Gays Are Dangerous to Christians– Really! (Watch)

Gay men and women are persecuting Christians. The Pope says there is a secret gay lobby in the Vatican and evangelical Americans agree — it is time to tolerate intolerance! Discover how the gay community is persecuting God-fearing Americans.

Hilarious ‘Daily Show’ Segment Addresses Evangelical’s Oppression Claim (VIDEO)

About Frank Schaeffer

Frank Schaeffer is an American author, film director, screenwriter and public speaker. He is the son of the late theologian and author Francis Schaeffer. He became a Hollywood film director and author, writing several internationally acclaimed novels including And God Said, "Billy!" as well as the Calvin Becker Trilogy depicting life in a fundamentalist mission home-- Portofino, Zermatt, and Saving Grandma.

  • peteenns

    Why in the world people even allow themselves to be “interviewed” and skewered like this by the Daily Show people is beyond me :-)

    • GilbertDavis

      The brother in Christ interviewed knew he would be treated like this . He heads a very good ministry known as . I don’t agree with some of it’s hyper-calvanist leanings but the rest of his material and information is very good and helpful . It just goes to show that he can take being mocked and taken advantage of without feeling a need to retaliate . Many professing Christian’s pride would never allow that. Christians are being persecuted around the world , not just by homosexuals , but by an increasing number in the world of unbelievers and sadly even by professing “Christians”. Men will wax worse and worse. “..Even so , come , LORD Jesus..”

    • Alice

      They’re always looking for something to feed their martyr complex, and the eeeeeeevil liberal media is a good place to look.

  • GilbertDavis

    Canada has fined and imprisoned their own citizens for proclaiming what God has said in His WORD about homo-sexuality . It is illegal to mention on the radio what the Scriptures reveal about the destiny of unrepentant homo-sexual men and women. In The United States the city of San Francisco refused to protect Christians who were chased and attacked by a mob of Homosexuals. The Christians were passing out Gospel literature. The city threatened to prosecute , not the people in the mob of attackers , but the Christians. When the names and organizations of those who contributed in support of proposition 8 in California were listed , their homes , churches and properties were vandalized . They were threatened with death and violence . Very few have been prosecuted who did this . There is a reason why our representatives are starting to bow and concede to the whims and wishes of militant radical Muslims and Homosexuals . Their tactic are often very similar and our representatives realize that they need not fear for their safety or lives from even the most radical Christian . The most radical thing a Christian could or would do to you in following Christ , is reveal love enough to sacrifice his very life , if need be , in order for you to find salvation in Jesus .

  • mhelbert

    Hi-freaking-larious! It’s sad that many people do feel that rightful erosion of power is in some way persecution. They haven’t known real persecution.

    Thanx for sharing this, Frank!

  • TheodoreSeeber

    Gays are only dangerous to other gays.

    • Brett Falkenbergski

      Like Alan Chambers? or Ted Haggard? or John Paulk? Gee, I wonder why they did that? Could it be people like you?

      • TheodoreSeeber

        I don’t know who any of those people are, nor do I care to know.

    • CLarosa

      I pray, Mr. Seeber, that perhaps one day you will actually get to know some genuine gay people, particularly gay believers. I once suscribed to your mindset, but thankfully I have had the opportunity to see the truth beyond the talking heads of anti-gay “ministries”. I challenge you to research online, Sir, and you will see that gays are certainly not the ones “only dangerous to other gays”. The countless stories of gays being attacked and tortured, and killed are from straights – full of hatred and irrational fear. Please look beyond the fundamentalist “bubble”. Ignorance is a terrible thing, but you can change that. I have “faith” that you will…

      • TheodoreSeeber

        It isn’t straights that are spreading AIDS and lying to their partners about their sexual history.

        • CLarosa

          Even though you are making a broad statement and ignoring the fact that gays aren’t the only ones guilty of this, yes, despicable practice, what does that have to do with the subject of this storyline? SOME gays do spread HIV, some intentional, some unintentional, and promiscuity of ALL types can lead to emotional damage and disease, agreed. But some gays are not the only ones that are promiscuous – most of the single straight world is as well and they are guilty of emotional and physical damage (disease) as well. Pointing out gays only here as a way to blacken our eyes is unfair, disingenous, and propagating half-truths. Assuming you are straight man, it might be more meaningful to point fingers into the eyes of your fellow straights. I pray gay culture changes with the availability of marriage, but folks like you self-riteously chest-thumping us doesn’t bear much fruit. Jesus wants fruit (excuse the pun), not pridefulness.

          • TheodoreSeeber

            According to the Center for Disease Control, men having sex with men is 47 times more likely to spread disease than men having sex with women. That is a fact.

            Marriage won’t change gay culture, because what is wrong with gay culture is the delusion of homosexuality to begin with. Until gays can admit that homosexuality is a delusion, nothing will change.

