Look at the remarkable difference between how GWB treated Cindy Sheehan and how Trump treated Mrs. Khan

Millions saw the emotional speech of Mr. and Mrs. Khizr Khan at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, where they talked about their son who died serving his nation.  Here is the response of Donald Trump, Republican nominee for President: [Read more…]

How “After School Satan Clubs” might be coming to elementary schools across America

Image from SatanicTemple.com

Image from SatanicTemple.com

Leaders of the Satanic Temple are starting a new initiative that might be coming to your kid’s elementary school, according to the Washington Post: [Read more…]

Hillary posts a “We Made History” meme, but find out why the woman in the photo was REALLY crying

In case you missed it, Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee and believes she’s on her way to the Oval Office.  Plus, she’s a woman, not that she would ever bring it up.  During the Democratic National Convention, however, she did manage to post this as a celebration of her glass-ceiling shattering trajectory: [Read more…]

A Beautifully Poignant Moment: Brother of Bernie Sanders Causes the Former Candidate to Cry

Amidst all the political chaos and sniping, this was a very touching moment last night: Larry Sanders casting a vote for his little brother. [Read more…]

11 times Bill Clinton was accused of assault or rape: remember this when Dems say accusers should be believed

“In the spring of 1971, I met a girl.”  That’s how Bill Clinton began his speech at the Democratic National Convention.  Many women across America thought, “Really?  Which one?”

Now that women are coming out of the woodwork accusing Republican nominee Donald Trump of sexual abuse, the liberals are saying we should believe them, to listen to their stories.

I agree.  But we should also listen to THESE women’s stories:


1. Three college students

In 1969, Bill Clinton was a 23-year-old Rhodes scholar at Oxford University when he was accused of sexual assault by a fellow student, an English woman named Eileen Wellstone, 19, after the two met at a local pub. Bill acknowledged that he had sex with this woman, but insists it was a consensual encounter.

An unidentified State Department employ filed a report of the incident at the time with his superiors. Now retired he said, “There was no doubt in my mind that this young woman had suffered severe emotional trauma…But we were under tremendous pressure to avoid the embarrassment of having a Rhodes scholar charged with rape.”

Charges were never brought against Clinton. He left Oxford one year later without earning his degree.

In 1972, a 22-year-old Yale student contacted campus police and accused Bill of sexual assault. He was dating Hillary Rodham at the time. Retired campus police have since confirmed the report. Again, no charges were filed.

By 1974, Clinton was a law professor at the University of Arkansas and still up to no good. One of his students alleged that this soon-to-be governor groped her and forced his hand inside her shirt while alone in his office. When confronted by the girl’s faculty advisor, Clinton blamed her for coming on to him. The girl left UofA shortly after the incident and has declined to go on record ever since.

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