Chilling Video of the Democratic National Convention as Delegates Boo God and Jerusalem

Today, the DNC was shamed by Republicans to amend their party platform to add a mention of God and declare  Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

When the convention chairman, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa brought it to the convention floor, he seemed a little surprised by the reaction of the delegates — many of whom booed when he ruled to add God and Jerusalem back into the platform.  It was close — he called for a vote three times before ruling.

What an eye opener into the heart and soul of the Democratic party.

Here’s the video:

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  • cm

    No surprize there. I’m surprized that there was as many “ayes” as that.
    The Democrats only worship liberalism and themselves. More open and upfront this rotten party is, the better. They lie so much, we should be glad anytime they truely expose themselves.

  • Meagan Newberry

    As a Christian and a Democrat, I would have yelled “nay” too. I agree with the governor’s statements, but I more strongly believe that this is a country of religious freedom, and not all religions or belief systems include the God he and I believe in. It’s absolutely crucial that we keep religious freedom central.

  • SAJ

    I don’t understand why any political party feels the need to talk about gods. Religion is a personal, private thing and I really don’t care if someone has religious beliefs or not. It’s none of my business, just as my beliefs are none of theirs.

  • SAJ

    Please bullet point a minimum of 3 lies told at the DNC this week so we know what the heck you’re talking about. Thank you.

  • jatheist

    How disappointing that the Dems felt the need to kowtow to the religious nuts who don’t feel comfortable enough with their own faith that they need the government to unconstitutionally highlight it at every step. Pathetic but not surprising… The Obama admin has been so disappionting. They seem to lack the backbone to do what is right.

    Of course it’s kinda funny that Obama will still beat Mittens in November… such an unpopular prez even among the Dems, and the GOP still can’t field a viable candidate to beat him. Mitt is a lot like John Kerry in 2004.

  • George S.

    So you are suggesting that they kowtow to the atheist nuts who don’t feel comfortable enough in their own lack of faith that they need the government to unconstitutionally limit the free exercise of it at every step?

    Pathetic but not surprising.

  • jatheist

    Leaving your specific deity out of their platform is remaining neutral, it is not “atheist” – it isn’t just atheists who don’t like the reference to “God”, it’s also Hindus, Muslims, Wiccans, etc.
    That you don’t understand that is just an example of the Christian priviledge that you enjoy. You need to get over it.

    George wrote: “…need the government to unconstitutionally limit the free exercise of it at every step?”

    Can you give some examples of this? Where are atheists limiting the “free exercise” of religion in this country? The only time it’s an issue is when a gov’t entity is holding one specific religion above all others – and this is forbidden by the constitution. This protects you too even though you don’t know it. If there ever came a time when a religion that you don’t follow becomes the predominate one you’ll thank your god for the constitution stopping the gov’t from showing preferential treatment.

  • Terry

    You wish. Romney will win in November, and for good reason. Obama has been a disaster for this country–trillions of dollars in debt, high unemployment, and more people on public welfare than ever before.

  • jatheist

    It’s like Bill Clinton said last night… I paraphrase here, but it was basically: ‘The GOP position can be summed up thusly: We (the GOP) got the U.S. into this mess, Mr. Obama hasn’t gotten us out of it fast enough, please hand it back to us to fix.’

    That’s one pretty big reason to vote for Obama in November – even though I admit Obama has been a huge disappointment. The alternative just isn’t reasonable at all…

  • ked5

    1. bobo’s grandmother was a bank secratary:. fact: she was a bank Vice President (and the breadwinner in that family)
    2. bobo had an average background. fact: bobo atttended the MOST expensive private high school in Hawaii. current tuition is $18K+ per
    3. bobo created 4.5 million jobs. fact: since he took office in Jan 2009 – we are MINUS 300K jobs.

  • ked5

    addendum #3 – since the population is growing, we need to add jobs every month or we lose ground. so having a minus 300K jobs for 3 1/2 years leaves us very underwater for job growth.

  • John I.

    obama, and bush too for that matter, have greatly expanded the powers of the executive beyond what is arguably constitutionally valid, but at least beyond what is healthy for a democracy with the ideals of the U.S. Bush approved a warcrime for which Japanese were convicted and hung (waterboarding), and Obama approved the murder of an American citizen without a trial (in Yemen).

    I hope that Mitt is a committed ethical Mormon such that he would not do the same, but who really knows?

  • jatheist

    The problem, I believe history shows us, is that Mitt Romney really is like an etcha-sketch. He doesn’t appear to actually care about anything other than getting elected. His views change with the crowd he is addressing, one day implementing Obamacare in Massachusetts, the next denouncing it as socialism. His views change more than the wind.

  • Terry

    jatheist claims: “‘The GOP position can be summed up thusly: We (the GOP) got the U.S. into this mess, Mr. Obama hasn’t gotten us out of it fast enough, please hand it back to us to fix.’”

    You are forgetting that the Dems had control of the House and Senate for two years before Obama took office. Therefore, you can hardly blame Republicans for the current mess. Mitt Romney is our best choice to fix the economy and get this country back on track again. Obama sure doesn’t know how to do it.

  • jatheist

    I think those wars GWB got us into (to pad his own and his friends’ personal wealth) had a lot more to do with it…

  • Terry

    jathiest claims that Romney’s views “change more than the wind.”

