The New Brian McLaren Interview With Frank Schaeffer & Schaeffer Interviews McLaren — The 58 Min Video: WATCH!

“It’s nice for a minute to not look like a cripple!”  “I’m getting all sort of shit from atheists…” “Here’s the truth about my parents…” Here is one of my favorite people — Brian McLaren — doing me the honor of interviewing me in depth. Because it is Brian, I forget there is a camera there and say things I’ve never really shared honestly before…

Thank you Wild Goose Festival and Rick Meredith for providing a forum for this!

Thanks for WATCHING! Thanks Brian! Please watch and share this. Like I said… “It’s nice for a minute to not look like a cripple!” Please read Brian McLaren’s NEW book: Buy from AMAZON CLICK HEREMcLaren_WeMakeTheRoadByWalking_sm.jpg

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