Dear Mr. President, As the Executive Editor of Christianity Today Magazine I Demand A Religious Exemption For Burning Witches Our Freedom As Christians is at Stake (No Pun)

Fourteen religious leaders including Gordon College president D. Michael Lindsay as well as the executive editor of Christianity Today, and  pastor Rick Warren, and other Christian magnificent leaders and defenders of freedom sent a letter to the White House demanding a religious exemption to a planned order barring federal contractors from discriminating against gay men and women just because they are gay.

“Without a robust religious exemption . . .” the letter states, “this expansion of hiring rights will come at an unreasonable cost to the common good, national unity and religious freedom.”

Lamentably, the executive editor of Christianity Today Magazine the president of Gordon and pastor Warren forgot to ask the President for evangelicals to also be exempted from other federal laws stripping us Jesus-followers of so many of our other traditional religious freedoms. 

So… I call on these great Christian leaders to write to the President again and add this paragraph that I’m sure these great men of God will be anxious to include:

Dear Mr. President, A religious exemption in your executive order on LGBT employment rights would allow for the balancing the government’s interest in protecting both LGBT Americans, as well as the religious organizations that seek to serve in accordance with their faith and values. But that is only a start. We are no longer allowed to burn witches. We cannot torture heretics. Wives are no  longer totally owned by and subservient to their husbands. We are even forbidden to pogrom against Jews and slay these Christ-killers. Before long we will have no religious freedom at all!


D. Michael Lindsay President, Gordon College

Andy Crouch Executive Editor, Christianity Today Magazine

Rick Warren Senior Pastor, Saddleback Church

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