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By banning Arabs who helped the US Military (including my Marine son) Trump will get US soldiers killed. Who will ever work with our troops again? Trump’s Muslims ban denies brave Arabs who worked with US Military while exempting Saudi-Terror-9/11-Arabia because he has business there. If there was ever proof of his deep-set corruption this is it.

As Bloomberg News notes:

President Trump has signed an executive order that bans citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East from entering the United States for 90 days, according to the White House. His proposed list doesn’t include Muslim-majority countries where his Trump Organization has done business or pursued potential deals.

While Trump plays golf with Saudi and other Arab princes who invest in his properties and also have been known to finance global terror… working class Arabs who risked everything to help our military are banned. As this report notes:

Mr. Darweesh, a husband and father of three who worked for the United States military in Iraq for about a decade, was detained after arriving at Kennedy Airport on Friday night. He was granted a special immigrant visa on Jan. 20. When he filed for it, he said he had been directly targeted because of his work for the United States as an interpreter, engineer and contractor.

Mr. Darweesh was released on Saturday after lawyers filed a writ of habeas corpus in federal court seeking freedom for him, as well as for another Iraqi detained at the airport.

Speaking to reporters and some protesters who gathered outside Kennedy Airport, Mr. Darweesh called the United States the greatest nation in the world. He said he was thankful for the people who had worked on his behalf. “This is the humanity, this is the soul of America,” he said. “This is what pushed me to move, leave my country and come here.”

Report: Steve Bannon (the actual president) overruled homeland security to block green card holders.


Another Trump delusional “alternative facts” pathological barefaced lie. Trump says his order to ban refugees and travelers is “Working out very nicely.”

Put all this together and what do we have?

Americans are being turned into dishonorable fascist dupes. And the government by going along is putting our troops like my son in harm’s way. As Bill Moyers writes:

We’re a week into the Trump administration and it’s pretty obvious what he’s up to. First, Donald Trump is running a demolition derby: He wants to demolish everything he doesn’t like, and he doesn’t like a lot, especially when it comes to government.

TRUMP’S Pentagon, Homeland Security Agency and Customs Agency officials detaining innocents with green cards (including men and women who risked their lives for the USA) are like the complicit Germans “only obeying orders.” Worse: they are traitors to our troops by breaking trust with those who help us at great risk to themselves.

As Matt Zeller (a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and the co-founder and chief executive of No One Left Behind) writes:

With his latest executive order and immigration ban, President Trump has shut the door on thousands of foreign interpreters, our wartime allies, who have served alongside our military since 2001. As a combat veteran who has served in the U.S. Army, this action deeply disappoints and angers me. I shouldn’t be alive today. I am only here writing this piece because of my Afghan Muslim translator, Janis. He shot and killed two Taliban fighters who nearly ambushed me in a firefight in Afghanistan in 2008.

My son who served in the Marines is alive today because of the Muslim Arabs he worked with in 3 combat tours. Without that coperation our men and women would die.

Trump just killed Marines, soldiers, Air Force personnel, Navy and Coast Guard people who depend on and will increasingly depend on local Muslim/Arab help and trust. He has struck a blow for terrorists everywhere. The man is either a traitor or fool or both. No Wonder America’s arch enemy Putin wanted Trump in power.

Trump is a draft dodger (of the repeated medical/academic “deferment” kind) and his sons only shoot a gun when hunting endangered species in billionaire canned hunts from the back of pickup trucks.

Trump and the Pentagon and Homeland Security leaders doing his bidding (instead of resigning as honorable men and women would) won’t be at the funerals of the men and women killed now that Trump has broken trust with those who help us most: Arab Muslims who risk everything to save American lives.

Trump is a traitor to the US Military.

Trump also owns all future acts of terror and retaliation for doing what even the 9/11 hijackers failed to do: blowing up the Statue of Liberty and all she once stood for.


P.S. If you want to know a little more about where I’m coming from and my perspective on politics, religion and the intersection of faith and life– here’s a new movie about me. (It’s below the poster on YouTube) scroll down and watch it for free…


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