          • smrnda

            But… lesbian sex is, statistically, less risky than heterosexual sex. So would that then be okay?

            Could you clarify what you mean by ‘delusion?’ I’m used to seeing that term used only in the psychiatric context which requires that a person holds to some belief which can be demonstrated to be false. If I think aliens abducted me and put a microchip in me, that’s a delusion. Sexual orientation is a matter of attraction, arousal, and preference and all of these factors (whether someone is attracted to people of the same or opposite sex) can be measured by empirical data. We can observe physiological reactions in gay men that demonstrate they experience arousal (or greater arousal) from homosexual rather than heterosexual stimuli.

          • TheodoreSeeber

            Believing one’s sexuality to be oriented to something other than procreation, is delusional. Attraction and arousal are trainable. Homosexual men experience greater arousal from homosexual stimuli due to simple practice.

          • smrnda

            You have made these statements:

            1. Attraction and arousal are trainable.
            2. Homosexuality or heterosexuality is a matter of conditioning.

            Both of these statements are open to empirical verification or falsification. Argument by assertion is not valid, nor can one make a case that something is possible without evidence that it actually happens. At present, most research indicates that this is not true, and that sexuality cannot be conditioned. If you have any peer-reviewed articles that you can link me to which suggest otherwise, I’d be happy to read them and assess their methodology.

          • TheodoreSeeber

            “Both of these statements are open to empirical verification or falsification.”

            Yes they are. And the experiment is addiction to porn.

            I would suggest that most of those researchers have failed to research THEMSELVES. And in so doing, have entirely missed the process by which human sexuality is developed.

          • smrnda

            Then you are fairly ignorant of the massive body of research on human sexuality that exists. The use of pornography to *condition* males to become heterosexual has been tried, without encouraging results. Masturbatory conditioning is acknowledged as a real thing, but an individual’s sexuality is not infinitely plastic.

          • TheodoreSeeber

            The massive body of research on human sexuality was written y pornographers.

          • CLarosa

            Sir, you are basing your idea off of your own personal opinion that homosexuality is a “delusion”. Homosexuality is no more a delusion that heterosexuality. Your opinion could never stand a moment on it’s own in a court of law or psychology. It’s not even logical. Marriage will most certainly change gay culture because it will allow gays to find protection and legitimacy in the bounds of a legally recognized relational institution – something that “your kind” has disallowed yet benefitted from for millenia. But beyond that, I have to question the purpose of your postings as I have seen them on other stories. If you are concerned for gay people and truly believe we are deluded or worse, Hell-bound, then, again, posting inflamatory or contentious comments serves no purpose other than distancing others from you and simply reveals you hate gays and this is your anonymous and safe avenue to attack us from the privacy of your laptop. I challenge you to try another method or at least think through this issue deeply – beyond what the Family Research Council or AFA spews. God bless you.

          • TheodoreSeeber

            Heterosexuality is a form of procreation, homosexuality makes procreation impossible, thus homosexuality is delusional.

            That is not an attack, that is a fact.

            Gay marriage won’t make an egg fertilize an egg or a sperm fertilize a sperm.

          • smrnda

            But what if people do not care about procreation? Why must they care? I mean, totally, gay sex is not procreative, I’m not going to argue with that, but I see no reason why that’s relevant to anything being a delusion.

            I mean, if a person thinks that homosexual sex *will result in pregnancy* that would be a delusion, but nobody has been making that claim as far as I can tell. Homosexual sex is something people do for pleasure and bonding.

          • TheodoreSeeber

            Anybody who claims not to care about procreation is either lying or delusional. They must care because the existence of the species depends upon it.

          • smrnda

            I care about national defense. I am not in the military, but I pay taxes to support others who do the job of defending the nation. Just because a person is not in the military *personally* does not imply that they are indifferent to the issue of defense.

            I am not a farmer, but farming is essential. Part of civilization is specialization, where growing food is something done by experts.

            Not everybody reproduces but it’s kind of the same deal, not everybody *needs to* for human life to continue on the planet. People without children still do things to benefit people who have them. I pay taxes for schools since I don’t want to be old in a society full of people who don’t know anything. I have worked in education since parents cannot necessarily teach their kids everything they need to know. Kids growing up my be using software I wrote at some point in time.

          • TheodoreSeeber

            Homosexuality is different. Homosexuality says that we shouldn’t procreate.

            For homosexuality to be held as superior to heterosexuality, as Gay Marriage *does*, is a political statement against procreation.

            That lie can’t be allowed to stand. It simply can’t. Homosexuality isn’t harmless. Not by a long shot.

