The Slow Motion Lynching of President Barack Obama

I’ve watched liberal and right wing commentators alike blame the president for being lynched. They say “he’s not reaching out enough” or “he’s too cold.” It’s the equivalent of assuming that the black man being beaten by a couple of thug cops must have “done something.”

I am a white privileged well off sixty-one-year-old former Republican religious right wing activist who changed his mind about religion and politics long ago.  The New York Times profiled my change of heart saying that to my former friends I’m considered a “traitorous prince” since my religious right family was once thought of as “evangelical royalty.”

I’ve just spent the last 7 years writing over 200,000 words in blogs and articles in support of President Obama. My blogs on the Huffington Post alone would add up to a book in support of the President of over 300 pages. Weirdly, I just realized that through all my writing, this has been the first time in my life I’ve personally gone to bat for a black man. It just happens that he’s a president. But my emotional stake in his life is now personal.

So I’ve changed from a white guy who used to read news about some black man getting shot or beaten by cops or stand-your-ground types who assumed that the black man must have “done something,” to a white guy who figures that the black man was probably getting lynched. I’ve changed ideology but I’ve also changed my gut intuitive reactions.

I’ve changed because if this country will lynch a brilliant, civil, kind, humble, compassionate, moderate, articulate, black intellectual we’re lucky enough to have in the White House, we’ll lynch anyone. What chance does an anonymous black man pulled over in a traffic stop have of fair treatment when the former editor of the Harvard Law Review is being lynched?

One famous liberal commentator wrote a book on how Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil could disagree and still be friends. Why, he asked on many a TV show promoting his book, couldn’t President Obama be like that? Because, I yelled at the screen, those two men were white Irish Americans and part of a ruling white oligarchy.

Because, I yelled, you might as well ask why Nelson Mandela didn’t talk his jailers in South Africa into seeing reason.

Because, I yelled, the President is black and anytime he’s reached out he’s pulled back a bloody stump.

Because, I yelled, liberal white commentators have been as bothered by a black man in the White House, who’s smarter than they are as much as right wing bigots have been bothered.

Because, I yelled, President Obama has been lied about, attacked, vilified, and disrespected since Day One.

Because, I yelled, this country may have passed laws so blacks can vote and eat in a white man’s world, but in our hearts we’re stuck in a place more like 1952 than 2013.

We’ve been watching a slow motion lynching of a moderate brilliant family man, a father, and faithful loving husband. The Republicans in Congress are so dedicated to lynching the President they’ve been willing to shut down our government and risk the future of our economy.

Evangelical “Christians” have been so stuck on putting a rope around this black man’s neck they have denied their faith and been the backbone of the lying Tea Party who spawned the so-called “birthers” and the rest of the white people driving our news cycle.

Roman Catholic bishops have denied their tradition of helping the poor and been so eager to destroy this president they aligned themselves with white Evangelical bigots and tried to stop health care reform, all because the President wants to give women a fair shake. The bishops even called him “anti-religious” because the president wants insurers to pay for contraception.

This is a slow motion lynching of a black man who is so moderate and centrist that he favored Wall Street enough so that the Left is all over his case. He’s so “radical” and “leftist” and “hates America” so much, and “coddles our enemies” so much, that he killed bin Laden and used drones to kill our enemies. He’s such a “socialist” that he presided over the revival of our economy from the worst recession since the Great Depression, and led us to the present day stock market boom. President Obama is such a “Marxist” that he tried to give insurance – not socialized medicine – to all Americans.

President Obama never answered back to the disgusting southern right wing rubes from the former slave states that have tried to belittle, mock and stymie his presidency shouting “You lie” in a million ways, while actually meaning “You lie, nigger!”

And did the “enlightened” Left have President Obama’s back? No. They carp about his “failure” because a website was slow to get running! The white privileged “progressive” few were too busy blaming him for getting lynched and telling him how to craft policy while a rope was put around his neck again and again and tightened with each filibuster, each lie told on the radio, each self-defeating scorched earth action to stop him from succeeding, even if it meant taking us all down too.

We don’t like to admit who we really are. So we make excuses and blame the victim. I’m ashamed for our country, a country my Marine son fought for in two stupid wars this president has been working to end. And I’m still rooting for the best, smartest and most decent man who has been president in my lifetime. I pray for his health care reform to succeed. I pray for his immigration reform to succeed. I’m amazed he’s gotten anything done, but he has, even while the lynch mob gathers again and again to laugh, lie and spit and claim he’s “failed” while “liberal” commentators nod sagely and talk about his “mistakes” as if President Obama has been playing on a level playing field.

We have a lot to do to heal this country of the damage done by the right wing Obama-haters and the Left wing know-it-all pundits who did not have his back because they don’t have the honesty to admit that we still live in a backward racist swamp of prejudice. Maybe in 50 years our country will be worthy of someone of President Obama’s forbearance again. For now we can just hope that the hatred of the Republican Party for our first black president doesn’t drive us to the brink of ruin again as they strip food from the mouths of the poor, and try to get people to not sign up for health care, just to get even with the black man they swore to destroy from the day that “uppity” black who is smarter than all of them put together took the oath of office.

God bless you Mr. President. I’m praying for you. I am so very sorry. But take heart, in the long reach of history the door you opened will stay open for the millions of Americans of all colors, genders and beliefs who will follow you. They will bless your name. So will history. 

Frank Schaeffer is a writer. His latest book –WHY I AM AN ATHEIST WHO BELIEVES IN GOD: How to give love, create beauty and find peace

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About Frank Schaeffer

Frank Schaeffer is an American author, film director, screenwriter and public speaker. He is the son of the late theologian and author Francis Schaeffer. He became a Hollywood film director and author, writing several internationally acclaimed novels including And God Said, "Billy!" as well as the Calvin Becker Trilogy depicting life in a fundamentalist mission home-- Portofino, Zermatt, and Saving Grandma.

  • Lori Nalette

    Brilliant! You have found the words I’ve been feeling for five years. It’s like you reached into my head and heart and plucked my feelings out and expressed them in a way I never could. Thank you for this piece.

    • frankschaeffer

      Thank you Lori, please spread the word, I long to defend this good man. Best, Frank

      • Ipsophakto

        You condone lies and liars? Obama won lie of the year.

        My family is losing health coverage because of his lies. I can’t afford his terrible insurance. You feel good about that? I was able to care for my family, now I won’t be able to. I was able to care for others, now I’ll be slaving away to feed a mandate I can’t afford.

        Wrecking and deceiving Peter to pay Paul is entirely false virtue, and economic and political suicide. Obama pulled the trigger.

        Sprout integrity. See that protecting incompetence and projecting racism where it isn’t is a very bad echo of racism. Obama is dividing people in very damaging ways. Civil unrest is going from a simmer to a boil. Here’s wisdom to imbibe:

        • MrBritesnide

          Obama is dividing people in very damaging ways. Civil unrest is going from a simmer to a boil.

          So Obama can “cause division”? You’re ADMITTING to being that stupid?

          And CIVIL UNREST is suddenly a BAD thing?

          You must have HATED Jesus.

          • Ipsophakto

            No, you’re showing you don’t see any truth that isn’t supportive of Obama.

            Jesus would not approve of using lies and deception to dupe people into supporting a Ponzi scheme.

            Yes, Obama is dividing people. He and democrats don’t treat people as individuals, they label and pit groups against each other. They lack principles that recognize and unify all people, and instead, foster resentment and hostility.

            They reap what they sow.

            You’re a perfect example. You leap straight to an insult, lacking any valid contention to my assertion.

            Let’s hear your defense of Obama’s abject lies…..bring it on. I look forward to hearing your defense of Lie of the Year.

        • Lue Blacknell

          It is your kind that is damaging race relations! NO ONE chooses what race or ethnicity their parents are. You will be held accountable for your racist views-(especially when you act on them) I would bet that you do not even know any people of color- or associate w/other races. Maybe one day you will learn to think for yourself-instead of listening to the likes of limbaugh/beck, palin & etc. I hope it will not be too late for you-because you will find that you are a peon & “they” will come for you too & you will be useless to “them”.

          • Ipsophakto

            You’d lose that bet. Did you click the link to Elbert Guillory’s statement? Did you read it? It is YOUr kind who are engaging in a terrible form of racism that does no favors for Obama. The race card game is OVER. Stop playing a losing game. Your ARE the racist you project into the things others say. Nothing in my post was racist in the least. If you disagree, tell me specifically what you deem “racist”.

            I’m married to a woman of a different race than mine. Who cares? You just proved what a profligate racist you are. Racism is the only dirty lens through which you view all criticism. There is nothing racist about calling out incompetence and deception.

            Do you condone and defend Obama’s lies …..or not?

            Speak the truth… matters to people with a conscience. Do you have one, or not?

      • christopher

        Frank Schaeffer… how did you feel about Bashir’s statement concerning Sarah Palin’s comparing debt to slavery? Is she a good candidate for having someone $h!t in her mouth for that kind of hyperbole?
        If your answer is yes…
        Then explain how your comparison of criticism to lynching is any different? Is it not hyperbole cut from the exact same cloth? Thanks in advance.

        • Ipsophakto

          Indeed, even Bashir used the slavery metaphor in 2011, when critical of Bachman and Santorum, asking “why they want to go back to slavery”. Is was a ridiculous use of the analogy, but he used it, then made that horrific remark about Palin. Got him fired.

    • Ipsophakto
    • drspittle

      You stated my sentiments perfectly. Thank you. And thank you, Frank, for this post.

  • Jeffrey

    I believe you’re referring to Chris Matthews as the liberal here. Matthews, as I remember, was quite supportive of Bush 2, during his first inauguration and has continued on a rather conservative/moderate slant since. while still holding onto the Democrat name. In other words, any sense of his liberalism is only relative in contrast to the crazy wackos that has become the Republican norm, Why he’s on MSNBC I don’t know.

    • frankschaeffer

      Thanks Jeffrey, good point! Best, Frank

    • Ipsophakto

      Fiscal responsibility is “wacko”, but telling lies to the whole country to sell false virtue with empty promises is okay?

      Here’s virtue:

      • Jeffrey

        No, “wacko” is living in a FOX News, Limbaugh bubble where rumor never escapes and truth never enters. Listen, I don’t even try to argue with my friends on the far right. Their premise is usually based on this closed-loop system which is continually repeated over and over. It is no wonder that I see so such anger emerge. So sad since I know they are good people at heart.

        • Ipsophakto

          What lies do you allege are being told by fox, specifically? I can name specific Obama lies. Let’s hear what you allege to be lies.

          I’m losing my healthcare plan because obamacare caused my policy to be cancelled and I can’t afford the ACA plans.

          • Jeffrey

            It seems as if you’re getting sucked into a vortex beyond space and time, throwing out stuff just to see if it sticks. I personally regret even a response since it appears you’re determined to act as if this is some plaything to a child.

          • Ipsophakto

            You regret responding to someone prepared to challenge you to back up your empty assertions.

            Plaything? Ńo, I’m dead serious. Back up your assertion – or quit using it.

            I assert Obama is a liar. That has nothing to do with his race. He lied and that fact is now patently evident.

            How will you back your assertions?

          • Ipsophakto

            No, I’m very focused and deliberate. Now, what fox lies?

  • Sue Roediger

    Mr Schaeffer . I read your book telling of your path to enlightenment. This piece si SO well written …..thank you

  • Sabreen60

    I too have watched the different techniques by the left and the right of lynching President Obama. Chris Matthews is not the only one. Every one of the “pundits” on MSNBC except Martin Bashir (and he just got kicked to curb) believes they have the right to tell President Obama what to do, how to do it, when to do it and where to do it. So many are angry because he refuses to say how high when they say jump.

    I don’t need to comment on the right wing. They are so blatant that it’s nauseating.

    Thank you for this article. You are truly amazing. I try not to be cynical, but I have little hope of those who believe as you have in the past, will see the error of their ways.

  • Nolen Holcomb

    Your descriptive language brought flashbacks of the 1950s in “Deep East Texas”, and I shutter to continually realize much of that is still with us in 2013. Although it is painful, thanks for your creatively written post.

  • 3:10

    Barak Hussein Obama ain’t gettin’ “lynched,” Frank . . . not in any sense of that word, not even metaphor. The Tea Party ain’t comin’ ta get ya. The President of the United States doesn’t need you or your “support.” But if you’ll just turn off the damned television and step back away from the remote . . . slowly . . . carefully . . . there now . . . you can still have a decent whatever is left of the rest of your life!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • 3:10

      OK, who already gave my note a “thumbs down” and why? Was it for my “Merry Christmas!” or my “Happy New Year!” or my stating the obvious that political disagreement in no way amounts to a “lynching?” If the tepid criticisms Barak Obama has experienced is a “lynching,” then George W. Bush must’ve been hanged, drawn & quartered!

      • For My Liberty

        He was verbally, but they won’t admit to it…Because they are the “Tolerant” Liberals…THAT is an OXYMORON…Liberals are ONLY Tolerant if you AGREE WITH EM!

    • gimpi1

      Lynched is a strong word, but describing President Obama as a Muslim when he’s a practicing Christian, a Socialist or Communist (usually said by people who don’t know the difference between them) when he clearly – judging by his administration – is a moderate capitalist, and calling him a dictator when he has often bent over backwards to attempt to involve his opponents in decisions, in my opinion shows a lack of both objectivity and perspective. It’s also lying.

      As for President Bush, many of his decisions were very bad. In fact, in my opinion, a great deal of the problems President Obama has faced have been because he came into office with so many fires to put out. (Note, I said a great many, not all.)

      Both men have been pounced upon by opposing media. That goes with the territory. However, I don’t remember the outright lies (Muslim, communist, dictator) being bandied around about President Bush. Am I mistaken?

    • gimpi1

      One more thing, 3:30, why did you feel the need to add in President Obama’s last name? That’s usually done by folks wanting to attach him to Sadam Hussein for some reason. I notice you didn’t use President Bush’s middle name. What’s up?

  • cliffrideout

    You are a complete fool. If you really think your propaganda message is relevant or true

  • racer

    Pray for obozo all you like. And well you should . It’s too bad as a discerning “christian” you are unable to see who he really is. But then it appears you’ve rationalized your christianity.

    • dina

      RAcism rears its head again.

  • BT

    Thanks for raising the issue of the one sin we may not ever discuss. We were all raised in a race-conscious society, but it’s absolutely FORBIDDEN to admit that we may have been influenced by it and sometimes act in a racist manner. Not being able to discuss it means we can’t even start dealing with it – even when the behavior is blatant and obvious.


  • lochelle

    Reflective and very on target essay. I always said the election of Barack Hussein Obama would rip the mask off the racists and expose the ugliness that has been hidden behind “political correctness”. There have been many socio-economic injustices perpetrated on the American people by those in power for too many years and a lot of the electorate has been too blind to see it. Suddenly, a black man is elected as President and selective memory and stupidity says all that ails this country is his fault – utter BS. While it has been challenging times, I am grateful to be living in this time of the Barack Obama Presidency – he is a pragmatic fighter for what is best for the majority of population even those that don’t support him. Despite the hate and obstruction, he has accomplished a lot. I pay no attention to media because they have nothing substantive to add (too many opinions, too many outlets) and seem to delight making news off themselves. He has been nothing but grace under pressure. He is not perfect and if something is wrong, he takes responsibility, fixes it and moves on. He has brought dignity back to the office and he is nobody’s patsy or fool – that is a big part of reason for the hate – he does not fit into any boxes that too many white people put black folks in.While I hesitate on the word lynching, you are correct …history will clearly illuminate what occurred in this historic presidency.

