Did Jerry Falwell Jr Watch the Multiple and Disgusting Howard Stern/Trump Interviews (or Know that Trump is accused of Child rape) BEFORE Endorsing Him?

Did Jerry Falwell Jr Watch the Multiple and Disgusting Howard Stern/Trump Interviews (or Know that Trump is accused of Child rape) BEFORE Endorsing Him? July 23, 2016

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In the 1980s when I was myself in the religious right I preached from Jerry Falwell’s pulpit. I preached on family values. My how times have changed! Trump was endorsed by Jerry Falwell’s son. Trump represents a specific modern sexual predator personality type. Trump’s proclamation: “Women, you have to treat ‘em like shit,” makes me ask: Did Jerry Falwell Jr. and all those other evangelicals who back Trump endorse him because they hate women too? …Or are Falwell and company just stupid?

When you WATCH the Howard Stern interview with Trump (below)–yes it is 20 min long and mindblowingly worth it, trust me!–consider that Trump is accused of child rape as well as being a crude, lewd Stern-fan and regular guest on the filthiest woman-hating radio show ever invented.

Then decide if Jerry Falwell Jr. and the other evangelicals clamoring to follow Trump, care at all that Trump was molded and enabled by consumer capitalism that sees women as meat.

The word entitlement hardly covers Trump’s attitude to women. Watch Stern and Trump compare pictures of women and discuss which one Trump says he “had.”

Trump is not alone when it comes to the women are shit view. Take Saddam Hussein’s rapist son Uday.

As Time noted

Uday’s bodyguards approached her with a choice, says Shabaan, who was Uday’s business manager. … One of the guards [said], “This is the chance of your life” and promised she would receive diamonds and a car. “All you have to do is go up there for 10 minutes,” he urged. When she demurred again, the bodyguards pursued Uday’s backup plan. They maneuvered the girl in the direction of the parking lot, picked her up and carried her to the backseat of Uday’s car, covering her mouth to muffle her screams.

After three days the girl was returned to her home, with a new dress, a new watch and a large sum of cash. Her parents had her tested for rape; the result was positive.

Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson also exposed the ugly underbelly of what we could call the Uday/Roger Ailes/Trump/Stern/Falwell, Sexual Entitlement Syndrome. 

The Carlson lawsuit accuses Ailes of firing her after she rejected his sexual advances. Many other women now have told their stories.

Trump only spoke once at Liberty U, but over the last 20 years Trump has favored Stern with dozens of appearances on the “Howard Stern Show.”  

The real Trump is no secret thanks to Stern. Falwell and the other evangelical backers of Trump have no excuse. Stern’s shows may be seen by anyone who wants to know the REAL TRUMP.

Trump and Stern hung out– lots! No wonder Trump loved going on Stern’s show! Soulmates about sums it up.

Here’s a few Stern moments Trump must have LOVED or he’d never have kept coming back again and again and again and again…. for more of Stern:

BESTIALITY STUNT By 1985, Stern was working at WNBC radio in New York City. He was fired that year for doing a stunt on his show called ‘Bestiality Dial-A-Date.’
AUNT JEMIMA PENALTY In 1992, Stern and his employer, Infinity Broadcasting, got one of many FCC fines when he said on the air, ‘The closest I came to making love to a black woman was I masturbated to a picture of Aunt Jemima on a pancake box. I did it right on her kerchief.’ The FCC gave a $600,000 penalty fine for that incident.
COLUMBINE CONTROVERSY April 21, 1999, the day after the Columbine High School massacre; commenting on the mass murders, Stern said on his show, ‘There were some really good-looking girls running with their hands over their heads. Did those kids try to have sex with any of those good-looking girls? They didn’t even do that? At least if you’re going to kill yourself and kill the kids, why wouldn’t you have some sex? If I was going to kill some people, I’d take them out with sex.’ Stern’s comments led to widespread public outrage, and the Colorado State Legislature issued an official censure against Stern.
SELENA SCANDAL After Tejano singer Selena was shot to death in March 1995, Stern parodied her murder the day before her funeral by playing gunshots over Selena’s music.

BANNED BY CLEAR CHANNEL Clear Channel Radio, which carried Stern’s show in six markets, suspended him after n interview with Rick Salomon, Paris Hilton’s sex-video partner. Anal sex was discussed, and a caller on the show also used the ‘n’ word when Stern asked Salomon if he had ever had sex with black celebrities.

Here’s a few of Trump’s “ways” to see women he left out of his talk he gave to Liberty University students that fit the Stern Way of seeing women: 

  • “I tend to like beautiful women more than unattractive women.”
  • “A person who’s flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.”
  • “Do you like girls that are five-foot-one? They call it — they come up to you-know-where.”

…To his penis, if Falwell doesn’t get it. 

Trump says he “cherishes“ women. His version of cherish is like a butcher “cherishes” meat, more like Uday than Jesus that is: like Woody Allen “cherishes” young girls. Like Cosby “Ccherishes” unconscious girls on couches, like Uday, Trump loves women.

Trump’s ideas about women are meticulously documented.  Bluntly: this man is a pig as the  New York Times story on his long history of his deranged hitting up (at best) on women fully proves.