          • smrnda

            Gay marriage would only put homosexuality and heterosexuality as both equally permitted by the law, and would say nothing about the superiority of one over another. Freedom of speech means that I can write “X” and someone else can write “not X” but the law does not really assign one as more superior, just both permitted. You allege that gay marriage makes a statement that it is superior, but you supply no evidence. Argument by assertion is not making a case.

            The law confers quite a few privileges on procreation, whether by married couples or single mothers. In fact, I’d like to see some things like maternity leave expanded. But overall, I don’t see the case you’re making.

            I don’t see any homosexuals lining up to prevent people from having sex with opposite sex partners. Heterosexuality is by far the most common sexual orientation, and it appears unlikely to fade in popularity.

          • TheodoreSeeber

            “Gay marriage would only put homosexuality and heterosexuality as both equally permitted by the law”

            Thus teaching that homosexuality is superior to heterosexuality.

          • CLarosa

            I have 4 biological children, Mr. Seeber. how many do you have? I have countless friends that are gay with biological children, including several gay pastors. Your argument, again, doesn’t hold water. You continue to speak in false assumptions and speculation, as if you were an authority. Fundamentalists also said that desegregating blacks and whites would bring an end to our civilzation. Look it up. it’s 2013, sir, not 1930. Don’t be on the losing side of history. It’ll save a lot of embarrassment in the end.

          • TheodoreSeeber

            Did you have those “biological children” with a gay partner?

            If not, why are you damaging your children by not staying with their other parent?

            And as for the “losing side of history”- I will defend human life no matter what perverts like you try to do to it.

          • CLarosa

            You failed to answer my question, however….

            My “biological children” (love how you use the quotes to dehumanize my kids) are happy, healthy, and both deeply loved by both myself and my EX-WIFE. All 4 are straight A students. And no, Mr. Seeber, they are NOT damaged. Wrong assumption #1.

            I am also very much pro-life and have been a long-time financial supporter of pro-life organizations like my favorite Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Apparently I don’t “defend human life”? Wrong assumption #2, Sir.

            I will pray for you, Mr. Seeber, and that you will see how trolling sites to inject your obvious bigotry toward the LGBT (aka “perverts”) community produces absolutely no spiritual fruit nor “repentance”. I will also pray that you will someday understand that there are countless believers that love God, have wonderful families, healthy relationships, and give back significantly to their community…and happen to be gay.

            Lastly, I pray that you will take the words of 1 Cor 13 to heart and repent of your pride:

            “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.”

            I have nothing else to say and I won’t be responding to any more posts here.

          • TheodoreSeeber

            “EX-WIFE”- that is where the damage lies. The children of divorce are always damaged. You didn’t love them enough to love their mother- you failed to model a healthy heterosexual relationship for them.

            If you claim there is no sin, of course there can never be any repentance. The devil’s best trick ever was to claim that sin doesn’t exist.

            Love God and are homosexually active divorced? The one denies the other- the two are utterly and forever incompatible.

            The best way to be pro-life; is to support heterosexuality, not pretend that it isn’t sinful.

            To claim otherwise for me, would be to be utterly without love. I see no love in the LGBT community- only intense hatred.

        • smrnda

          Are you suggesting that no straight people lie about their sexual history? That seems like a pretty bold claim that I could easily refute.

          • TheodoreSeeber

            No, I am suggesting only that it appears that a necessary part of homosexuality is to lie to your partner about sexuality and procreation. This does not imply that non-marital heterosexuality is any better, in fact, it’s worse.

          • smrnda

            If two women decide to have sex, what lies are being told? If two men are?

            “Hey, guy B, I’m guy A, and we’re going to have gay sex. It’ll be a blast, and nobody can get pregnant. By the way, I just got tested, did you?”

            Totally truthful, start to finish.

          • TheodoreSeeber

            “If two women decide to have sex, what lies are being told? If two men are?”

            That the sex is anything other than perversion- using the other person.

  • kaydenpat

    Nothing much has changed for some people. Pretty sure that those who reject gay rights today would have rejected equality for Blacks during the Civil Rights movement.

  • CLarosa

    Oh Em Gee, this is hilarious. I escaped the fundamentalist community a year ago and I can assure you this “persecution complex” is all true and more. Since carnal, worldly retirement-fund American Christians aren’t being persecuted for being Christlike (since they’re simply not), they’ve had to invent “persecution” in order to feel like they’re doing God’s will – kind of like how the JWs bask in the vitriol they receive going door-to-door pushing their cultic religion becuase they believe God will love them more. Gays are still an easy scapegoat (they still think, even in 2013) and since gays are finally getting the momentum and voice they deserve in combating bigoted, hateful, and discriminatory screeds from fundamentalists, suddenly the anti-gay/human rights crowd are being held more accountable for their evil. Or in their words, it’s “open season” on “Christians”. This is so laughable it’s astounding. Kudos to the Daily Show for this funny and ironic “expose”.