    That is just laughable. A little honest research on your part will prove me right. Romney has always stated, for example, that his MA health care plan was never meant for implementation on a federal level. He suggested that it should be up to individual states to decide if they want something like that for their state. With ObamaCare, an individual will, at some point, be forced to sign on. You will not have the option to go insurance shopping if you don’t like the insurance company you currently have. That was not the case in MA under RomneyCare. Vast difference.

    Abortion is another subject many folks get wrong about Romney. At one time, Mitt was pro-choice. However, early in his governorship he decided that he couldn’t claim that view any longer. He wrote a letter to a prominent newspaper announcing his change of attitude and that he was now pro-life. Since that time, he has remained steadfastly a pro-lifer. No evidence to the contrary exists to suggest otherwise.

    No, Mitt Romney’s views do NOT “change with the crowd he is addressing”.

  • Joel Cannon

    It struck me as vote rigging to declare a 2/3 majority were in favor of the amendment. Why bother with the vote at all if it is overruled by the chairman. It was obvious he was determined to pass the amendment – but was hopping for some more cooperation from the crowd – it was a consistent tie at each call.

    It seems like both the ayes and the nays have been short changed. The ayes – because they were given a victory they didn’t earn, and the nays because their vote was ignored. It is surprising that this was recorded for all to see – but few seem to care. So much for integrity in the Democratic party.

    I would expect anyone with an opinion on the vote to be unhappy with the results.

  • jatheist

    Google says you’re misinformed Terry…

    The list is (almost) endless… of course, you admit it yourself when you wrote: “At one time, Mitt was pro-choice. However, early in his governorship he decided that he couldn’t claim that view any longer.”

    Just what do you think “changing your position” means, Terry, if not ~that~??

  • Brantley Gasaway

    Nancy, I had watched this video before coming to this site (and in fact used it for illustrative purposes today in my Religion & Politics class). Why do you interpret this booing as directed at God and Jerusalem as opposed to the clearly biased procedural decision the chairman made? I hold no candle for Democrats, but I think it unfair that you are so confident that in the “heart and soul of the Democratic Party” is antipathy for God and Israel.

  • Carla Smith

    When Obama changes his position (gay marriage for example), he evolves. When Romney changes his position, he flip-flops.

  • Jamey

    Christianity is NOT a private matter. The last time I read the story of Jesus Christ he hung naked, on a cross, in front of a very hostile crowd. It’s our duty as Christians to get the word out, not privately but publicly

  • Dan

    Anyone’s belief IS personal, but if it has any weight in their life (which I would assume it would otherwise they wouldn’t believe it) it is not private. If what you believe is the Truth, it is your responsibility to tell others, and to live it out every day in all of your decisions. While we will always fall short of a perfect expression of faith in our lives, we should continually strive towards that end. Penn Gillette, an atheist, has stated that he has enormous respect for those who live out their faith and tell others about it, and (to paraphrase him further) those who claim to know the Truth but do not tell others are extremely selfish.

    So…. no, faith and religion are not private and should not be kept in a compartment only to be practiced on the Sabbath day or on other holy days of celebration, and not only in houses of worship. It is clear atheists do not keep their faith private, but make it known regularly and vociferously. More of us Christians should be so bold, unashamed of and unselfish with our faith which we believe to be the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    Ultimately, the Hope of the believer should not be in government and the results of an election, but in Jesus Christ. For those that do not believe in God, it is understandable and logical that they put their faith in this other institution of government, because it takes the place of religion when religion is not fulfilling its mandate. (I recommend Charles Colson’s classic “Kingdoms in Conflict”)

  • Liz

    Woah. I knew things were heading this way, but I didn’t know the party majority was completely godless already. Apparently, Villaraigosa didn’t know it either, dope. I guess that’s what happens when the administration is living a fantasy. And what’s these people’s problem with Jews? It’s always about hating God, and picking on the Jews. Isn’t it. It always starts that way.

  • jatheist

    Liz wrote: “I didn’t know the party majority was completely godless already.”

    You mistake wanting the gov’t to remain neutral on specific religions with being ‘godless’. That is not true at all, there are many Christians that realize the government shouldn’t be in the religion business.

    Liz cont’d: “what’s these people’s problem with Jews?”

    Not specifically mentioning where the capital of Israel should be is “picking on the Jews”? Really? Does it not seem a little strange to you that both the GOP and DNC have had this capital issue in their platforms for decades and yet neither administration has done the slightest thing to actually implement it? Doesn’t that underscore just how useless such a proclamation is?

    Liz cont’d: “It’s always about hating God”

    Can you explain why the original 2012 DNC platform contained a whole section on ‘faith’ and how important it is to America and Americans?

    Give your head a shake and join us in reality at your earliest convenience…

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  • Sue

    So disappointed to see this on Patheos, but encouraged by the comments that are more thoughtful than the post. You don’t even know why anyone voted “aye” or “nay,” nor do you really know if there was booing or just voting “nay.” You can’t see into people’s hearts. Why should any political party in this country “mention” God much less take a stand on Jerusalem, and if a party does, what does that tell you at all about the people in the party? Lots of people I know are turned off completely to the gospel by the posturing in the Republican party as if God is on their side (especially when God gets included in the rationale for war or torture!). Neither do you know a thing about the love for God among any individual Democrat or “liberal” as some people here are wont to say. This belongs over on The Blaze or something – because it’s not really about faith.

  • dudesicle

    The Decision the chairman made was after the booing dumbass!!! Get your facts straight retard. That is all.

  • peninsuladan

    I read something about the separation of church and state, but I just can’t remember where….