Trump holds a grotesque hateful view of women. He’s every father and grandfather’s nightmare when it comes to warning daughter’s and granddaughters about not (as it were) taking candy or car rides from strangers. This is the guy you never want your daughter to meet.

And this pig-man is the evangelicals pick for president. Evangelical leader and family values child care advocate James Dobson says Trump is born-again by which I guess Dobson means that when Stern asked Trump in 2005 if he would have more kids with his new wife Melania, Trump suggested he was open to the idea because, “I mean, I won’t do anything to take care of them.”

“The sex is extraordinary,” Trump said in 2005 of his new wife.

“You know, she’s a great beauty, but she’s a great beauty [on the] inside,” Trump said, “which is almost as important.”

“Not really,” Stern added.

“No, probably not,” Trump clarified, laughing…

We get it. It’s a trend! Trump is just one of many. Take Bill Cosby who was formally arraigned on one charge of aggravated indecent assault. Cosby’s passport was turned over and his bail was set at $1 million. He posted $100,000 (10 percent of the bail, as required) and was released.

Now please WATCH this 20 min Trump Stern interview. Get to know your wannabe president! Then please read the rest of this article for an update on the child rape accusations leveled at family values, Trump.

(Did they show this at Liberty in the chapel? They also forgot to show this at the GOP convention.)

As Trump heads into the election battle, Lisa Bloom (Legal analyst for NBC News. attorney and bestselling author) writes in “Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should Not Be Ignored” something that should interest the “Law and Order” types:


An anonymous “Jane Doe” filed a federal lawsuit against GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump last week, accusing him of raping her in 1994 when she was thirteen years old….

If the Bill Cosby case has taught us anything, it is to not disregard rape cases against famous men. Serious journalists have publicly apologized for turning a blind eye to the Cosby accusers … No outsider can say whether Mr. Trump is innocent or guilty of these new rape charges. But we can look at his record…

1. Consider the Context: Mr. Trump’s Overt, Even Proud Misogyny

The rape case must be viewed through the lens of Mr. Trump’s current, longstanding and well documented contempt for women. Men who objectify women are more likely to become perpetrators of sexual violence, just as one with a long history of overtly racist comments is more likely to commit a hate crime….

2. More context: two prior sexual assault court claims have been made against Mr. Trump…

Under oath, Ivana Trump accused Mr. Trump of a violent rape.

First was Ivana Trump, Donald Trump’s first wife, who said under oath in a 1989 deposition that he had violently attacked her, ripped out her hair and forcibly penetrated her without her consent. According to the Daily Beast, she claims he was wildly angry that she’d referred him to a cosmetic surgeon who had botched a “scalp reduction” job (to cover a bald spot) and caused pain in his scalp – hence the vindictive yanking on her hair. At the time Ms. Trump said she felt “violated” by the alleged “rape.”…

…3. The new Jane Doe child rape claim against Mr. Trump is consistent with verifiable facts about Mr. Trump and his friend Jeffrey Epstein, and has a powerful witness statement attached to it.

A third woman accused Mr. Trump of rape very recently. According to the Daily Mail, a woman filed an April 2016 lawsuit claiming that when she was thirteen years old she was held as a sex slave to Mr. Trump and his friend Jeffrey Epstein. The woman claimed to have a witness, “Tiffany Doe,” to the incidents. She filed the casein pro per, that is, without the assistance of a lawyer.

The case was dismissed by the court for technical filing errors. She then obtained a lawyer and the case was modified and refiled in New York federal court, against Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein.

I’ve carefully reviewed this federal complaint. It is now much stronger than the one she filed on her own, which makes sense because she now has an experienced litigator representing her. Jane Doe says that as a thirteen year old, she was enticed to attend parties at the home of Jeffrey Epstein with the promise of money modeling jobs. Mr. Epstein is a notorious  “billionaire pedophile” who is now a Level 3 registered sex offender – the most dangerous kind, “a threat to public safety” — after being convicted of misconduct with another underage girl….

…Powerfully, Jane Doe appears to have an eyewitness to all aspects of her claim, a witness who appears to have put herself in substantial danger by coming forward, because at a minimum Mr. Epstein knows her true identity….

We live in a world where wealthy, powerful men often use and abuse women and girls…

What do you call a nation that refuses to even look at sexual assault claims against a man seeking to lead the free world?

Rape culture.

We ignore the voices of women at our peril.

And then… as Kali Holloway reported in AlterNet in “A Third Woman Alleges She Was Sexually Assaulted By Donald Trump”The latest allegations of unwanted sexual contact by Trump come from Jill Harth, a makeup artist and business associate of the billionaire in the early 1990s. According to Harth, Trump sexually harassed her on numerous occasions, including cornering her in his daughter Ivanka’s bedroom and attempting to have sex with her. In 1997, Harth filed a lawsuit detailing Trump’s alleged repeated efforts to force her to have sex with him, as well as a number of other outrageous and inappropriate behaviors.”

Then there’s this, a butt-pat at the convention.

and… in case you think that was just, you know, innocent, note that the creepy video of Donald Trump saying he’d date his own daughter…

And in case you missed the point: here’s the creepy video of Donald Trump speculating about another daughter’s breasts — WHEN SHE WAS ONE YEARS OLD. Who is this creep?


Forget “God bless America.” With Trump wanting to be president, how about “God save America?”

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