  • simonzee1

    Obama is an incompetent pretender at just about everything. This is why he likes Hollywood and raves about other black stars that project more authority than him. He might be a nice bloke but there are also nice blokes and women grinding out a living while this despot spends like a drunken sailor. The question is of competence and Obama could not run a school or a school assembly without a Hollywood actor or artist giving him a boost to satisfy his psychological deficiency for running any adminstration. What no one has the heart to tell Obama is that he should play more golf so those who really make the decisions have even more latitude to run amok.

    • dina

      Stupid comments.

      • simonzee1

        The truth is in the body language and the protection racket the left wing media is running on what is left of his image. The only Homer here is yourself. You must be one of those Obama worshippers just because he is black. His only right decision of late has been on Iran.

      • Ipsophakto

        You know what’s really stupid? A reply with nothing but an insult. Why do you believe the comment is stupid? Challenge yourself to formulate a counter argument.

  • Jeff Brailey

    Although I didn’t vote for Obama, as a progressive with socialist tendencies, I supported him until it became obvious he is just another tool of the American Ruling Class. He lies when the truth would be just as easy to tell.

  • dina

    Bravo for saying what needed to be said.The republicans are a bunch of racists and this president has had to put up with so much because of that and no white president would have had to endure what he has endured. I voted for President Obama and would do it again in a minute.

    • simonzee1

      New defintion of racist or sexist as we found out here in Australia is when your government is crap you bring out the racist, gender or class warfare card. You people are such ignorant stooges. He is a liar and an incompetent full stop.

      • lugnut

        Be quiet. Republicans have been getting elected at least since the 1965 by going looking for, playing to racist under their southern strategy. In fact, Ronald Reagan went to Philadelphia Mississippi to start his campaign for a second term, pushing states rights. All of us black Mississippians and all blacks knew what states rights meant to racist. Keeping their feet on black people necks. Willie Horton, welfare queens, they are taking OUR jobs, etc. TRY REVISING HISTORY ALL YOU WANT, BUT YOU FORGET, MANY OF US WHO EXPERIENCED ALL OF IT, ARE STILL ALIVE AND WE KNOW.

        • Ipsophakto

          False. You have your history turned upside down.

          The Myth of the Racist Republicans

          The Dixiecrat Myth

          Ask yourself…..why were MLK and his father Republicans?

          Why were democrats the party that defended slavery and fought against the civil rights act?

          When LBJ needed votes, he used the great society play to turn people into vote-slaves.

          • lugnut

            You are so uninformed. You dwell on party labels, because you have no critical thinking abilities. Its not about party labels you ill informed moron, it about IDEOLOGY. Your lack of critical thinking skills, enforces your ignorance. You missed one very important fact, it didn’t matter what party blacks belonged to before the voter and civil rights acts, because southern dems were as bad as southern republicans both racist to the core and the racist Democrats were call dixicrats. When we saw the dixicrat racist kluxers all coming to the Republican party, because they hated blacks getting rights, We went to the Democratic party and started to vote ON THE NATIONAL LEVEL for them. We know kluxers when we see them and we don’t hang, GET IT, HANG around with kluxers.The republican party hasn’t been the party of Lincoln and his IDEOLOGY since shortly after his assassination. So stop making a booty out of yourself with your pre kindergarten revisionist bs.

          • lugnut

            In 1932, 67% of northern blacks voted for FDR, a Democrat. After the voting rights and civil rights act, every election since, blacks have voted over 90% for the liberal progressive IDEOLOGY now held by the Democrats. And all racist are now consolidated in the republican party. In other words you moron, the republican IDEOLOGY of today, is more akin to the SOUTHERN democratic pro slave party pre 1865.

          • lugnut

            If today’s republican party is so great for blacks, why do you idiots have to go back to Lincoln (1860) to make your case, why blacks should support republicans? Can’t you come up with anything republicans have done for blacks in the 148 years since Lincoln? Always going back to Lincoln. Lincoln held the liberal IDEOLOGY of that time. There aren’t any liberals in the freaking republican party today, or since the 1960s

        • simonzee1

          Be quiet is not an answer. Being informed and intelligent enough not to be overly emotive without the current facts might help you. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS STATES RIGHTS. Obama is a nice guy but a hopeless president. Even Biden can negotitate.

    • Ipsophakto

      Criticism of a liar (lie of the year according to politifact) is “racism”?

      You’re a fool and a racist. Read and lean how a man who is mature behaves.

  • Ron

    Frank, I have loved your books and your writings. I relate very much to what your are saying. But the picture was a little shocking. Reminded me of “Strange Fruit”. Keep up your good and very necessary work

    • Ipsophakto
      • lugnut

        There have always been uncle toms, so what’s your point? Just because the right can come up with a few black appeasers doesn’t mean anything.

        • only girl

          They were around in slavery days too. They were the ones saying how good master were to his slaves, while master were raping, and whipping and demeaning their slaves.These people(the appeasers) never recovered psychologically, and never will

  • 3:10

    Frank, one little question comes to mind before I leave you to the riot your irresponsible rhetoric is inciting, “Why the pic?” How is showing three lynch victims herein any different than when over-the-top pro-lifers stick a photo of trashed bloody fetuses in one’s face as a way to begin a conversation about abortion? Should the Obama critics, left or right, now flash photographs of slain African-Americans dead on the streets of Chicago who were murdered by their own neighborhood “gangstas” in order to see your rhetorical bet and raise it?

    • MrBritesnide


      12 hours ago

      Frank, one little question comes
      to mind before I leave you to the riot your irresponsible rhetoric is
      inciting, “Why the pic?” How is showing three lynch victims herein any
      different than when over-the-top pro-lifers stick a photo of trashed
      bloody fetuses in one’s face as a way to begin a conversation about

      It ISN’T.

      The DIFFERENCE is that the author is NOT trying to “begin a conversation”.

      THAT conversation should have already BEGUN.

      THIS an opinion piece….a WITNESSING if you will…of one person’s epiphany. On that YOU OBVIOUSLY cannot stand, because of it’s CLARITY and PRESCIENCE.

      In your DESCRIPTION of “three lynch victims” you CAREFULLY leave OUT who that ARE. They are a MAN…a WOMAN and a CHILD.

      Perhaps a FAMILY?

      Just like the FAMILY in the White House that the white right LYNCHES every day.

      • zola98

        Trolls and RWNJs aren’t familiar with the word ‘nuance.’

  • JR

    The hatred spewed in this comments section from the Right-wingers only PROVES the points in this truthful article.

  • rodlarson

    What the Hell is this idiot smoking? Tyrant Islama is an evil, vile crook of epic proportions! What is it with President Pinocchio worshipers and that redundant Race Card?

    • Michael Rowe

      Is English perhaps not your first language?

      • Rocketmissile

        Actually A__ Hole, it’s Bantu Swahili.

  • Ipsophakto

    Lie of the year. Liar of the year. Calling a liar out for lies isn’t a lynching. It is a reckoning. You wasted your time on an incompetent fool. Wrecking and deceiving peter to pay Paul is economic and political suicide, and entirely false virtue.

    Our country is way past racism. Time for truth and no fear to speak it. It is fear of telling the truth that propped up and isolated Obama with affirmative action kid gloves. He’s useless, feckless, and incapable of uniting people.

    The leftist race card is a dead play, played out. Here’s a real man who knows how empty the cries of racism are, and knows Obama is taking us on a very bad road to ruin.

    • Cathy Long

      Where were you when Bush was lying to the American people? Or when Romney and “Lyin’ Ryan was trying to lie and buy their way into office? And what planet are you living on that you could speak such falsehood as, “Our country is way past racism?”

      • Ipsophakto

        Your questions are based on false premises. Your response also sidesteps the point that Obama openly, repeatedly, explicitly lied to the whole country.

        Do you or don’t you condone Obama’s lies?

        • Cathy Long

          I condone Obama’s lies as much as you condone Bush’s llies, and the lies that many Repubicans tell every day to discredit this President.

      • Ipsophakto

        I reject the false premises of your questions, and suggest you address the issue instead of sidestepping.

        What is “racist” about criticizing a lie and the person who told the lie? When Obama criticized Bush for various things, I didn’t consider it “racism”, did you?

  • BT

    Reading the comments, one would never know this is a site for people of faith.

    Shameful. Might as well be any common old website.

  • Ash Pagan

    vote the christianists out

    • BT

      Racism is dead? We say the editor of the Harvard business review is an affirmative action president, but racism is dead.

      If you call out such behavior as racially biased, it’s “playing the race card”.

      A bit like smacking your little brother and running away – then complaining if he catches you and smacks you back.

  • shawn

    You ramble on…… Birth control is NOT HEALTH CARE!!!! !!!! !!!! I have NO DESIRE to kill an innocent.

    • MrBritesnide

      And YOU have a UTERUS…do you?


    • Liza

      Excuse me, but if one practices birth control then there is no fetus, that is the whole point. Birth control is not abortion. An innocent fetus is not killed because an innocent fetus never exists. Maybe you should become familiar with the WebMD website where such basic information is readily available.

    • Find the Truth

      You need a time machine so you can return to the dark ages you so certainly deserve to be living in…

    • lugnut

      I wish i could show you the little dead 13 yearold i saw at the age of 9 in an alley, due to her attempt to abort the fetus of her uncle with a coat hanger. I wish i could show you all the little pregnant girls coming into the hospitals i worked as a nurse for a short time, who had been raped, and molested. Our country aborted a lot of babies in Iraq and many other wars, by blowing those pregnant women away. And blowing their small children away, in a war that most of the so called pro life people supported.

    • gimpi1

      Without birth-control, many women will die. Before birth-control was developed, child-birth was one of the most common ways for young and middle-aged women to die. Protecting women’s lives is not health-care?

  • DowneastDiva

    Spot on! History will treat him as the brilliant man he is.

    • Ipsophakto

      The lies about healthcare are brilliant?

      • lugnut

        You are uninformed on the highest level

        • Ipsophakto

          Oh really? Tell me about Obama’s award from politifact for “Lie of the Year”.

          Inform me how you see this dishonor as a good thing, and what you believe I don’t know.

          Do tell what you believe is “brilliant” about Obama.

          • lugnut

            So you trust politifact and the word of uncle toms, no wonder you are uninformed on the highest level

          • mt noise


    • Rocketmissile

      You idiot! He’ll be remembered right up there with Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Pol Pot, Marcos, Bush (Daddy and Jr.), Clinton. All the great all time crooks!

  • Liza

    Thank you, Mr. Schaeffer for speaking the truth. So many of us are downtrodden by the “slow motion lynching” of President Obama. The haters are, in fact, willing to destroy the country on behalf of the GOP plutocrats and oligarchs who have no way to win elections other than by election fraud, voter suppression, and making sure that low information haters keep hating.

    • Ipsophakto

      Obama is reaping what he sowed. Live by the lie, die by the lie.

      He told lies for years and people believed him. Now they know he’s a liar. It is that simple.

      • Find the Truth

        You’re delusional son…

        • Susie Reynolds

          And you…are drinking the kool aid. Look at the executive orders…THAT should be enough to wake you up…oh…never mind…keep sleeping.

        • Ipsophakto

          Politifact lie of the year 2013: Obama’s “if you like your plan” lie.

          Do you condone lies and liars?

  • MrBritesnide

    Meet the NEXT lynching victim of RIGHT WING HATE…

    • Ipsophakto

      Wrong. You’re the one projecting hate where it isn’t.

      The pope spoke against materialism, not capitalism.

      • MrBritesnide

        Listen Troll.

        You MISSED the point.

        You’re DISMISSED.

        • Ipsophakto

          Name calling? Look in the mirror when you use that simpering epithet.

          Your ad hominem cowardice is dismissible.

          • MrBritesnide

            Name calling? Look in the mirror when you use that simpering epithet.

            At least I HAVE a reflection.

      • BT

        Actually, no. He spoke against unrestrained capitalism. Materialism is a part of it though.

        • Ipsophakto

          No, the translation was flubbed. He’s not anti-capitalist. Period.

        • Ipsophakto

          No, he meant materialism. He also reiterated that he’s against Marxism, but has met Marxists he considered good people. Capitalism has lifted more people from abject poverty more than any other system in human history.

  • Ipsophakto

    “Since Eisenhower I have criticized every American president. They have always been white and I have always been black, and nobody accused me of being a racist.” Elbert Guillory

    • lugnut

      You have never seen anything like this in your life. And you know it. You are an appeaser.

      • Susie Reynolds

        yup. Wonder how much money HE was paid? Cynic that I am…I can’t believe that he would willingly jump on the Obie train. Who threatened him? Presstitutes…that is what main stream media is.

        • MidoriLiz

          why don’t you invest in a dictionary?

          • Cyndie395

            What I flush down the toilet each morning, would bring your grade average up to a d…perhaps.I see no errors, other than you jumping to conclusions, and adding no intelligent response.

          • Cyndie395

            And…that’s not my screen name…above. It is Susie…not Cyndie.

        • Lorenzo E. Johnson

          Another member of the IGNORANT Party. That makes 4 up in here.

      • Ipsophakto

        To whom are you referring?

    • Plantsmantx

      By accusing people of portraying all white rightist criticism of Obama as racist, you hope to inhibit people from pointing out the criticism that is racist. It won’t work.

      • Ipsophakto

        Indeed, this cowing technique is done, caught, very 2012.

      • Ipsophakto

        Not sure if I got your response. You agree or disagree with me?

  • davidvoth

    What a bunch of crap. Obama is detached, and doesn’t take responsibility for his failures.

    • Susie Reynolds


      • MidoriLiz

        you would agree to anything as remotely stupid as the filth you spew. someone above said no one is trash, but in your case i have to severely disagree.

        • only girl

          Don’t get in the gutter with haters, your soul will hurt.Your mind will despair. They, on the other hand loves the gutter, and don’t mind the filth Be like President Obama. rise above it.

      • Lorenzo E. Johnson

        Two more members of the IGNORANT Party. That totals 3 up in here.

        • Cyndie395

          you have no idea what party we are in at the moment. YOU show your ignorance.

          • Lorenzo E. Johnson

            You just showed AND verified yours!!

    • MidoriLiz

      opposed to the last guy who couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time? and after rushing in to bomb and slaughter the Iraqi people, STILL to this day can’t admit to his mistakes??????? that kind of detached?

  • Find the Truth

    You’re absolutely right Frank, these people are WHITE TRASH…

    • BT

      No one is trash – white or otherwise. That is the point.

  • lugnut

    Thank you Frank Schaeffer. you are a brilliant writer and thinker. Old Mississippi black man and i approves your article completely. I see clearly what you say, have seen and experienced it many times. Exactly true.

