If Trump Was Your Cousin Would You Ever Ask Him to Care for Your Child or Grandchild Alone and Unsupervised For a Weekend?

We are being conditioned to chaos by Trump. Thank God he’s not caring for my grandchildren.

My daily joy is found in the stillness of repeated tender moments. If you understand children you know that the new is the enemy of joy. Change must be incrementally introduced amidst calm and confidence– new food items as it were added unobtrusively to old favorites and seamlessly folded into trusted secure routines.

Children crave the security of a routine. “We always do this!” is a favorite phrase. “We always cook with Ba!” (I’m “Ba” to my 3 youngest grandchildren, ages 8, 6 and 3.)

Inner stillness and stability is what a child craves. And smart adults who understand life look for that too in grownup routines. I laughed recently when a study “discovered” that sex is “more satisfying” between people who have a committed relationship than in “one night stands.” So it took a study to tell us that bonds of trust and love matter?

My grandchildren count on me for providing the inner stillness of repeated activities… “We always draw at the kitchen table… We always cook together… Ba, always takes us skating…”

Trump provides the rest of us a rolling trauma. His “presidency” is exhausting… and unrelenting… READ THE REST HERE

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