Are We at a Stalemate or is Gay Marriage Inevitable?

Last May, after Obama’s unsurprising reversal on gay marriage, I argued that the long-term future of the gay-marriage debate wasn’t an inevitable national victory for same-sex marriage but rather a stalemate, with red states staying conservative on the issue, and many of the blue states embracing further liberalization of marriage laws. [Read more...]

When Our Principles Don’t Survive Contact with Pain

There’s an old military adage: “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” [Read more...]

The War Was Right, but the Rhetoric Was Wrong

I supported the Iraq War from the start. [Read more...]

“Targeter-in-Chief” (Why the Drone Arguments Miss the Mark)

The drone image was grainy, but clear enough to make out roughly 20 military-age males lounging around in a courtyard. [Read more...]

Harvard Crimson: Conservatives Need Not Apply

As if on cue, the Harvard Crimson steps forward in the midst of the Ted Cruz controversy to demonstrate that, yes, campus liberals are intolerant. [Read more...]