  • lugnut

    Other than a few commentators on MSNBC, How many times have you heard the so called left and right stream media call Republicans out on their history making lies, and Obstruction? Which makes the media both left and right complicit. How many times have you heard the media say Republicans filibustered 123 Obama jobs bills, or they made history making obstruction against him and the country at a time the country was on the brink of a second great depression? How many times have you heard the media say, Obama judicial nominees have been filibustered 82 times in 5 years,more times than all president since George Washington to George Bush combined (86). No, most of the media seem to sat back and enjoy the lynching, without calling out, or questioning the obvious.

    • imavettoo

      That’s the “Liberal Media” you’re talking about there, right?

    • Lorenzo E. Johnson

      WHile it is not ALL of the Liberal MEdia. It is the MOST of them.

  • Susie Reynolds

    Kind? really? I don’t advocate lynching ANYONE. But I DO advocate…getting that POSER OUT of the White House, and cleaning up the evil, yes evil in all the branches of DUMBvernment. They do not mean us well. Agenda 21..false flags to start wars, not only with other countries, but on citizens. CORE value in schools, turning our children into brown shirts, killing us with vaccines and poisoned drugs, air and water, not to mention food and GMOs. Wake up, people. The government does NOT want to help…they do not mean us well. It’s depopulation and brain washing. Taking our rights away a little bit at a time, getting us acclimated to living in a TOTAL police state.If we sit and wait…in essence we are taking the threads that they give us, sitting at the table they provide, and braiding the rope with which they will hang us. Look at history, please….and see the warning signs. It’s not global change…it is global weirdness. No integrity, compassion or awareness in the general masses…only the “I’ve got mine” mentality. Help people help themselves…

    • MidoriLiz

      you’re so ignorant it hurts.

    • Lorenzo E. Johnson

      The first post of the IGNORANT Party.

    • zola98

      Straight out of crazy Fux Noise and RW Radio. You’re in serious need of mental health assessment/treatment.

    • Reta Lane

      Just looking at her you can see that something isn’t right. Why did you come here. You hate so much you have to go find a comment board to spew your hate. How do people like you get up in the morning and manage to dress but looking at your photo I can see you don’t do too good of job at that.

    • gimpi1

      Wow, I’m sorry but I can’t follow this at all. I’m afraid, Susie, that you come off as simply paranoid. Paranoid and nonsensical.

  • only girl

    Thank you for speaking the truth about what the media right and left, and what they are doing to this President. Just reading some of the hateful comments made me realize how ignorant and deranged some people are in this country. It makes me sad to think how this great President has sacrificed to serve this country.He didn’t have to do it. Barack Obama could have been anything in this world he wanted to be., he could have been rich beyond his dreams, but he chose to serve, God will bless him in a mighty way. As for the hate being expressed, I say to all the good people, don’t worry about it. The devil becomes more desperate, when God is present. God is present in Barack Obama, and God will protect him.The devil can’t stand that. And he will send all of his worshipers to destroy, but GOOD will always triumph!

  • walker22

    Join the discussion…

    I so respect you, Mr. Schaeffer, for being so strong and honest and forceful to, among the idiots, the closet racists who need to spew because they have not dealt with their psychological baggage. Reminds me of a quote I have been carrying around for a very long time:

    Great spirits have always met violent opposition from mediocre minds.

    This president is as good as it gets. And more. I am with you ALL the way—he is part of the 99% but when it comes to character, ethics, compassion, intellect, and personal behavior, to name just a few attributes, President Obama is in the top 1% of this country’s presidents as people around the world easily see. But his backbone is yet another reason why he is beloved by most healthy and honorable Americans and—dare I say it— is a huge reason why he so angers mostly uneducated redneck men (and their women followers) whose jealousy and envy drip off the screen with their spittle..

    Here’s a good piece of wisdom from Eric Hoffer:

    In times of change, it is not the “learned” who shall inherit the earth but the LEARNERS, while the “learned” find themselves beautifully equipped to inherit a world that no longer exists.”

    • Reta Lane

      Great comment Walker22.

      • walker22

        Oh, how lovely to get a compliment. Thank you. We do need kind, thinking people on these forums to freshen our hearts and minds, don’t we? Pretty hard to wade into all the anger-baggage, but there are pearls of wisdom here.

  • rebeccakelly

    I believe Obama understands the haters and maneuvers around them as best as he can. Those poor children didn’t have a chance, but he’s got the majority support and the conservatives have less than 17 percent. They do have the media, but looking at the reality is a better and more positive choice.

  • 3:10

    Well, ya proved it to me yet again, Bro. When you write something beautiful, you get 5 comments and 2 of those from ME. But when you vent your spleen and blow your dog whistle, you get . . . well you know pretty damned well what you get and that’s why you keep blowing that goddamned thing! I never should have come back. Bye . . . again.

    I know. I know. No one has to say it. I WON’T let the door hit me in the ass on my way out! But I meant the “Merry Christmas!” Frank, as well as the best wishes (prayers?) for a “Happy New Year!”

  • Valerie Bush

    Thank you, Mr. Frank, very well written! I totally and whole-heartedly agree with you.

  • Rebecca Trotter

    My husband is African American and what we’ve noticed over the years is that liberals like black people who need their help. But as soon as a black person expects to be taken seriously as an equal (or heaven forbid as someone who is exceptionally capable, skilled and competent!), many liberals turn really nasty. They will become obstructionist, make accusations of arrogance, insensitivity, being controlling, etc. My husband has twice quit charitable boards he was invited to join over this sort of thing. Unfortunately a lot of liberals think of themselves as open minded and enlightened because they want to help the poor black man, but when they encounter a black man who doesn’t need their help, they go right back to, “Don’t get uppity with me, boy!”

    • BT

      Why single out liberals? Racism and tribalism don’t respect party lines – they are a human trait, not a political trait. The sooner we deal with the fact that it’s all of us, the sooner we can get down to business.

      But yes – liberals aren’t exempt. Even if we would like to be.

      • Rebecca Trotter

        I singled out liberals simply because it’s surprising to run into this stuff from them in a way it’s not when it comes from conservatives, of course. I figured that was so obvious it didn’t require explanation.

        But since you brought conservatives into it, I will say that my husband’s most ardent supporters are conservatives who were impressed that he greatly exceeded their low expectations. It’s the “you’re not like other black people” garbage, of course. But as my husband has often said he’d rather deal with someone whose bigotry shows up on the front end than with someone who acts nice until you’ve stepped over some invisible line later.

        I certainly can’t speak for any other African Americans, but as a rule my husband prefers dealing with conservatives who may at least give him grudging respect in time to a liberal who views too much competence as an affront. (And I’m not saying all liberals are like this. Nor are all conservatives knee jerk bigots. But it’s a common enough pattern nonetheless.)

        • BT

          That’s a fair comment. One of the things we struggle with in our denomination is exactly that phenomenon. It’s easy to benevolent work in a manner that makes you look like the great white savior and minimizes the strengths of the people you’re theoretically trying to help.
          Fair enough. I just get a know in my stomach when people point to this side or that side as being the problem when the problem is our human nature rather than just this or that corner or society.
          I wasn’t completely sure where you were headed with that comment, so I added my 2 cents.

        • Isa Kocher

          basically liberals abandoned the workers after the defeat of Humphrey. there is a real truth that you can’t be a progressive unless you care about people and Eleanor Roosevelt showed us how important compassion is. And it appears our new pope, francis jorge bergoglio.

    • Reta Lane

      So if you think liberals like black people when they need help, what do republicans do? I think you have that mixed up. I don’t remember any republican helping blacks or anybody except for the rich. They sure didn’t get our president elected twice. You really have a problem. Why do people like you read these articles and come here to spew your hate. I don’t go to sites where I don’t agree with their ideology just to make combative comments.

  • Nancy Ricketts

    As always, you hit the nail on the head. Reading some of the brainless comments of the racist variety only reinforces everything you say.. They prove your point. This country has a long way to go before we can call ourselves civilized….if it is even possible. I’m an old white woman and I am ashamed of our society of ignorant yahoos.

    • Janet Holmes

      This country has been curse since day one, and until we face our demons. We will never see peace.

    • Brigitte Huttner

      Sometimes the hate, the racism … we witness on posts and articles about President Obama is very depressing. But then, there is ALWAYS a light shining through all the vile garbage … And I remember Teddy Kennedy’s words : “Mother believes that if there are rays of sunshine in a cloudy sky, focus on the light, not the darkness.”

      Nancy Ricketts, you are one of the many rays of sunshine that enlighten our lives … thank you.

  • kaydenpat

    ((((Frank)))). I absolutely LOVE you for this post! And like you, I pray that President Obama and his policies are successful. I believe he’s trying to help the American people and although he’s not perfect, he has done a lot of good. If the Republicans weren’t absolute obstructionists, our country would be doing even better. Republicans, pulled even further to the Right by Tea Partiers, are so eager to damage this President, that they are more than willing to destroy America. There is nothing patriotic about their conduct in the last 5 years.

    It will be interesting to see how they treat a President Hilary Clinton as I do not believe they have a chance in hell of getting into the White House in 2016 with their Cruzes, Gingriches, Santorums and other extreme candidates.

  • Joshua Offenbacher

    Frank, I regret to inform you, that you are so misinformed and bought hook, line and sinker into Obama being an intellectual. If he is such an intellectual why does he need 24 teleprompters to make his speeches. I am sure you have noticed that if his teleprompter malfunctions, he sounds more retarded than Bush 43 ever could. But love your Obama and he and you can spend eternity in hell.

    • Blossom25

      Joshua Offenbacher, it is quite clear you have no idea what the word intellectual means. Everyone has used a teleprompter so if that is your measure of intellectualism you are not very bright.

      • Janet Holmes


    • KatieAnnieOakley

      Spoken like a true Christian. Not.

    • Janet Holmes

      Somehow me thinks you too will spend eternity in hell.

    • Isa Kocher

      that is silly. what in god’s name does teleprompters have to do with being an intellectual. i think you are confusing intellect and SNL.

    • Brigitte Huttner

      Glenn and Pat predicts Romney landslide, Stu thinks Obama may get a second term
      Joshua Offenbacher • a year ago
      first before u vote, go to the dentist and get some teeth put in ur ugly god damn mouth. Yes I agree Obozo is a socialist pig. But ur voting for that nigger if u vote for Gary Johnson.

      Says it all, doesn’t it ?

      • gimpi1

        Did he really post that? Sorry I bothered responding to him, then. I usually don’t feed trolls.

        • Britt Cox

          Yes, he sure did … :-(

    • janieliza

      Who cares if Obama is an intellectual? What Republican has EVER been an intellectual… and don’t you dare suggest that Reagan was anything more than a pretender with yes-men at his side. At least Obama is not a drunken sot whose main claim to fame is that he is the SON of a REAL President… not just a jerk whose financial self interest guided his every move while he blamed the bad decisions on protecting his retired daddy. Obama came in with a heart for the American people and will leave intact. Dubyah came in with stories of his escapades similar to an uncle of mine who was never on the right side of the law in small things and who in later years sought to steal land from family members. He proceeded to read storybooks to children while the Pentagon and Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were bombed into oblivion and perhaps even the White House would have gone up had it not been for those patriots on the Pennsylvania leg of the attack. These attacks were not out of the blue… even Clinton warned about them to Dubyah, but Dubyah wanted action so he left it without oversight and we lost more than 4000 lives in the attack and the aftermath of deaths and damage done to first responders. He loosed Wall Street and wrote contracts with Fannie and Freddie executives for a $1M bonus to ignore their fiduciary duty and accept NoDoc loans and worse. Wall Street saw the repeated failures and decided to dump the trash in sliced up derivatives so that nobody could trace their basis and then sold them in collusion with the ratings services to every pension fund, the big reinsurance company (AIG) that all countries depend on for financial recovery in case of loss, and many foreign countries looking for a triple A investment in our then boom. EVERY BIG BANK should have suffered multiple arrests for the fraud they did. But instead, we in the middle class suffered losses in our home values… our one big investment… and it got worse as the FED was used to bail out the banks still holding bad paper and owing repayment of the derivatives trades that were fraudulent… so OUR DUBYAH GAVE IT AWAY. Then when 2009 rolled in, Obama too over and saw nothing but bad air… no room to breathe, much less govern. Bad assets, bad loans, bad trades, complete bust on Wall Street that denied operating funds to all American businesses. He should have let them go down… but it would have been much worse for us all if he did. Instead, he created money out of thin air probably under the assumption that inflation would eventually make it a much smaller piece of the American pie to repay… and it will, but the other part of this construct is that corporate decisions had taken the money for the top execs and starved the masses that created the products and now the engine of our economy… the middle class spending… was dead without jobs…. Millions lost jobs … Low income and no sign of new jobs nor of old income levels. THIS IS WHAT OBAMA INHERITED FROM DUBYAH. You act as if he created this mess. You should be ashamed of your indifference to truth.

    • gimpi1

      Virtually all public-speakers use teleprompters. What is your point?

      Oh and the last sentence in your post. Very nasty. Over teleprompters?

  • Pixie Schrimpf

    Frank, Thank you for writing so eloquently what many have felt for quite some time.

    • Janet Holmes

      What shocks me is the fact that this guy is white, and he gets it…..WOW.

      • Ipsophakto

        This guy is black, and he really gets it:

        “Since Eisenhower I have criticized every American president. They have always been white and I have always been black, and nobody accused me of being a racist.” Elbert Guillory

        Please explain to me how criticism of bad behavior is “racist” if leveled at Obama.

        • janieliza

          Sir, the question is WHOSE BAD BEHAVIOR. You have confused the results of GOP obstructionism and constant badmouthing with blatant lies creating an air of negativity with actual behavior by a President who has always been concilliatory yet holds back the trump card … after the first time Boehner lied …. and never gives in to the ugliness with a return fire including any lies… just the truth. Now I question YOUR vision of what has happened for five years now. You strangely think the President is working in a vacuum and could have done better against 22 GOP reps and pundits that vowed to damage him until he made some mistake they could take to an impeachment (lynching) hearing. They include the former Speaker in Clinton’s time, all of the party leaders in the house except for Boehner and several in the Senate… lots of nobodies who have done damage to their party since then without any right nor reason except that he was a BLACK DEMOCRAT… but they would have done the same to ANY Democrat. WHAT ARE YOU? Lying Ryan with his insult of a budget that gives everything away to the rich and corporate interests and takes it from the middle class and the working poor. I’m in the 5%, but you are without a doubt NOT CAPABLE OF LIVING THROUGH THE WORST POLITICAL UPHEAVAL IN HISTORY WITH ENOUGH BRAIN ENGAGED TO SEE THE PERFIDITY IN THE GOP AS AGAINST ALL AMERICANS… NOT JUST THE PRESIDENT. POWER MAD POLITICIANS SHOULD BE LEFT AT THE GATE AND NEVER AGAIN ALLOWED ACCESS TO LEGISLATIVE SEATS.

        • Janet Holmes

          Me thinks u r full of it…..You probably think the tea party is the greatest thing since slice bread…..Black my azz.

