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Susan Cottrell
Susan Cottrell

FreedHearts is a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization based in Austin, TX. You can find out more about the organization and our programs by clicking here.

Susan Cottrell is the founder of FreedHearts. She is a speaker, an author, has been married for nearly 30 years and is the mother of five children including a queer daughter who came out in 2011 and another queer daughter who came out about a year later. She is a veteran discipler and a sage friend.

She is a loving Mom, and a fierce, relentless advocate and ally. FreedHearts is her fulltime ministry. She also served as the Vice President of PFLAG Austin, and she studies at Austin Seminary.

(NOTE: Susan does personal counseling on a very select limited basis. Email her at freedhearts@gmail.com for more details.)


For years I have taught the unconditional love and lavish grace – in books, retreats, and direct discipling. I especially love the LGBTQ community and their families, and I help them heal from the wounds of religion and disempowerment, and to know how much God loves them exactly as they are. Period.

My heart also remains with defeated and discouraged parents, helping them to experience and apply the truth of Jesus, and to come against the “religion” of Christianity – in their lives, marriages and parenting.

FreedHearts is about setting captives free. Free from people-pleasing, fear, pride, envy, despair.

On this blog, through posts, books, resources and lots of conversations, my desire is to show you the open door to freedom – to free hearts to love and be loved by God and others.

It is going to be a wonderful journey.

– Susan Cottrell, Founder, FreedHearts

Note: I will often use the word “gay” in posts and other areas of this website. My use of it refers to anyone who identifies themselves as LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning). Though I certainly realize and respect the distinctions and differences, it was simply the word that quickly and easily communicates non-hetereosexual individuals, and is a common term to resonate with my average reader. I hope my love, acceptance, and affirmation for the LGBTQ community is always clear in everything I write.