This “Black Friday” Please plant an Empathy Time Bomb in the brain of your favorite Certainty Addicts & Help Me Financially Too

This “Black Friday” Please plant an Empathy Time Bomb in the brain of your favorite Certainty Addicts & Help Me Financially Too November 28, 2014
This “Black Friday” Please plant an Empathy Time Bomb in the brain of your favorite Certainty Addicts & Help Me Financially Too. And if you don’t think uptight people (like I once was when I helped my dad lead the religious right) can change please read the mind-blowing letter below……but first this:“Why I Am an Atheist Who Believes in God” is for sale on Amazon today for only $9.93 in paperback. I get $5.00-plus per paperback copy sold.If everyone on this FB page buys a few copies that will help make up for the more than $30-thousand I gave away in 2014 by 10-thousand FREE Kindle copies of the book and the $20-thousand-plus I gave away in FREE speaking gigs…Now I need your help.

I don’t want donations. I want to get the book out to the many people who will never know about it because I have been so effectively blacklisted by the conservative-controlled religious media.


Please- do these TWO easy Things TODAY on this “Black Friday” :

Buy several paperback copies of “Why I…” from Amazon TODAY (or go to Barnes & Noble and buy it in the store).


(Or hand it to them in person and win points for a profile in courage!)

And if you think no one on your “least likely” reader list can change read this amazing made-my-day letter.

Background to this WOW!-factor letter:

I vividly remember being lectured, harangued, insulted, corrected, and yelled at by a man who stood up in one of my lectures. This was 4 years ago. He held up his huge black Bible like a gun!

Then just 3 days before Thanksgiving I got this letter from THIS SAME SCARY GUY who had left me quaking!

Last night I called him and I asked if I could use his letter here and he said yes, but requested his name be withheld.

Here it is:

“Frank, do you remember the big rude/dude in a red checkered shirt back in — yelling how you ‘betrayed’ your heritage? Remember me quoting that ‘Christianity Today’ review of your book ‘Crazy for God’ where they said you’d ‘committed the sin of Noah’s sons’? That was me.

Between then and now my wife left me, I learned my son was gay. I was like, ‘How can God do this to me after I did everything right?’ My Reformed ‘godly’ pastor took off with his secretary, and I had to admit everything I counted on was gone. I read Richard Dawkins, Harris/the rest, figured atheism was next/or suicide.

“Then a few months ago my gay son I’d sent off to burn in hell along with the likes of you sent me your new book he’d gotten free on Kindle.

“Your book turned me around. I gotta say, even back when I yelled at you my certainty was cracking. Why do you think I was so pissed off?

“I was ready to punch you out for raising questions I couldn’t answer so how nutty all these years later the only reason I even hope there’s a God and am reconciled to my son– is because of you.

“What can I do to get your book to every evangelical ‘certainty addict’ like you call it, before they crack up with no place to go like I did?”

Thank you, R——-


As I say in my book “Religion is a neurological illness and faith is the only cure.”

Do you have some version of this man in your life? Send them my book, please. And help me out by helping them.

P.S. Meet Nora Rose, my new granddaughter.

Let’s start a better discussion
 that offers a real alternative to the 
reactionary phenomenon of the so-called new atheism and to the silly certainties of all other fundamentalism.


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