  • christopher

    Sarah Palin compared debt to slavery and was roundly TRASHED. One of the left’s FAVORITES even said she’s a good candidate for suffering the punishment of having someone $h!t in her mouth.

    This idiot compares criticism to lynching and is called BRILLIANT by Obama sycophants everywhere.

    Someone please tell me what I’m missing here… because I don’t see the difference. Hyperbole is hyperbole no matter which side it comes from. What I see here though is COMPLETE HYPOCRISY by the left, getting their panties in a bundle over one instance of it, and cheering another, comparable instance.

    • Ipsophakto

      Indeed, the hypocrisy is treacle thick over here.

    • Hank Fox

      He’s not comparing “criticism” to lynching.

      • christopher

        He’s not? What then, pray tell, is happening to President Obama that constitutes “lynching”?
        I’ll wait.

        • Ipsophakto

          Obama is reaping what he sowed. He deceived everyone, now he’s being called out for it. Silly that people conflate criticism with racism.

          • Isa Kocher

            the racist hate expressed against obama is visceral explicit and unprecedented since reconstruction. they call him the N word, boy, muslim, kenyan, and plot and pray for his death. for being non-white.

          • janieliza

            And how were YOU deceived? You clearly THINK your brain to be above average, so why are you just now recognizing that negotiations are required in a two party system. Everyone loses something.

        • Hank Fox

          Criticism is verbal. Obama has faced not just “criticism” but more tangible opposition in Congress. Example: The government shutdown over the ACA.

          Some of the subversion of government on the sidelines, for instance, the gun lobby’s ongoing campaign to make everyone believe Obama’s coming to take their guns, also constitutes solid, active, opposition.

          Some large percentage of all this is clearly racially motivated, making “slow-motion lynching” a very apt metaphor.

        • Isa Kocher

          go out and look at any tparty rally or GOP campaign. read the comments.

        • gimpi1

          While I would consider the word “Lynching” a bit strong, I do feel the absolute nonsense made up about President Obama – He’s a Muslim, a Communist, a Dictator, whatever – to be unprecedented. It’s one thing to criticize policy or actions – that’s totally reasonable. His actions might be good or bad, or good for some and bad for others. It’s another to attack someone over rank nonsense and untruths.

          I also remember the blatantly racist signs as a few Tea Party rallies, the president as a witch-doctor, a gang-banger and such. It would be hard to defend that stuff. Fortunately, I don’t have to.

      • Isa Kocher

        he very specifically says the left is engaged in white racist slow lynching.

    • Isa Kocher

      gimme a break. palin is really hopelessly deliberately dumb. Debt is not slavery. That is nonsense. Meaningless hyperbole. And a perfect example of what she does not know.

      and it isn’t criticism of obama which is the issue here.

      the issue is racism and a disagreement about obama’s being a nice guy.

      he isn’t a nice guy. he is willing to negotiate everything even fundamental basic human rights and centuries of constitutional law to create that image, the nice reasonable obama.

      social security is in no danger. medicare is not the issue either. social security is the best most successful public program in usa history, and reducing benefits to the poorest of the poor will do zilch to do anything regarding deficits and public debt. it will only punish the poorest of the poor at their most vulnerable and disabled vets for being poor and disabled. obama doesn’t care. he’d rather bargain away the decency of the lives of the defenseless just because he can than defend the people he swore to serve. that is not a person of principle.

      he applauds IDF murders of innocent unarmed children.

      he praises banksters for their fraud.

      He allowed the Roman Catholic Church Conference of Bishops to negotiate law in congress itself completely in violation of USA law and statute.

      He knows no principles and practices government by backroom corruption.

      • janieliza

        So he is from Chicago. Dems who negotiate used to be held in high regard. Just because he gave away something YOU hold dear does not mean he meant to leave it out there. He has not yet left anything on the table.

        • Isa Kocher

          no he does not negotiate. he capitulates. single payer health care was off the table and health care signed over to wall street financiers before he even took office. it was republicans who forced him to repeal DADT. and not only is social security unrelated to deficits or debt, it makes a handsome profit used to supplement the treasury. all that reducing the earned benefits of retirees and of disabled vets would do is make their lives more miserable. it wouldn’t reduce the national debt one sou. and if social security is not a core value of the usa what is? you don’t negotiate core values: that is betrayal. it’s got zero to do with anything i hold dear. it has to do with who and what america is. social security is a corner stone of americanism, and the most successful public program ever. attacking the poorest and most defenseless and most powerless is not negotiation. it is shame.

          • janieliza

            Isa, He did negotiate with Boehner over the changes Boehner wanted to make to reduce the cost of living increases. HE did NOT leave it on the table when Boehner pulled back. And he had plenty of Americans telling him in direct mail that he should never consider giving away what is not going to make economic sense in contrast especially with tax cuts to the rich and corporate welfare in the form of billions to help them do exploration for fossil fuels. I was one of them. Single payer healthcare would have been nice, but more to the point, it was the framers called lobbyists that pulled it out from under the bill, making it even MORE like what the Republican Mitt Romney did in Massachusetts. There is some kind of political unwritten rule in the US that you don’t harm those with the largest incomes… specifically doctors and industry leaders. But they have sent their minions to Congress and now we MUST regain what they have taken 30 years to divest the middle class of… but SIR, it was the GOP who has done this. NOT BARACK OBAMA. The total amount of money collected for social security is a significant part of the government’s total outlay. GOP governors and Senators call it a PONZI scheme after a person by that name who sold worthless securities to Illinois pension managers… and a lot of other folks. It is NOT a PONZI scheme unless there is a GOP move to stop or change it in ANY way to a lesser value. Dems would never do that without a really good payback… and in case you have not noticed, the US is now nearly $18 trillion in debt with most of that being money pilfered from social security trust funds by CONGRESS. One term as representative does not make Obama responsible for what was done for 30 years. You take too much liberty in assigning guilt. But frankly if they did something to social security negatively, but used it to stop the growth of the national debt, we’d still turn them out. Just threatening to do so is going to see the TEA Party out in 2014. These are not idle threats. More like promises.
            Yes, social security is a core value… but so is healthcare for all americans. GOP wants us to think that we are at least 50% against ACA… but we are not. We want it for our future generations… this is not Barack Obama, yet you include IT in with yourother accusations

          • Isa Kocher

            obama appointed simpson to the deficit commission, not boehner. it was obama’s administration which first recommended the dismantling of social security by simpson and others before obama took the oath of office. before boehner was elected speaker.

            obama chose, he himself, before he took the oath of office, to put forth nixon’s health care plan, as modified by the heritage foundation. and rejected with all the force of his presidency through the foul mouthed bullying of rahm emmanuel any consideration of any health care plan proposed by anyone not republican. and obama went behind the backs of the party and negotiated a sweetened deal with big pharmacy.

            it was obama who chose wall street insider larry summers who has repeatedly been wrong about the economy to advise him, and atlantic school of economists all said he was wrong and summers sabotaged all of obama’s economic proposals before obama even took office.

            it was obama who has subsidized the financial frauds at the cost of the workers. and that continues to this day. his choice. his record.

            and the only thing he really had to get 100% absolutely right was the Affordable Care Act, and it was this president who did not care. who let it go on line completely inoperative and defective, the worst failure of any presidency since Herbert Hoover, proving beyond all doubt how much he really does not care.

            that is his record.

  • revcc

    This is outstanding, Mr. Schaeffer. Thank you.

    • Ipsophakto

      You’re on board with equating objective criticism with racism?

      • Oswald Carnes

        I’m on board with anything that makes funny noises come out of stupid people. Keep squawkin’!

        • Isa Kocher

          that is such an adult intelligent patriotic comment. congratulations.

  • mydogsays

    So if I dislike Obama because he signed the FY2012 NDAA Bill which allows for the “indefinite detainment” of an American citizen using “secret evidence” and not allowing any “detained individual” a court trial, a judge and a jury then I am a racist? No, it’s a totally unconstitutional bill.

    If I dislike Obama for using drones to murder innocent people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen etc. then I am a racist?

    If I dislike Obama for allowing our government to classify all males of possible military age (from 14 to 80) of being possible militants in areas of conflict (Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.) in order to justify killing innocent people (and to keep those nasty ‘collateral damage’ numbers down) then I am a racist?

    If I dislike Obama for his hundreds of Executive Orders bypassing Congress and making his own rules like he is a monarch or dictator then I am a racist?

    If I dislike Obama because he went back on his campaign promise to not allow lobbyists in his administration then I am a racist?

    If I dislike Obama because he went back on his campaign promise to have a very transparent administration when in fact his administration is very closed and opaque then I am a racist?

    If I dislike Obama because he went back on his campaign promise not to be so hard on whistleblowers like George W. Bush’s administration did. Where, in fact, Obama has clamped down much harder on whistleblowers and his predecessors then I am a racist?

    I could go on and on.

    I will be there first to admit the Republican Congress have been total obstructionists to Obama’s agenda but they cannot be blamed for the failures I have listed above.

    Your article really is hysterically funny in a mind numbing, totally brainwashed kind of way.

    • Hank Fox

      “If I dislike Obama for his hundreds of Executive Orders bypassing
      Congress and making his own rules like he is a monarch or dictator then I
      am a racist?”

      Executive Orders:
      Barack Obama — 166
      George W. Bush — 291

      • Ipsophakto

        Not all executive orders are alike.

        • joe1939

          You are correct,…Bush’s were used to overturn most of what Clinton had accomplished or to enact his War agenda.

        • gimpi1

          I would also point out that even before President Obama was sworn in, the Republican party was vowing to stymie him in every way possible. The use of executive orders is one of the only ways he could attempt to accomplish anything around a group of people who appeared to want to stop him at every turn. President Bush had no such opposition. In fact for all but the last two years of his term, he had no opposition at all. In my opinion, that led to his downfall.

      • Reta Lane

        I know that is true but the thing is I have never met a republican that knows anything about what their party has done. Just like all the killings of embassy personnel under Bush, I believe there was around 60 that were killed but you don’t hear about that. How about the fact that Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld was notified of an pending attack before 9-11 and they chose to ignore. I saw the letter that was released from the FBI and it even said the attack may be done by air. Then they go attack a country where none of 9-11 attackers came from but we know why they wanted to invade Iraq and it wasn’t because of Saddam Hussein. There are photos of Rumsfeld and others when they were good buddies with him. They didn’t care how many people died. It was all about money and power. I was talking to a repub that was bashing the Affordable Care Act and I asked them what about Romney’s healthcare plan in MA that supposedly is where the act was modeled after and they had never heard of it. I find that most of them don’t know anything except what they hear on Fox News. I guess they aren’t capable of ever doing any research.

        • Isa Kocher

          if obama really was president he would have tried and convicted all those guilty of war crimes crimes against humanity murder torture obstruction of justice and perjury. he would have put the banksters in jail where they belong, given all that stolen wealth back to the people they defrauded. he could have been a real president. instead he was presidential.

          the only thing he really had to get right was obamacare, the biggest give away to wall street in history and he didn’t care.

          he has spent his 5 years as president fighting and defeating progressive americans regardless of their color. he was hand picked by larry summers and his wall street pals to hand over the usa lock stock and barrel and that’s what did and continues to do with commendable consistency since the day he defeated mccain-palin.

          • janieliza

            What we know in our hearts to be true is seldom enough to gain access to the court to even TRY those who committed the acts… much less convict them. The worst issue that I find against the Conservatives is that they continue to this day to call for an impeachment against this President even though he has performed his job MUCH BETTER than Dubyah and did it with all those mobster GOP snarks damning him along the way. You could have at least admitted that the GOP was behind the struggle to get a competent staff on the implementation of Obamacare and the roll out was continually bumped off the road by GOP governors who refused to give their people access to healthcare because it would make Obama look better. This is a one road or no road method of killing a presidency. Your comments about defeating progressives is meritless. But YES, he defeated McCain-Palin with ease and then did better against Mittens than you would have allowed…. because deep in your heart, you are just as racist as the GOP.

          • Isa Kocher

            deep in my heart is an accusation you have no right to make. you know nothing about me or who raised me or who i have lived most of my adult life with. that you compare me to the GOP only proves your personal prejudice. this is not about me but about what that person chose to do.

            he chose to protect the perpetrators against the people. he chose to impoverish working families to enrich corporations.

            he chose to execute american citizen children and to empower the IDF to execute bound unarmed usa american citizen children by shooting them point blank in the face.

            he chose to commit war crimes.

            so i know in my heart that seeing a person of color as president of the usa was the happiest day of my life, until the very next day he made it clear by his actions that what he said on november 5th 2008 was at the very best hype. and a lot worse than hype.

            so using your time and effort to accuse abuse deniggrate demean me because of your prejudices does not change his record of his decisions and his hate of progressives who don’t share his love of wall street, and i make no apologies for putting the people above any one person.

            my own life record is more than enough proof of who i am. and his pro-corporate, pro–torture, pro-corruption record is more than enough proof. he appointed the cat food commission, he appointed the architect of CD saps and the 2007-1008 great recession, geitner, it was his appointee, wall street shill, larry summers whose totally false economic predictions sabotaged obama’s best economic policies neutralizing them. it is not my record at issue but his, so attacking me as a human with hate speech and vitriol only proves you have no defense for obama.

            otherwise you could prove me wrong with facts, and not mindless unfounded hate speech.

          • janieliza

            You have stated no facts. You have leveled charges against a House representative two years before he became President and not said exactly what it was that ONE MAN ALONE in the House could do. Ridiculous charges given the lack of detail and the lack of ability of a House member to do anything. I am not blind to the fact that you are spewing hate with every accusation and that hate is reflected in the words you use contrasted to those you use for your self or your euphemism “person of color” trying to make your anti Obama rant seem cast by someone of delicate sensibilities. You are certainly not delicate in your complete lack of direct facts in your accusations of murder and mayhem coming from him. You are the unknown. YOU are not to be trusted.

          • Isa Kocher

            i said what about whom? where? excuse me, but Geitner was this president’s choice for treasury, before that he was head of NY FED. Alan Simpson as chair of the Deficit Committee was chosen by this president because of his virulent views about Social Security calling american workers useless parasites. In the Loghouse suit against DADT, this president’s, Obama’s DoJ called gay people dangerous threats to national security, sick and a cancer in the body politic. this president’s, Obama’s DoJ. and in court this president’s, Obama’s own DoJ said under oath that Obama was against gay equality, that his state of the union message was merely political hype, this president’s DOJ’s testimony in court under oath.. It was republicans who repealed DADT.

            Not one banker has gone to jail or even been investigated but rather the perpetrators of the worst fraud in usa history are rewarded with totally this president’s, Obama administration’s massive unprecedented subsidy leading to unprecedented finance corporation profits. while workers have their homes taken away by fraud, with the blessing of this president…

            what do those *facts* have to do with any hate i might have. my feelings are irrelevant. not the issue.

            you have nothing but personal abuse at me, whom you don’t know. you know nothing about me.

            attacking me does not change the record of this administration. your worst accusations at me do nothing to change the facts of his administration. no matter how you articulate it.

