrific books out loud to me. I passed that on — thank God — to my kids. Dad played classical music and I’ve played it for my children and grandchildren.

We’re not going to pass on what was good about our childhood to our children by magic. Just because your grandfather took you museums, and gave you uninterrupted no-cell phones attention or just because your father took you to work with him, then took the afternoon off and took you to the art museum, doesn’t mean your daughter will have that same blessing.

Literacy of any kind ends with each generation unless the blessings are passed on, on purpose.

Did you grow up knowing Bible stories and Greek mythology or Roman history? Will your children have that gift? Not unless you read them the Bible and Greek mythology etc.

Whatever good shaped you that seemed “normal” at the time wasn’t normal at all. The good, the beautiful and the true you experienced won’t become part of your child’s life unless you make certain choices and stick with them.

Remember: they’re starting from zero and won’t inherit the good done to you by osmosis. It’s up to you.

(to be continued in this space tomorrow…)

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