Frank Schaeffer and Eric Elnes on Convergence Christianity

Eric is an old enemy of mine. Now we agree that we can fix what is broken in the church. Here we are on stage talking. Please watch.




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Frank Schaeffer is a writer and author of Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back .

About Frank Schaeffer

Frank Schaeffer is an American author, film director, screenwriter and public speaker. He is the son of the late theologian and author Francis Schaeffer. He became a Hollywood film director and author, writing several internationally acclaimed novels including And God Said, "Billy!" as well as the Calvin Becker Trilogy depicting life in a fundamentalist mission home-- Portofino, Zermatt, and Saving Grandma.

  • Mark Edward Hessinger

    Fairly interesting, Frank, but you and Eric Elnes already agree on so much. Would you be open to having a similar conversation with someone like Eric Metaxas who is as intelligent and articulate as you but who may have some different views on things?

    • Rocky Morrison

      You assume Metaxas would be willing to do this. Do you speak for him? I mean, you keep bringing it up.

      • Mark Edward Hessinger

        I keep bringing it up because it’s a great idea, is it not, Rocky?

        Schaeffer and Metaxas are like polar opposites, Man! They are matter and anti-matter! One was raised an Evangelical and now is Greek Orthodox, the other was raised Greek Orthodox and now is an Evangelical. Frank is relatively “uneducated,” and Eric is Ivy League. One is progressive but used to be conservative, the other is now conservative but is a graduate from a bastion of liberalism. One is white, the other is black . . . no wait! I kinda got a little carried away there.

        This match has all the makings of “The Thrilla in Manilla!” or “The Rumble in the Jungle!” The two of them could tour college campuses from now ’til the cows come home and sell a ton of books!

        No, I don’t speak for Metaxas, nor for Schaeffer either, but for the love of God, please, I’m beggin’ ya, SOMEBODY OUT THERE, please, please MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

        • Mark Edward Hessinger

          I’ll even volunteer to referee the matches, and I’ll be completely fair because I love them both!

  • Mark Edward Hessinger

    Hey Frank, I’m dead serious about a conversation between you and Eric Metaxas, you know. It not only would be very interesting, in my humble opinion, kind of like when Bill Buckley used to have crossfire discussions with Gore Vidal, and you both could reach new audiences. Oh, and did I mention that you both could probably sell a lot of books!

    Why don’t you have your agent contact Metaxas’ agent and send me a free ticket if it ever happens. Then we three can go out afterward to some Irish pub, and I’ll buy the beer!

    C’mon, Man. Let’s do it!

    • Mark Edward Hessinger


      I just pitched this idea to Metaxas on his website. I’m still waiting to hear back.

      I made clear that I didn’t represent you, and also that I’ve never yet heard back from you when I’ve broached the subject with you herein.

      But don’t chicken out on me, Pal. I’ve now gone the extra mile. So if this “fight” actually takes place, please don’t forget that I want ringside seats.


      • Mark Edward Hessinger

        Final word and then I’ll shut up. (“Yeah right!”)

        You and Mataxas are great verbal pugilists. You both can hit hard, and neither of you pull many punches.

        But both of you have also spoken recently about the need for civility in our public discourse. This match could afford both of you the chance to “put your money where your mouth is!”

        And I sure hope you both do it!

  • Mark Edward Hessinger

    OK, one really final, final word on this subject. Your buddy Jim Wallis is on tour now with his new book about The Common Good or so I heard on NPR tonight. Maybe you and Metaxas could discuss and demonstrate how we Americans could go about attempting to achieve that goal.

  • Michael D. Bobo

    Frank hopefully you will find this encouraging. I am a Humanities professor who is intentional about inserting a broad based religious meaning into my curriculum to start my students on a path of their own spiritual discovery. I don’t have a particular camp to promote but I firmly believe in the need for a Cosmic Divine connection. I appreciated your concerns at the end of the talk and find myself in the minority of teachers, however, I will continue to fight the good fight.

    • Mark Edward Hessinger

      Michael, might you be the event producer for whom we (we’ll maybe it’s only me) have been waiting and praying?

      Can you get Metaxas & Schaeffer together in a ring . . . er, I mean on stage at your college or university?

      Invite me too, please. I can give the introductions and referee. If you do, I’ll try and bring Ol’ Layton along with me!

  • Mark Edward Hessinger


    You may be glad to hear this . . . or maybe not. It’s hard to tell with you. I quit wasting time on Facebook, and I’m gonna quit wasting time on blogs too, including this one. This drivel I compose here is getting in the way of some real work that I want to do.

    I’ve always enjoyed our occasional exchanges, though . . . what little I could ever get out of you . . . the few times that occurred. And I’ve also enjoyed conversing with some of your readers who took the time to talk with me, even the ones I disagreed with and vice versa. But I’m afraid that either you’ve gotten real boring, or maybe my gas has run off most of your readers. If that’s my fault, I sure am sorry. Hopefully, they’ll come back around once I’m good and gone. Of course, if they’re that skittish, I don’t see much use in having them return, but I guess that’s for you to decide.

    Anyway, if you ever do get a discussion going with Eric Metaxas like I’ve proposed here, please send me some notice. You’ve got my email address. I’d sure like to fly out anywhere to see that. In fact, let me know if your heading out west anywhere near Arizona. I’d love to see you speak in person, with or without anyone else sharing the stage with you. I’m fixing to retire here soon, this summer in fact. I’m gonna try my hand at writing, myself, as you once encouraged me to do. And, if I can get the chance, I may yet find some college or university or large church to fly you out from Boston to give a talk. Who knows, maybe Metaxas will answer my email that I sent him like you once did, and I can be the one to get you two together. That would really be a feather in my cap, and I’d be real proud if I pulled off something like that!

    Well, stay safe and well, Frank, you and your whole family. We sure do enjoy reading what you write about them. That’s some of your best stuff, in my humble opinion. And do please hurry up with that new novel you’ve mentioned from time to time. I can’t wait to read that. And I wish the hell that Baby Jack could find its way onto the silver screen. I still think that book was probably your finest work, but I also think that you’ve got another great novel or two left in you!

    God bless you, Pal.

    Your Friend, Mark