            It was Obama who fired Shirley Sherrod. It was Obama who appointed the head of GE which pays no tax to the USA, america’s richest corporation, to head the “jobs”commission, a man who has spent his life offshoring american jobs.

            and the list of this presidency goes on. not what they couldn’t do. not what they wouldn’t do. but what they chose to do.

            denigrating demeaning defiling abusing me as a person says nothing about this president’s record as president.

          • Isa Kocher

            all i can do is repeat the facts of this president’s record. that’s all i have to do. it stand’s on its own as 5 years of workers and worker families losing everything, of NSA and the CIA blatantly defying law, committing perjury in congress. the most draconian wholesale denial of fundamental human rights in usa history by any president since the civil war. brutality unprecedented since the massacres in haymarket of protestors against bank fraud and wholesale government corruption. you cannot erase that record by wild hate speech.

          • mydogsays

            Try opening your eyes and doing some actual research.

          • janieliza

            DADT was not something Obama went into with any idea what his decision would be. His is not a military background so he didn’t have any feel for it and that was obvious from his lack of exchanges on the subject. The fact that it was repealed was not at all because of the Republicans. It was a DEM theme… just not his.
            WHAT THE H are you saying about murdering children of american citizens by shooting them in the face? Pray tell just what kind of interaction do you think this American President has with Israel? From what I saw, damned little until the GOP figured out that the lack of it was making Israel jittery. What the IDF did is not included in anyempowerment that Obama made with Israel. HE COMMITTED NO WAR CRIMES… unless you think going after our avowed enemies with guided drones and killing terrorists is a war crime. Collateral victims yes. but not american citizens. Moreover, he stopped the torture done by Bush and Cheney… but he couldn’t send these men back to restart their war of terror… nor could he let them be free in the US. What could he have done?
            As for geithner, a big mistake? Maybe, but who else but the author of the first bank bailout would be capable of understanding the scope of the problem and what it would lead to. Sure, Obama is for Wall street before the rest of us. Seems like it anyway. But with the exception that nobody has gone to jail over Bush’s total denial of oversight for Wall Street and that Wall street committed collusion, fraud, outright theft, and gambled with deposits, you might want to begin looking for the data that has been shot out to the states to control the repayment of their citizens for the damages done by these banks… and the fines they are going to pay the fed for doing them. They are now in the billions and growing. We’d just like to see that pound of flesh from Jamie because his bank is still continuing to do damage to Wall Street. Believe it or not, we need Wall Street and banks because without them, MAIN STREET DOES NOT OPERATE. THAT MAY WELL BE THE REASON OBAMA looks at them favorably. And millionaires are an affable bunch too.

          • Isa Kocher

            he ordered specifically the assassination of an under age usa american citizen in yemen. he supported applauded and abetted the IDF execution of an underage usa american citizen by IDF. the child’s autopsy showed his hands were bound. and he was shot point blank in his face. google what obama himself said, what biden and the ambassador to the UN said about it. there have been other USA American citizens executed during this presidency.

            Refusing to investigate and prosecute war crimes is a war crime. trying and convicting underr age children of war crimes is a war crime. rendition is a war crime. using evidence taken by torturing children to try children as war criminals is a war crime. knowingly targetting unarmed women and children and noncombatants for purely political purposes is a war crime. regardless of how you spin it.

            there is no time in usa history where protests against bank fraud and government corruption have been so brutally suppressed and nonjudicially punished more brutally than this president has. equivalent to haymarket and selma and hoover’s attack on usa vets. worse.

          • Isa Kocher

            the usa pays Israel 20% of its economy. this president has defended abetted and applauded the worst atrocities against unarmed civilians in the occupied territories of palestine, including the strategic denial of food and water and housing materials medicine and books and sewerage processing. Every dollar every Israeli takes home includes 20 cents from the USA and the USA pays for the imprisonment of the people of Gaza and Palestine. That is very much in this president’s choices. He chooses to applaud the execution of USA citizen children while applauding the incarceration of tens of thousands of small Palestinian children and their torture by IDF. that is who this president is.

          • Russ

            As they say in the streets…”you’re putting a little too much on it”. There is no way I’m going to believe Obama ever applauded the execution of children anywhere on the face of this earth. I also cannot imagine him supporting the torture of children, that’s an Israeli trait, and not one belonging to the President of the United States.
            My opinion, which incidentally is worth the same as yours, neither of which is worth much in the greater scheme of things, is that we should treat the spoiled child Israel like the bad seed that it is, sever ties with her completely, and let her find it’s own way.
            Considering the way that bastard Bibi treated our president, I can only wish he did have the power to severe those ties

          • Isa Kocher

            this president ordered the execution of a minor usa citizen in yemen. this president ordered the trial for someone captured and tortured at age 15, a trial which is a war crime under international law. this president regularly orders the kills of whole families on the outside chance someone in command is in the vicinity. these are the facts. this president, joe biden and ambassador rice said they were in total complete unwavering unquestioning support of IDF’s execution of unarmed bound usa citizen minors and the deliberate torture of unarmed decorated disabled usa veterans. his words his decision to abett IDF in whatever atrocities they commit including burning gazan school children alive in school at their studies and using gazan mothers for target practice, while forcing gazans and palestinians to survive on insufficient diets. diets calculated by IDF to be below minimums nutritiously.

            i lived in palestine and i know personally the hunger and cold from Israeli embargoes of food fuel and basic materials. not from reading but from going hungry and sleeping in the cold.

          • mydogsays

            They don’t want to hear any truths or factual evidence against their hero Obama. They are blinded by their hatred of anyone who dares speak the truth. They drop back into attack mode and resort to name calling and factless accusations although they KNOW NOTHING about those they are attacking. They act like children. Somehow it makes them feel better because their egos can’t handle the fact that they have been mislead, duped, lied to by the person they supported and voted for. It’s called cognitive dissonance.

          • Isa Kocher

            yeah. exactly. nothing would have made my life more complete than if this president had lived up to his own rhetoric but rhetoric doesn’t feed the cat much less the family. next to september 11th 2001, his betrayal of his mandate to lead is my biggest regret in my life.

          • mydogsays

            I love how people who know nothing about others rely on calling ANYONE who doesn’t like Obama’s policies a RACIST. Do you realize how small minded, ridiculous and factless this assertion is? (Probably not.)

        • mydogsays

          I have never been a Republican in my entire life.

          If you really want to learn about all of the hard evidence proving Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld , General Richard Myers etc. were involved in 9/11 check out 911Truth(dot)org.

          For proven, solid scientific evidence showing that World Trade Center buildings were brought down with explosives via controlled demolition visit AE911Truth(dot)org. (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth)

    • Janet Holmes

      Oh please,don’t pretend to care about the citizens of Pakistan,Yeman,Afghanistan,and lets not forget the people of Iraq that was slaughter for no other reason than one of the biggest lie in history…I am betting that behind close door you are the first one to label these innocent people as terrorist..Typical hyprocrite,when all else failed you bring out the ( oh my heart bleeds for those innocent people),while deep down. You couldn’t give a rat ass. Next thing you are going to say is that slavery was not real and all whites are pure. Hysterically funny is the flip side of crazy.
      Next time you visit little Buch county. Go and check out his socalled library where they are trying to rewrite histoy about the war in Iraq. That too will be another tales of lies, just like the history of this country…

      • Ipsophakto

        Bush didn’t lie. Valerie Plame’s husband did. That’s already proven.

        • janieliza

          You’ve been reading the Tea leaves upside down.
          Cheney’s chief of staff outted Valerie Plame as penance for being ratted on by her husband… who went there to determine for himself whether there were any weapons of mass destruction. WHAT IS YOUR PROOF?

        • gimpi1

          I’m sorry, but someone in the Bush administration was convicted for that, remember?

        • mydogsays

          No. Valerie Plame’s husband (Joseph Wilson) told the truth.about the yellowcake uranium from Niger and the fact that those papers alleging Iraq tried to buy this uranium were FORGED! I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby was the one who lied and exposed Valerie Plame as a covert CIA agent. He went to jail for it.

      • Isa Kocher

        how utterly horrible. yes i care for the innocent children of afghanistan, yemen, pakistan, beluchistan, palestine, gaza, syria, because i actually know, have friends, made love with, drank tea withy, danced with, celebrated weddings and shared grief with beluchis pakistanis, palestinians, kurds, turks, iranians, syrians, omanis, saudis.

        i wept with joy on november 5th 2008 when obama said we were all one family but it only took 24 hours before he made it clear that that family did not include gay people poor people working people union people and how deeply he hates progressives.

        the brutality of the suppression of occupy is fact. the draconian sentences for whistle blowers progressive activists internet activists againts CIA and NSA treason, war crimes, crimes against humanity perjury and obstruction of justice is a matter of open record. Dare fight crime in government and go to jail for life. BUT obstruct justice and promote corruption in government and get invited to the White House.

        a 15 year old child wounded and then tortured while wounded denied medical treatment was the first guantanomo prisoner tried and convicted by obama. how low can ANY COUNTRY GET TO MAKE A SHOWCASE TRIAL OF TORTURED CHILDREN. i want to puke.

        don’t dare call us racists because we believe that being american means something more than being articulate intellectual and having a pretty family. FDR closed the banks and protected the people. Obama abetted and awarded the banks and has done more than any president in history to transfer a la larry wall street summers the wealth of the people and the power of the people to a handful of wall street powerful. with impunity.

        i worked for his election prayed for it bled for it [twice] but i know he is not on my side. he is not on the side of the people i love. he is not on the side of the ordinary hard working american so don’t dare call me racist.

        • joe1939

          In many ways,…you are also part of the problem. You have forgotten what reality is. That 15 year old “child” is an adult in his society. That child wanted to kill others because they were “different” than he was. The President is one man,..the people wanting him to fail were a whole political party and fully 1/2 of Congress(or more).

          • Isa Kocher

            under international law it is a war crime to try children or treat them as combatants. and that child did not want to kill because people we different. he was defending his home and his family which were attacked by foreigners.

            and NO, 15 year olds are not adults in his culture. fifteen year olds sit on the floor, on their heels look down and wait and listen while the adults talk and only rise to serve tea to the adults while they discuss issues. they don’t interrupt. they are silent.

            and it isn’t the standards of others that are at issue but who we are. the crimes of others don’t change our moral standards and by every conceivable known science 15 year olds are not responsible, and this particular 15 year old was living with his father. There is no possible way he had a choice.

            and he was denied medical care, tortured abused and mentally disturbed by the time the trial occurred. willing literally to agree with anything to stop the torture.

            only the most soulless and most merciless would do that to any 15 year old.

            it does not matter how many people are against you, your decisions are yours. Obama makes decisions that include the targeted execution of usa american citizen children by our armed forces and IDF. Unarmed USA American children shot in the face while their arms were tied by IDF. How are we any different from franco or milosevicz or any other petty tyranny.

          • joe1939

            I smell a troll. Perhaps you should go live with “those you love”. Be sure to let us know how great it is.

          • Isa Kocher

            you smell yourself. apparently. attacking me personally does not change the record., instead of attacking me, go ahead and prove my facts wrong. what i am or what i am not does not change the record. what i love or what i don’t love does not change the record. denial of the record does not change the record. the only thing that would change the record is making someone like nancy pelosi president or elizabeth warren. keith elison. anyone in the democratic caucus of the democratic party, anyone not bluedog.

          • $84026071
          • Isa Kocher

            calling me names proves only how incapable your efforts are. the latest of his failures might be the most spectacular. : if he really cared he would have gotten it right.

        • Janet Holmes

          Why am I NOT surprise with your holier than thou blog. I was even expecting it..When all else fails you come with your list of oh look at me and all the good things I did ..Go give yourself an award…………………………………don’t dare call us racists because we believe that being american means something more than being articulate intellectual and having a pretty family……….WHAT!….being articulate, and pretty family. What drugs are you on?.

          • Isa Kocher

            attacking me with hate speech only proves you have nothing rational reasonable or intelligent to say. being american is giving to america, your time, your efforts, your wealth, your love. spending your time bad mouthing people is not american. it is just dumb.

          • Janet Holmes

            Perfect…just shows how screw up you are…Hate speech. REALLY, how so?.Is that how it works in your little world?. When one disagree you call it hate..What other stories do your have. Please do tell…Amuse us…How old are you?,Twelve.

          • Isa Kocher

            calling me names and attacking me and my character is not disagreeing with me. it is character assassination. my world, my age, my attitude, and your bad mouthing me does not alter the facts of this president’s choices. what you sat about me to me is irrelevant. calling people names and denigrating me is childish. and useless. have fun playing in the mud. go at it.

            it does not change the facts of this president’s choices.

          • Isa Kocher

            godspeed janet holmes. take care of yourself.

          • mydogsays

            Janet, you are just totally brainwashed and clueless when it comes to actual evidence of who Obama really is. You could learn a lot from Isa Kocher. But you aren’t smart enough to learn from your mistakes.

          • Janet Holmes

            Coming from you. Thats a compliment…Thank you.

          • maggy

            Franks piece hit a nerve with these people. Ignore them.

        • mydogsays

          So very well said. Kudos for being an articulate, honest, THINKING person!

      • mydogsays

        YOU are absolutely clueless about me but don’t let that stop you from running your mouth! LOL You are very good at “strawman arguments”. Where you make up something completely based on ZERO factual evidence and then go on to refute it. You would fail debating Debating 101 in any college or even high school.

        Please back up with factual evidence that “you are the first one to label these innocent people as terrorist”. I’ll wait.

        Please back up with factual evidence that “You couldn’t give a rat ass.” I’ll wait.

        Please back up with factual evidence that “Next thing you are going to say is that slavery was not real and all whites are pure.” I’ll wait.

        “Next time you visit little Buch county”. His last name is spelled BuSh. I would think that after he was in office for either years you would have learned that.

        By the way, I didn’t vote for Bush either time. I voted for the Democratic candidates. In fact I despise Bush and when he was in office I attended several anti-Bush, anti-war rallies against him.

        You know nothing about me. And because I pointed out factual evidence as to why I dislike the policies of Obama you can’t handle the truth and had to lash out. I feel really sorry for such ignorant and braindead/brainwashed people as you.

        • Janet Holmes

          You are correct I know nothing about you, and do not wish to. As for my comments, I stand by it 100%…I don’t give a crap who you voted for. NOT my concern..You pointed out factual evidence?.REALLY. I am surprise you did not post one of those google site with your EVIDENCE…..BUCH,BUSH..I remember him as the war monger, and his sidekicks….BTW, thanks for waiting. Wish I had that kinda time to waste.

    • lorimakesquilts

      ***NDAA passed with a 2/3 majority — Republicans passed that one, the president signing it is moot..

      ***Obama has not issued “hundreds” of EOs. In point of fact, he is on track to have issued the least number in modern history. Just which of those is bypassing Congress, please cite because I can’t find a single one that fits your criteria.

      You’re actually using unfulfilled campaign promises as an excuse? LOL Since when has any politician kept campaign promises? You’re a fool, and the opinions of a fool aren’t worth a whole lot.

  • N Bachers

    Frank, thank you for your passion, your honesty, and your courage. As you can see from the comments here, you’ve become a lightning rod for the Neanderthal trolls of hate. I long for a day when a person of President Obama’s decency and abilities is welcome at the helm of the United States of America.

