FILE: April 12, 2012: Sheldon Adelson, Las Vegas Sands CEO and ...John-Boehner-I-did-everything-possible-FHKDA6B-x-extralarge.jpgEl primer ministro israelí, Benjamin Netanyahu, ha publicado este ...Upside Down American Flag - Distress Signal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to address a joint session of Congress in order to insult President Obama. Billionaire GOP donor, extremist Zionist Sheldon Adelson who cooked this bad idea up, Netanyahu and Boehner are the enemies of peace, of Jews of Israel and of America. With friends like these Israel needs no enemies. They seem bent on doing the impossible through their really bad idea to insult our president: They seem bent on turning all non-Republicans against Israel.

Netanyahu and Boehner are turning support of Israel into a partisan divide. They are the neo-con party of perpetual war. Adelson, Netanyahu, Boehner are the stooges of racist Obama-hating far loony evangelical right who have lied about and insulted our president from the first day he took office.

Enough! Democrats need to walk out of Congress when this intruder, invited here by extremists, to insult our president, walks in.

As   notes writing in the Huffington Post :

House of Representatives, John Boehner, announce[d] that he had invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress in order to challenge President Obama’s handling of “the grave threats of radical Islam and Iran.”… According to Israeli press reports, the idea for the speech was first suggested by Israel’s Ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer. Dermer, a former Republican operative and a confidant of both Netanyahu and billionaire GOP donor, Sheldon Adelson, had apparently proposed the idea of the speech to Republican leaders as early as January 8th. An agreement was reached for the Speaker to extend the invitation days before the State of the Union–without any notice given to the White House or the Department of State.

…Netanyahu has long been married to the neo-conservative wing of the Republican party, working with them for years to sabotage US peace-making efforts. During the 1990’s, he collaborated with the Gingrich-led Congress to pass the Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act, over the objections of both President Clinton and then Israeli Prime Minister Rabin. Once elected as Prime Minister, Netanyahu delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress, at Gingrich’s invitation, pledging to end the Oslo peace process. That speech had been written with the help of leading American neo-conservatives like Richard Perle, Doug Feith, and David Wurmser.

…So the ever self-assured Netanyahu relishes the opportunity that his agents cooked up for him to once again demonstrate that he, together with his Republican allies, can dominate Washington. The fact that his appearance comes just weeks before the Israeli election is “icing on the cake.”

…The division of the American electorate is not merely by party, but by demographics. Republican base voters are largely older and white and male, including a strong cohort who identify themselves as “born-again Christians”.

So here we have it: Religious right evangelicals team up with the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party to once again insult our first black president. They are directed in this insult by casino operator billionaire Sheldon Adelson who is on record as calling for nuking Iran. The Republican Party that was willing to shut down the US government in order to try to block and discredit President Obama resorts to becoming the stooge of the far right of both the evangelical and Israeli and American-evangelical Zionist extremists.

Who will be cheering for Adelson, Netanyahu, Boehner and war with Iran? Evangelicals who want the Middle East to go up in flames to fulfill prophecy “so Jesus can come back,” the racist Tea Party haters of President Obama, and the far right of the ever more oppressive Israeli population and a few exremist American right wing Jews.

Who will lose? Israel, most Jews, and everyone else including the US military (people like my US Marine son) that will wind up dying for these fanatics.

As I said: Adelson, Netanyahu, Boehner are the enemies of peace, of Jews of Israel and of America.

Democrats in Congress should rise up in a body, turn their backs and walk out when Netanyahu walks in.

Will you join me in this call to Democrats (and sane Republicans too)? DEMAND THEY WALK OUT!

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