The First Copy of My Bob Fu Book

Yay!  My neighbor visited tonight and when I walked her to the door, she said, “You’ve got a package.”

There in a box from Baker Books, was my first copy of my new book God’s Double Agent with Bob Fu!

I can’t tell you how proud I am of this upcoming release.  When I signed on to do the project of this Chinese dissident, I had no idea what sort of story was going to come out of that man’s mouth.  I traveled to Texas and sat in a room with him and my little recorder, day after day.  Gradually, I heard first hand how he was born to a mother who was a beggar and a father who was a disabled peasant in a village in China. He told me tales of poverty, atheism, protesting in Tienanmen Square, and how he survived the ensuing chaos and prison.  Eventually, he ended up in the highest levels of global politics… even in the White House.

What an honor to know Bob Fu, and what an even bigger honor to be able to tell you the stories he told me over the course of several weeks in Texas.

Pre-order your copy today, or buy it in bookstores on October 1st.  Also, enjoy this video teaser for God’s Double Agent.

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