    • Ipsophakto

      Please explain how criticism of a person for telling lies is “racist”.

      • Pixie Schrimpf

        it is not criticism when the people are screaming that he is not an American, or not a legal President, that he is a Muslim, or that he should be killed. These are racist remarks! This only a few of the many. it is not criticism when the House waste time for the entire year to take a vote 42 times to repeal or defund the ACA while not bothering to vote on any matters of substance. It is not criticism when the house shuts down the government to the tune of 24 billion dollars just because the GOP didn’t get their way. It is not criticism when so called patriotic Americans can not even be bothered with spelling his name correctly or capitalizing his name, and instead are just calling him names. It is not criticism when his family is publicly treated as criminals. It is not criticism when it is as hominem period. That my friends; is RACISM!

        • Redzilla

          Liberals live in fantasy land. Bush was hammered by the media every single day. They made a movie about assassinating him. Obamas signature legislation was passed in the dead of night (by reconciliation) with no input from the GOP on Christmas Eve. He lied about it. Repeatedly. His admin is scandal ridden and were it not for a compliant liberal media he would have never been elected in the first place. If his name was Hillary and he was white, he would still get the same level of criticism but the left would be calling it sexism. Your race card is maxed out.

  • Hank Fox

    Thank you for this. Cross-posted you at A Citizen of Earth.

  • damspam

    Thank you. Why this truth is so illusive puzzles me, until I realize when and where I am.

    • Ipsophakto

      Are you not in a country where criticism of lies is not considered racism?

      • joe1939

        Not really,…we are in a country that is still clinging to racism. It doesn’t matter what name you call it ,…or what you hide it behind,…it’s still racism !

      • gimpi1

        I believe you’ve been answered many times, Ipsophakto. It’s not racist to criticize, it’s racist to make up crap about someone, to hold someone to a different standard, and to refuse to understand that that is being done.

  • FreeBird2

    Thank you! Frank Schaeffer is one of my favorite of all time! He’s a Voice In the wilderness…when the wilderness is full of Evangelical BS and misdirection.
    Thanks for posting this….I will be back!

  • Isa Kocher

    NOVEMBER 5th 2008, if not the happiest,was one of the happiest days of my life, and i cried uncontrollably. it only took 24 hours before i knew i was betrayed. as badly as obama has been treated by whites, it is us the people of the united states of america that he just plain lied to. no gay people were not part of the family. no it isn’t the most open transparent administration ever but has punished dissent, and political difference with more draconian punishment of crimes of thought, suppressed dissent with violence comparable to iran libya mubarek israel. he not only allowed he egged israel on to commit attrocities that rival those of any known fascistic totalitarian regime, more than a castro, or a franco, applauding outright execution of usa citizen children, shot by IDF in the face with their hands tied, complete total unrestricted immunity for the worst fraud in modern history, fraud that stole the homes and jobs and futures, retirement education and health of millions of american working families who will never know again in this century what the middle class is while actually deliberately awarding the worst criminals the usa has ever known. transfering wealth from the poor to the wealthy at rates unheard of in history. taking the nobel prize for peace and using it to execute innocent children all over the globe including american citizen children.

    he has tried a child and convicted him and jailed, a child who nearly died from our atrocities against him personally, who was tortured.

    his immunity for treason, war crimes and crimes against humanity is itself a war crime.

    all the while refusing even to try to stand up to bullies solely to portray himself as presidential. and the only thing he had to get right was getting obamacare on line and he didn’t care. too busy being articulate and intellectual and presidential to bother being president.

    so no. i am not interested in poor abused misused misunderstood obama. cuz he is the one whose pals, who sabotaged his own administration like larry summers rahm emmanuel etc., is the administration he decided to call us professional liberals and quote their words “fucking idiots” endquote after WE resurrected a dead obamacare he had abandoned. Obamacare was passed by the progressives he so deeply despises.

    his new yoga move, the obama position, hold your ankles and throw your feet in the air. so if he is being screwed, at the very least he has done his best to promote it. maybe i’ll buy him a tube of KY for his next birthday.

    • joe1939

      Aw,…someone didn’t get everything they wanted. He didn’t go far enough left for you,…he didn’t exalt Israel to the status you thought it deserved,…he didn’t,…he didn’t ,… he didn’t,…he isn’t perfect,… Poor baby ! You sound like a contentious 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum. You’ve just validated the whole article !

      • Isa Kocher

        apparently you don’t read english. he is a war criminal. he subsidizes the super rich by taking from the poor. he brutally suppresses dissent with brutality similar to turkey, russia, iran, and he has the least transparent most anti-liberal pro-wall street administration in my lifetime. he has made more millionaires in 5 years than all the millionaires made in usa history and has the most draconian record ever of prosecuting whistleblowers of criminal activity in government. what has that got to do with what i got or didn’t get. it is about the positive evil he did do, not the possible good he did not do. I listed specific detailed objective publicly documented facts. that is not a 2 year old temper tantrum.

        He is the only president i know who executes american citizens including children without trial. google it. learn their names.

        He abets and applauds and encourages Israel and IDF to execute usa citizens including children without trial. he gives full immunity to torture rendition and crimes against humanity war crimes and deliberate treason. he gives immunity to perjury and obstruction of justice unless you are against wall street frauds and illegal bank corruption for which he jails you with the most draconian thought crime sentences since WWI.

        If i validated the article, fine by me cuz he belongs in the same jail as gw bush, gwh bush, rumsfeld, cheney and netenyahu. he is every bit as guilty as the people in mississippi or matawan or hay market of suppressing working people. he’s created more poverty than any president in history.

        that’s what i said. zilch gar nights nothing about not getting what i want. everything about corruption and evils and criminal behavior.

        • joe1939

          People like you are as bad as the Teatards. A crisis around every corner,…a fault with everything he does. What utter nonsense. Nothing would satisfy you. There always must be a middle ground,…no one gets everything they want. Extremism of ANY form is bad for society. Take your meds Isa,…you’re overdue.

          • Isa Kocher

            what i am, who i am, what my pathologies are are all desperate failing hopeless attempts to deny the record of the person who dramatically sabotaged his administration’s own most signature achievement, the Affordable Care Act. He didn’t care. He blew it, blew it spectacularly. Biblically. Like Sampson bring the roof down on himself and all on his own without any help from Boehner.

            The record of Obama’s administration speaks for itself. After abandoning health care reform altogether, progressives and the democratic caucus led by nancy pelosi and a nationwide popular campaign rejected by the whitehouse, called quote”fucking idiots”by rahm emmanuel and quote”professional liberals”by Obama’s press secretary, wera able to push through the failed Nixon/Heritage/Romney health care reform law through congress. with the White House demanding they stop.

            So when the time comes to make it work, this administration fails. Health Care dot gov failed. but with obama’s decision to give wall street total control of health care in the USA, in perpetuum, health care companies are going all out to get people signed up.

          • $84026071

            Troll fail ! All this and more with the largest bunch of “do nothings”,…the most disgusting Congress a President has ever had to work with.

            I think Obama has done great. All you trolls can pack it ! !


          • Isa Kocher

            that’s your privilege to believe what you wish. denial does not erase the public record.

        • Russ

          does anyone else get the feeling that Isa isn’t quite ‘Kocher

          • $84026071

            yep !

          • Isa Kocher

            Kocher is swiss for cook, cooker. My name on my birth certificate. whatever you think, showing disrespect for me as a person in no way denies the public record of this president and the anti-worker pro-corporate Wall Street finance decisions which overwhelmingly color his administration.

            one of my great uncles is a twice nobel laureate in medicine. he pioneered open chest surgery. there are a Kocher University and a Kocher River, and many Kochers significant in the modern history of Switzerland so being amused at someone’s name is 1 cheap and 2 petty. it is silly.

          • Russ

            The comment was a play on words implying that all of your comments are not quite right…as in not legitimate….or if you prefer it in simpler terms, you have a political agenda.
            I have zero respect for what you’ve had to say thus far. As a person however, I know nothing more about you than the inflammatory, hate filled, garbage that you spew here, which is truly “cheap, petty, and silly” and take issue with that solely.

          • Isa Kocher

            why thank you. especially for proving that there is no defense for the choices this president made promoting summers geitner simpson and his whole crew of rahm emmanuel gibson blue dog right wingers and their anti-worker pro-wall street agenda. if stating facts is hate filled inflammatory, garbage than blame the facts. the more you throw up smokes screens to deny the record the less anything said about it is of any merit. your trial by accusation of me, who is of no account and of no importance must mean the facts have done their duty.

            if i were wrong in any way, it would be a simple matter, one or two googles to deny the lists of decisions this president made against the people. bye. now. take care.

            [playing on words requires some knowledge of the words you are playing with and my surname bears zero resemblance to the words and the language you had imagined was so clever.] koch pronounced like loch in scots. Kocher – cook in Schweitzerdeutsch. Kocher – cooker in German. that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

          • maggy

            I have run into this fellow before. He trolled “Teachers for Obama” and ran it into the ground with his hateful tripe. wish Frank could get rid of his comments because he is doing the same thing here. He is a racist, the worst kind.

    • BossBabe

      “I knew within 24 hours I’d been betrayed.” That statement alone says that you’re a liar who never voted for Obama. Either that or you weren’t listening during the campaign or since. Most likely both. And for God’s, sake learn proper sentence structure and use of capitals.

      • Janet Holmes

        A was thinking the very same thing….Next thing you know , he, she , it will tell us that they are black or they have many black friends.

    • janieliza

      What you rail about was inevitable because it was Dubyah who acted to cause wars that were not reasonable, with lies and more lies he also bailed out Wall Street and the auto industry… So why blame it on the black man? Because you are one bigoted liar yourself. You omit the pertinent facts as you cry your racist chant. Get off this site. You are not welcome.

      • Isa Kocher

        exactly what does his appointing the cat food commission as his first order of business have to do with his color? what does his appointing the one man most personally responsible for the economic collapse of 2007-2008, who created the whole systemn of CD swaps, mr geitner, as treasurer have to do with anyone’s color? what does his choice to take away from the poorest workers their jobs and homes and futures and the futures of their children have to do with anybody’s color. what does immunizing those who committed torture, war crimes, crimes against humanity, perjury, and treason have to do with his color. what does choosing to execute without trial usa american children and abetting IDF to execute usa citizen children without trial have to do with his color.

        your personal hate filled accusations against me only prove you have no defense for the crimes of this president. whatever his color is, his decisions his appointments his refusal to show any kind of loyalty to his own appointees or bother to learn facts before firing them such as shirley sherrod. who was fired while driving home by text message before anyone even bothered to know any facts. his decisions speak for themselves and abusing me and cursing me me only proves you have no defense of him.

        god knows that racism has zero do do with any condemnation by me of war crimes or pro-corporate corruption. it is absurd. hate speech.

      • Isa Kocher

        i never ever once blamed the “black man ” for the war on terrorism or the war in iraq.

        i blame the “black man”for creating a commission to dismantle social security before he took office. i blame the” black man “for completely capitulating to the GOP even before he took office and proposing richard nixon’s heritage foundation’s GOP health care plan entitling wall street to complete control of health care in perpetuity.

        i blame the “black man”for the most brutal suppression of dissent since hay market and matewan and the most draconian sentences to political prisoners since WWI and for the least transparent administration in usa history and the greatest suppression of constitutional rights ever in usa history.

        and instead of defending these indefensible decisions you attack defend denigrate abuse me personally proving you have no defense of the indefensible.

    • coach777b

      You are truly sick. Hopefully, when YOU run for President, you won’t be faced with any of the dreadful decision points that the President had to face. Imagine having to make decisions that are good for the country OR good for the democratic base. Where was your voice when the President was insulted by the shout of “you lie”? Didn’t hear a peep from you and your fellow so-called democratic activists.

      • Isa Kocher

        were you bothering to listen what I said? do you want me to google what I said? you are so full of personal hate you are driven to defame and denigrate me personally because you know you have no defense for a president who chooses to execute american citizen children. you have no defense for a president who appoints a commision to dismantle Social Security. you have no defense for a president who fired Shirley Sherrod by SMS before anyone even bothered to check the facts and how many others were fired based on false accusation. you have no defense for a president who appointed the person who was most individually responsible for toxic securities he designed and implemented as head of the NY FED, geitner. you have no defense for the president who placed Larry Summers grossly wrong economics predictions above the ones whose track records were 90% accurate and threw the USA worker and workers’families under the bus to make the top 0.1% richer than ever and who has made US corporations more profitable than ever in history while taking away the jobs the homes the futures the educations and the health of workers and their families and placing usa health care forever in the hands of corporate death speculators. you have no defense but wild insane accusations and personal hate speech. address the facts. I am not the issue. his record is the issue.

        • KelleyBeld

          Do you understand the concept of ‘Politics”? I don’t think that you do. Obama is not operating in a vacuum you should realize — our government is corrupt sweetheart, and it’s not because of Obama. Obama is a politician required to work in the system as it is. Obama and the democrats have supported reversing Citizens United – they put forth initiatives for Lobbying Reform, Campaign Finance Reform, Strict Wall Street Reform — all struck down by the Republican Tea Party. So no doubt Obama has had to make deals to get done what he has managed to get through. You give – you get – that’s the way politics work. We need to work on rooting corruption out of government – but you laying all the evils of our government at Obama’s feet is ridiculous and extreme.

          • Isa Kocher

            obama created the simpson cat food commission whose purpose was to dismantle social security. obama chose simpson before he was even inaugurated. obama chose geitner, the architect of the 2007-2008 economic collapse, before he was inaugurated. obama made the worst choice in lead economist with a failing record of economic forecast, larry summers, before he was inaugurated. obama rejected all possible health care reform not coming from republicans catipulating entirely to the republican party before any negotiation, and only allowed the nixon/heritage foundation/romney system which transfers all usa health care to wall street controlled corporations for eternity and banned any discussion on the matter before his inauguration. obama banned the idea of DADT reform or DOMA reform from any consideration in his first term before he was inaugurated. prior to his election he voted for carte blanche to the CIA and NSA and immunized all usa corporations from legal suits against corporate refusal to comply with legal contracts in supplying illegal private information.obama was recruited and promoted and created by larry summers and summers’s wall street friends while obama was a part time law professor.

            the most important decisions he made were made before he was inaugurated, and they were all anti-worker, anti-poor, pro-wall street, anti-main street.

            the one thing he really had to get right,, he failed spectacularly, despite having 5 years to plan it, but he just plain old did not care about obama care, affordable care act, but he sure had time to order the execution of usa minor citizens and he sure had time to insure that the first showcase guantanomo trial would be of a 15 year old child arrested and tortured and denied health care in total contempt of international law on children and committed a war crime, chosing deliberately the clearest example of violation of geneva conventions and international human rights law as his showcase trial.

            whatever attrocities boehner mcconnel and the GOP committed and their blatant racist hate and sabotage of the usa and the GOP agenda of delegitimization of the the usa and its democracy, obama cannot hide behind their hate as an excuse for the decisions he made on his own to make his administration committed to dismantling social security in favor of wall street and his decision to refuse health care to millions of americans in the biggest boondogle in usa history by giving all health care over to wall street before he was inaugurated.

            it was obama who lead the most brutal suppression of popular dissent in 50 years and obama who has had the least transparent administration in usa history and it is obama who has pursued the most draconian suppression of revealing crime and wrong doing and whistleblowing and against internet activism, bank fraud activism, energy fraud activism and journalism by any president at least since WWI.

            it was obama who walked away from massachussetts handing over its senate seat to the opposition. it was rahm emmanuel who led the party in its biggest defeat in its history 2 years after progressives led the party to its biggest landslide by his single minded focus on packing states and congress with blue dogs who failed, allowing the GOP to gerrymander a possible permanent majority in the house, in pique to punish nancy pelosi and her refusal to drop health care reform that he, emmanuel, had ordered.

            because larry summers and wall street found obama and promoted him in a fast track to the presidency to serve the bidding of wall street which is what obama has done as the most republican president since cavin coolidge.

            and that is the public record.

            god knows what is not yet public.

            and it was obama who fired shirley sherrod by sms without even trying to know any facts, a victim of character assassination. and how many others like shirley sherrod. i lost count.

            it was obama’s DOJ which testified in court under oath at the questions of the judge that it was the policy of the obama administration that gay people were defective, dangerous and a threat to national security and unfit to serve. Asked by the judge about obama’s state of the union speech, under oath, the DOJ stated that his speech did not reflect the policy he ordered to be pursued. it was the GOP who defeated DADT.

            so obama has to own his own decisions.

