“BIBLE TRUMPERS”: Do Not Miss Bill Maher praising Donald Trump for “the one good thing he did” — exposing evangelicals, as “the shameless hypocrites they’ve always been” WATCH

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WATCH Bill Maher praise Donald Trump for “the one good thing he did” in this presidential election — exposing evangelicals, as “the shameless hypocrites they’ve always been.”


“I don’t know if you noticed but Republicans didn’t get to play the ‘Jesus card’ this time around,” said Maher. “It’s hard to bring up the Ten Commandments when your candidate has spent most his life breaking all of them.”


“He is the world’s least Godly man,” quipped Maher. “Jesus saw the good in whores and lepers, but if he met Donald Trump he’d say ‘sorry man, but that’s a pre-existing condition.’”





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