          • Isa Kocher

            if obama had been president in the 60s, sit ins and freedom riders and voting activists and MLK would be facing life time imprisonments which is what he is doing now to civil rights and human rights and economic justice and environment integrity activists and just plain journalists and whistle blowers are facing now.

          • Isa Kocher

            @kellebeld #”Do you understand what politics are?”

            do you understand what politics is?

            i know what corruption is.

  • msmins

    To compare what is going on with the president to “Strange Fruit” is pretty sick. I can not possibly think of a more irrelevant hateful thing to do than use this picture with this article. It is inappropriate, disrespectful, and insensitive. I am completely disgusted, and that was before I even got to the article which I found offensive, biased, obtuse, uneducated, and ethnocentric.

    • Isa Kocher

      yes he is not being lynched

      • johnbuoy

        He may as well be for all the support he’s gotten in Congress. These same bastards who declared that no matter what we thought of Bush-aroony we had to show respect have NO trouble disrespecting this president as you too obviously don’t either.

        • Isa Kocher

          i have nothing but respect. i object to his desions his betrayals and his crimes against humanity and his corrupt relations with wall street and his larry summers geitner croud pals.

          i earned the right to criticize this president by working for two years full time with no salary at my own expense blood sweat and tears to get him elected.

          but respect only goes so far when someone chooses to do that which is hateful, criminal and corrupt.

  • lugnut

    ” I want MY country back”, were the words of tea people across the country in every town hall meeting within the first few days after the election of Obama. Now, what do they mean they want THEIR country back, and how would they get THEIR country back? He was legally elected. As an old black Mississippian i know exactly what they meant, because they couldn’t VOTE HIM OUT, he was just elected. They were talking about doing harm to him to get him out and “THEIR” country back. So the republicans met on the night of his inauguration and conspired to block everything he tried to do, even things they agreed with. Even though the country was on the brink of a second depression. Racism blind racist to everything else, they will even screw themselves and the country, to get “THEIR” country back. I know when Obama was elected, it tugged at racist souls, because that has ALWAYS been their greatest fear. A black man in power they feel threatens their privileges. Guns and ammo sold out after both of Obama’s elections.

    • Isa Kocher

      all of that is true. the only trouble is obama has not been for the people either but for larry summers and all his wall street pals and he’s done his best to leverage american wealth and government into their hands.

      as bad as the center and center right have been, he’s been the most republican president since calvin coolidge, transfering more wealth and more power to the 0.1% than all the usa presidents before him.

      • lorkoos

        People who defend Obama no matter what, (and I voted for him myself) need to understand that everything you have written is true. He’s been like Hoover when what we needed was another FDR.

      • maggy

        “the most Republican Presdient since Calvin Coolidge” is blatantly untrue. this racism happens on the left too. by ignoring everything he has done.

        • Isa Kocher

          calling him right wing pro-wall street is racist. yeah. calvin coolidge, one of our most famous black leaders. how could anyone be so blatantly racist as to criticise the next best thing to Kuan Ying cum Virgin Mary cum White Buffalo Woman cum Mother Theresa as president. the best, the kindest, the most honest, most successful president ever, Abraham Lincoln and FDR and JFK all rolled into one. i am so ashamed. pope francis jorge bogoglio should canonize him immediately cuz of all his miracles. mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa. he is an avatar. thank you for helping me see the truth. he’s the very incarnation of frodo. and larry summers is samwise gamgee.

    • Janet Holmes

      You nailed it…I worked a flight to Jamaica not too long ago, and had the pleassure of this wonderful Jamaican man in first class. He went on to tell me about his profession, and how he 100 precent understood what the president was going through…He was the head of his department and the only one of color. He said the whites just could not wrap the idea around their head that he was in that position and highly intelligent…To make a long story short. They put in through LIVING HELL, to the point that he had to walk away for the sake of this health..His quote..I have never seen such evil…I have.

  • Brigitte Huttner

    Thank you, Frank Schaeffer … and thanks to all the other “rays of sunshine” in this thread, who enlighten our lives and the world ! Let us focus on the light, not the darkness…

    ” … in the long reach of history the door you opened will stay open for the millions of Americans of all colors, genders and beliefs who will follow you. They will bless your name. So will history.”

  • komeca

    Yay! Well said! Obama is OVERachieving in the face of horrendous and unnecessary hostility. The Republican Party has been overtly or covertly racist since Nixon’s Southern Strategy took force. :-(

  • Mark Mitchell

    You should take that horrifying photograph down and use the word lynch only with its true meaning. Lynching is not an abstract thing, and that photograph should have a warning before it.

    • FreeBird2

      I’m so sick of you type of people. Looking back at History is the only way to move forward. Admitting our past mistakes is nothing to be ashamed of. And YES President Obama has been treated like this since he was elected.

      I AM ashamed of our history.


      TRUTH….Bear the weight. It IS HEAVY.

  • Stacy Kennett-Keaton

    PLEASE! Use the race card and beat the black people back down with your words. Take away any hope they may have had when a black man became President. You may as well be doing the “lynching” yourself. AND he is also white, related to all the past lynch mobs. He simply is being criticized like any President would. YES, some are still racially motivated. BUT NOT ALL! I am a democrat and I didn’t vote for him simply because I really wanted Hillary to win. A BLACK MAN voted in this country long before a WHITE woman. It was evident that the Dems cheated her in the primaries. Also, I had high doubts about his citizenship and his loyalties towards his previous Muslim religion. All things that were brought out by Hillary. Do I want a Republican in office? HELL NO! But, please, please, don’t degrade this man with your race card like he can make NO mistakes except be black. It’s disgusting and insulting to the President!

    • coach777b

      Unfortunately, Doris, you are 100% wrong in every bit of your spiel. With one foot in the Democratic Party, you keep your other foot firmly placed in the ‘Birther Camp’. You claim that you don’t want a Republican in the White House, yet your support for them is evident. Your love for Hillary is laudable but somehow you equate love for Hillary is balanced by hatred for Obama. I won’t touch on your thoughts about Black people in general and Black men in particular.
      The door is now open for Hillary because of her campaign against and her allegiance to Obama. I will certainly work to see that she goes through that door and into the White House. It will not be based on love or hate but on the proven competency and leadership potential of a great American.

      • Stacy Kennett-Keaton

        Who is Doris? I never said I hated Obama. I simply did not trust his loyalties. I voted independent. When 2,000 people were slaughtered by crazed Muslim terrorists, I was not thrilled to elect a previous Muslim who attended a America hating church. There have been doubts about his birthplace brought on by his own grandmother in Kenya. To accuse me of hate is BS. I happen to love people no matter what race they are. I have fostered children and have raised one girl that I love as my own who is biracial.
        History repeats itself. A black man was elected president prior to a white woman. Women are still held lower than men. Yes, prejudice still exists but this article implies there are no issues with Obama. Apparently, he is a perfect president and only picked at because of his skin color.

    • FreeBird2

      There IS alot of Racism in this country and not to notice or admit it is having Blinders on.

      • Stacy Kennett-Keaton

        true but this article implies that any criticism of him is based on skin color, and that is not true!

    • gimpi1

      “Also, I had high doubts about his citizenship and his loyalties towards his previous Muslim religion”

      May I ask why?

      • Stacy Kennett-Keaton

        Because on 9/11 2,000 Americans were killed by crazed extreme Muslim terrorists. It concerned me that he may have held ties. His grandmothers pride that her Kenya born son would be an American President also bothered me. Presidents, by law, must be natural born citizens.

        • maggy

          a birther Hillary supporter, interesting. I think Frank’s piece hit a nerve.

        • Russ

          when a person rises to some level of greatness and public acclaim it is not uncommon for people to claim that person as one of their own. The grandmothers claim that he was born in Kenya it’s just more of that ‘George Washington slept here’ nonsense. And just as an aside…Kenya as a nation did not exist at the time of Obama’s birth…it was created years later.

    • Russ

      He’s human…as such he has faults. He is not now nor has he ever been a Muslim…that kind of slur may just happen to be indicative of one of your own faults

      • Stacy Kennett-Keaton

        Why is referring to a Musim a slur? He did practice the Muslim religion in fact. Not all Musims are terrorists, how is that a “slur”?

        • maggy

          he neve practiced the Muslim religion, therefore that is a slur.

        • Russ

          As a child I once ate parsnips because the family provided them to me, and as their child, having no other food offered at that time, I ate those parsnips..
          This small part of an early childhood experience did not in any way create within me a loyalty to parsnips.

    • maggy

      Stacy never got over Hillary losing in 08. Wow.

  • Brother O

    Powerful stuff. Interesting that folks always want you to listen to them. I don’t care about the author. He’s white! But I do care about the person, Frank Schaeffer. A lot of times white people get it wrong. They get it confused because the word “right” rhymes with the word “white”. We, thee of the “non-White” society are looking to be “Christ-like” and not “White-like”. Excellent blog Mr. Schaeffer.

    • Grady

      Don’t forget what actor Morgan Freeman said.

      Obama is only half Black. His mama was white….

      Now…with that said, Obama Care has hurt my family; it is taking away from medicare and it is not “Affordable”.

      • Isa Kocher

        he was raised by rich white grandparents in a white world in white culture. and his values reflect his contempt for working people and the realities of poverty in the real world. i don’t fault his parenting or upbringing just his policy.

        • Russ

          ‘contempt’ was a totally unnecessary addition to your statement…it might have been better stated that he wasn’t raised in a way that enabled him to gain much in the way of a first hand understanding of the plight of the working class.

          • maggy

            Pretty sure someone who went to Harvard and achieved what he did, then went back to help poor folks in Chicago instead of taking a SCOTUS gig has a good understanding of working folks.

          • Jon Carry

            Name me just one thing that Present Øbama has done to qualify to be on the Supreme Court.

      • Brother O

        President Reagan is the first to introduce a healthcare package. These packages are not to harm the patients but to try keep the healthcare industry from being even more greedy. Every president tried to eliminate the high cost of healthcare. Face it, the whole operation is awful but what can you do? As long as Americans demand the care as it is, there is no way to help the cost to go down.

  • Agni Ashwin

    Preach it.

  • mrky

    Yet more self righteous leftist propaganda that suggests a white person cannot disagree with Mr. Obama without being racist. I am certain that Barack Obama believes in what he is trying to do. Based on my own research of his life, his positions do not surprise me. However, I also believe the fiscal and foreign relations policies of this administration are inconsistent with the nationalist ideals forged into our founding documents and held dear by most Americans, and would serve to undermine the standard of living in this country in an effort to promote “income equality” and “world peace” if they were to go unopposed. If that makes me a racist, what would you call the millions of black voters, 98% of whom voted for Obama in 2008, who voted this man into office based not on the content of his character, but the color of his skin?

    • Russ

      The moment you gratuitously tossed in the bit about the 98% black vote you exposed yourself for the bigot that you truly are.
      Had you left that out I would have given some respect to your statement.

      • mrky

        Look it up.

    • Janet Holmes

      Amaze how people like yourself always seems to speak for us……what would you call the millions of black voters, 98% of whom voted for Obama in 2008, who voted this man into office based not on the content of his character, but the color of his skin. Did you talk to all the 98%?, please do tell. …….

      • mrky

        People like myself? Who are those people? If you are trying to convince me that 98% of ANY voter base who votes a particular way would do so based solely on their personal political views and not some other communal factor, I have ocean front property for you in Arizona.

    • $84026071

      All us “other” people voted for him too. Wait until you see who elect next !

    • Brian Luscher

      The “nationalist ideal” of the US at its founding was to stay out of foreign military entanglements. Check with George Washington on this. The fiscal policies of his predecessors, were to cut taxes for the affluent and fund government — and foreign military entanglements — by borrowing. That is the failed fiscal program of our time — one really initiated by Ronald Reagan.

      • mrky

        Who do you think pays the taxes in this country? Certainly not the 40% of those who receive refunds every year that are 4 times the amount those people paid in. See “Earned Income Credit”. Want to turn the country around? Make it so that tax refunds cannot exceed the amount of tax withheld. It’s the “poor” who aren’t “paying their fair share”, not the rich. Furthermore, further taxing the rich will send them and their money overseas to tax havens instead of providing incentive for them to invest in businesses to employ the under privileged. Poor people don’t create jobs, they don’t invest in real estate, they don’t set up foundations for hospitals and universities. They simply keep having children they can’t afford and suck up as much federal money as they can. As for foreign relations, I don’t believe George Washington would advocate financing Islamic terrorists. Ronald Reagan….well…everyone I know had a job when he was President, and had it not been for his spending on military and scientific development, the Russians would not have conceded and we would be even further behind Japan in R&D.

        • FreeBird2

          Trickle down economics have never worked and the USA is a perfect example of that today. It’s WAY past time for the rich to pay their fair share, along with Big Industry. I mean, what’s fair about taxpayer providing Subsidies to Big Corporations time and time again (no vote)…only to see prices STILL go up and up? Ask any Economist and they will tell you, NO COUNTRY can survive the Train Wreck we are on now. I love the way you point to the poor, as if it’s their fault this country is in the shape it’s in!

          “They simply keep having children they can’t afford and suck up as much federal money as they can”

          1st off – that’s a racist statement in itself, so that tells us who YOU are. 2nd, it sounds to me like you live in a Glass Bubble. People that were once considered middle class are now lining up to get food and shelter. Why? Greed has caused most our problems, certainly not these people who have lost everything they ever had, along with dignity and self worth. But…I know mrky. Just let ‘em starve. Compassion and concern? Why? It’s their fault anyway. What’s a few old people, young children and the sickly dying off. They are the reason we’re in the MESS, right?

          You sir take the Cake, figuratively and more than likely literally. Sick Puppy…

          • mrky

            How in the hell is that a racist statement? There are people of every color gaming the system, and I did not refer to any one of them in particular. I have been broke myself, but too proud to beg went and found whatever work I could. I agree with you on the corporate subsidy issue – that should be eliminated. If a business cannot manage itself efficiently enough to stay in business, you and I should not be expected to bail them out. As for “people starving” – there are food banks in nearly every community in the nation. There is sufficient help on a local level in most municipalities to take care of the immediate concerns of individuals and families without the need for an overblown and costly federal program that many people have made a career of exploiting. Indeed – it is those people who have brought us here.

          • Russ

            In some areas there is an abundance of food…not all food banks are as lucky as say are those in California.
            If assuring that your children are being fed when there are no jobs is ‘gaming the system’ then buddy I’m all for that.
            As for your freaking ‘being too proud’…that’s for you, and you alone …screw your trying to impose your pathetic scrooge like values on the poor.
            Those who have brought us here have been people like you and not the poor.

          • mrky

            Assuring that your children are fed is one thing. Making a career of living on hand outs is another. My kids have always been fed without your assistance, thank you, because I am a responsible human being. Primary education is widely available in this country, and there are resources available outside the realm of taking my money because you feel you are entitled to it. Your kids hungry? Bring them over, I would be happy to feed them – today – not for the rest of their childhood. I won’t make assumptions about “people like you” because I don’t know you any more than you know me. What I do know is you reap what you sow, and if you want to sit on your ass in the barn while I plant and pick the beans, guess what? You’re not getting my beans.

          • Russ

            I’m over 70 years old, and have worked since I was 13 years old. My kids never once went hungry that’s not an issue.
            There are people now who can’t find work, and many of those who have work are finding it simply isn’t paying enough to keep a roof over their heads, and to put food in their kids bellies. That is a real issue today in this country, your smug, smarmy ‘I’ve got mine, what’s wrong with the rest of you lazy S.O.B.s’.. responses have become increasingly more and more repugnant with each post that you send.
            I can’t wait to see what kind of holier than though crap you will post next.

          • mrky

            Well then I won’t keep you waiting. I agree with nearly everything you just said, That is, until you got personal. Here’s the deal. I don’t see myself as better than anyone. What I do see, as I have pointed out previously, is that there is a culture of entitlement in this country that needs to be reversed. I have never been accused of being anything less than generous with what I have, but I’ll be damned if I am going to take the world to raise. If you only knew where I came from, and the obstacles I have overcome due to my own diligence. If I can do it, anybody can. I find the notion that you can save the economy by giving away the store to be repugnant.

          • FreeBird2

            OK…I agree. Maybe it wasn’t racist…

            There’s alot of fraud that should be further scrutinized and clamped down on. But we’re not looking at millions of people trying to defraud the Gov. The majority looking for help, and NEED IT DESPERATELY. Food banks are running out of food and it’s being felt all over the country.

            “sufficient help on a local level in most municipalities”

            That just does not exist. I know first hand!!

            So we agree on subsiding big industry. It’s time to close all of the loop holes in the tax codes that allow individuals and, especially corporations to put money in off shore accounts that isn’t taxed. Subsidies to Big Pharma and Big Oil and the rest should be stopped. When Exxon has held the #1 or #2 spot on the list of wealthiest companies in the world for the last ten years, why are they given millions of tax payer’s dollars? (I DIDNT VOTE FOR THAT!!) We’d see a lot better return for our money on if we put it towards fixing our decaying infrastructure.
            PEOPLE NEED AND WANT JOBS! No one wants to be on the dole if they can help it. The psychological toll of unemployment and of long-term unemployment in particular is known to be high. The working class like working – it gives them SELF WORTH. The Majority want jobs!
            Sadly we don’t have ANY lobbyists working on behalf
            of We The People in D.C. That USED to be the role of the elected members of Congress, but it seems like most of them stopped working on our behalf years ago.

            FOLLOW THE (big) MONEY


          • mrky

            I sympathize with the people who are out of work through no fault of their own. Even considering what you are saying about the corporations, the United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the free world. Granted, there are loopholes and many are exploited, but the fact remains that this nation cannot lure foreign investment any more than it can prevent our own companies from farming their manufacturing processes out overseas where tax rates are lower. There needs to be some incentive to keep that money in the country and invest in businesses that can put those people back to work. On the other hand, there are those who do not wish to work, and figure they are better off on government assistance, and in many cases they are right. Clinton had the right idea when he established the work requirement for public assistance, pushing those who were able bodied to get training, find work and get off the dole. There are many projects needed – roads, bridges, parks, housing – that could be staffed with those who are idle and financed with the funds that are currently handed out for free.

          • wayright

            You support the very President who allows those loopholes and subsidies. He has the power to end those practices yet does not. You are blaming the wrong entity. Any company will take advantage of tax breaks, so will any individual. You need to point the finger in the right direction.

          • lorimakesquilts

            Those very companies taking advantage bought the legislators that are the only ones that can make changes to the tax code. You have a very poor understanding of our government if you think the President has the power to change the tax code, or power to have much of an impact on the economy at all. That power is the responsibility of the House. If you want to blame someone for the state of our tax code them blame the right person — the Speaker of the House,

          • wayright

            I am ignorant of many things, quiltmaking for instance, but legislation ain’t one of them. The President has the power to not just offer or suggest but to write legislation for submission to the House. That cannot be argued. Of course he can’t with the stroke of a pen change tax code, no one person can, but he ran a campaign, and continues to speak about closing tax loopholes for corporations. Remember he was going to nearly eliminate the budget deficit by doing just that. He said it, I ain’t makin’ it up. He had the house for two years and could have written himself or had any number of congressman author legislation to totally close tax loopholes. He didn’t do it. He had the power. He didn’t do it. The house would have passed ANY legislation he offered. Therefore, he had the power, he didn’t use it. And technically, the ACA that we have now did not come from the House, it did originate there, but was gutted in the Senate, rewritten by Reid and Co, given a new resolution number, never reconciled by the House, and now we have legislation on the books that came from the Senate. Tell me where I am wrong please. And by the way, all of the subsidies that “the disadvantaged” will receive from the ACA are tax loopholes and this Act is Obama’s signatory achievement. What that means is that all of the whiners that support this guy and who cry about tax loopholes are hypocrites, which just a few years ago seemed like a bad thing to be.

          • Jon Carry

            There is no way those corporations could do all the evil you think without the full cooperation of the Federal government. And that includes the Democrat President and the Democrat controlled Senate. You are angry at the wrong people.

        • lorimakesquilts

          Yeah, because having your rightful wages stolen to the point that we the people (that would be the citizens of this country that have some compassion, not you) feel the need to supplement your income makes the economic problems all your fault. And the thieves that have been robbing us all blind? — oh they don’t have to pay taxes on their ill-gotten gains or well anything really, except maybe a token amount just to make it look good. They can just hoard away everything or spend it overseas. After all, they’re special and don’t have to contribute to the country they continually use up, That’s the job of the rest of the citizens of this country.

          Reagan — god, what a joke. Yeah, everyone had a job until his economic policies were put in place. It’s been downhill ever since. Even war after war hasn’t been able to make it work. You’re a deluded fool if you can’t see the simple reality of the most basic elements of recent U.S. history.

          • mrky

            It is the policies of the liberals that have chased the money overseas, it is the policies of the liberals that have created the welfare state, and it is the policies of the liberals that continue to ensure that those in poverty remain there. Sure, conservatives spend money – on production, research, infrastructure, and other concrete investments that keep people working. The problem with being a liberal is that you eventually run out of everyone else’s money. The delusion is believing you can teach people to be productive by giving them free money.

    • DetroitSam

      Are you one of the right-wing tea-bagger in Congress who have been obstructing President Obama for the past 5 years?

      Are you one of the good old Christians an d other nut-jobbers who continues to post racist posters and racist photo-shopped pictures of the President and his family?

      Are you one of those who continues to tell lies day after day and day about President and his family?

      Listen bub, no one is saying that you can’t criticize the president, but if you can’t grasp Mr. Schaeffer’s point you are either lying or just plain stupid.

      • mrky

        What I understand is that, being President, Mr. Obama would be getting lynched no matter what color he is. It comes with the office.

      • the_exdemocrat

        The “lies” the right was telling? The right has been saying Obama lied about the healthcare law and so many other things, most of the criticism of the right has been proven to be correct. Now they got vindicated on the healthcare law criticism and his incompetence as a leader; even the liberal press (at least the somewhat reasonable liberals in CNN, ABC, CBS, not the completely unreasonable ones) admit he lied and mismanaged the healthcare law.
        This is what happens when someone gets away with anything because he blames others or finds excuses (such as racism) whenever something goes wrong. The liberal press has been responsible for not “standing up to power” as they love to say whenever there is a Conservative in the White House.

  • maggiebea

    Thanks for this. You’ve said what I’ve been thinking, and what I’ve sometimes said privately – and received lots of abuse for saying. I appreciate seeing these thoughts in a public space.

  • lisa

    I’m conflicted about this. I’m surprised and gratified to see that one of the religious right has left the haters and moved over to the good guy side! And I agree with what he says about how badly Mr Obama is being treated; but to say he’s being lynched is over the top. He is not being lynched – slowly or otherwise. To use that term in this context is insulting to the African-Americans who actually were lynched, and using the term – and that horrible, sickening picture – for shock value is inaccurate and inappropriate, and therefore weakens his message.

    • KelleyBeld

      I’d first like to say this is one of the most incisive pieces written on the over-the-top obstruction and bigoted hatred (the birthers, the “Obama is a muslim”, Obama’s a baby-killer, Obama wants to downgrade America, Obama hates America, Obama is a Nazi etc. etc.) that has been relentlessly thrown at Obama like no other POTUS in my lifetime, and I’m no spring chicken. All my friends and family have been amazed by the vitriol directed at this President – it’s unprecedented.

      However I agree with you about the awkwardly cavalier use of the lynching photo and the term ‘lynched’ and ‘lynching of’. I don’t think the author fully grasps the weight of these words and it weakens the piece. Still, this piece is worth circulating and is very accurately descriptive and incisive regarding the treatment I have witnessed of Barack Obama our first African American president. And the fact that this type of treatment of a POTUS is unprecedented and that he also happens to be our first black president is no coincidence.

      • lisa

        I completely agree, Kelley

      • the_exdemocrat

        yeah, no other POTUS except G.W. Bush. He was called Nazi, monkey, stupid, idiot, bigot, mass murderer, baby killer etc. etc. by the left. Did “progressives” call him such names because he was white?

        • DowneastDiva

          which one is untrue?

          • the_exdemocrat

            Dear Diva, the point of the argument is whether it is racist to criticize a president (sometimes with harsh words). I probably disagree with you on Bush, but I do not call you racist for that.

        • BoostedSRT

          ex democrat, you can’t expect true believers to listen…you just can’t.

      • BoostedSRT

        So the dead people at a wedding that was drone bombed shouldn’t call him a baby killer? He’s a piece of shit, just as Bush was…

    • BoostedSRT

      there is no good guy side with left/right politics….NDA is patriot act on steroids. Drones are murdering innocent children, Obama is a pimp for the elite the same Bush was, but…whatever I can’t expect a zombie to start thinking for himself I guess. Until you realize there is no “good guy” team, you’re going to continue to bury yourself and this country. Maybe one day you’ll grow up.

    • FreeManinAmerica

      Religious right? Are you so secular that you don’t know that “mainstream” religion in the US is heavily tilted left? That is why participation in the mainstream protestant religions is plummeting at the same time Roman Catholic and evangelistic protestant congregations are booming. Mr. Schaeffer was never allied with the “religious right.”

      • lisa

        Mr Schaeffer was never allied with the “religious right”? This is his quote from the article above.
        Mr Schaeffer: “I am a white privileged well off sixty-one-year-old former Republican religious right wing activist who changed his mind about religion and politics long ago.”
        You might want to pay attention.

        • FreeManinAmerica

          His words belie his claims. You might want to pay attention.

        • Jon Carry

          lisa, he is lying to you. Can’t you see that?

    • Russ

      Actually if you wish to get a dialogue going ‘shock value’ and ‘inappropriate’ serves that purpose adequately. It brings out the best and the worst in people, and gives plenty of insight into how the average American with computer access thinks, and responds to the stimuli.
      When I realize that I’ve just been had, I think ….’well the ploy worked’..and then marvel at how we all allow ourselves to be so easily jerked around.
      His message wasn’t weak at all because if nothing else, all of us took the bait hook, line, and sinker…otherwise we would not have bothered responding at all.

  • pse chicago

    Hey Frank, when we the people disagree with policies of this administration, and voice our opinions, it is not a lynching- it is a duty as an American. Quit looking at things through your black and white glasses, it only perpetuates racism. There are a number of issues that a majority of “we the people” have with this president but people like you are caught up in the “racist swamp of prejudice” and drowning this country.

  • BoostedSRT

    Frank Shaeffer is an american author? wow…..go back to school.

  • BoostedSRT

    What was I doing when I was pointing out all the corruption and awful stuff going on under Bush? Was I white hating racist? This race card bs from the left needs to stop, you’re embarrassing yourselves.

  • BoostedSRT

    as an independent American voter capable of critical thinking I want you all to know…stepping back and looking at it objectively. The progressive left is actually a lot scarier than the religious right. Its generally the extreme left that ends up killing millions throughout history and its obv. why…..

  • FreeManinAmerica

    Where to begin? Secular progressives and their pseudo-religious enablers like Mr. Schaeffer have been “lynching” our republic for a century now. Many of their fiercest advocates were outright racists like Margaret Sanger and Woodrow Wilson. Others paper over the Democrat Party racist Jim Crow laws and opposition to desegregation. The affirmative bias that promoted ciphers like Barack Obama in the absence of meaningful achievement has led us to the state where we can’t say with any certainty whether Obama’s actions to demean the United States and promote Islamists who intend to conquer us are based on actual understanding of Islam or just more “feel good” liberalism by an ignorant punk putting on airs of sophistication.

    Obama’s achievements include:
    Signing off on doubling the national debt.
    Regulating large and small businesses so heavily that the “recovery” from the 2008 economic collapse has yet to match pre-2008 activity.
    Reducing work force participation rates to a level not seen since women began to really participate.
    Driving private capital out of the college loan business.
    Forcing the cancellation of millions of existing health care insurance policies without insuring even 1% of the previously uninsured.
    Destabilizing the fragile Middle East and north Africa.
    Abusing the powers of the federal government to chill political speech.
    Proposing the sequester that reduced military readiness.

    Not one of his achievements can be attributed to his race, but all can be attributed to a man with an outsized ego, animus against the society that promoted him in the absence of merit, and a wrong-headed view of the role of government and the legacy of our forbears.

    Whatever shame is due in America for past racial discrimination, it has been more than amply atoned by the pain this buffoon has inflicted on the republic.

  • Guest

    He would not know God even if he sat next to Him during the Creation.

  • Jon Carry

    Just in time to win the most disgusting article of the year.

  • Dale Williams

    Why is it when anyone disagrees with this president’s policies they are labeled racist?

  • senrex

    Francis Schaeffer, his dad, must be awfully disappointed in him.

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