3 unintentionally funny things about David French’s interview today on News Channel 2

I love this interview Chris Bundgaard conducted down here in Columbia, Tennessee.  Chris has come out to the house before, and it’s always fun to see him.  (We also had the honor of meeting Emmy award winning photographer Scott Mottern too.) [Here’s the FULL INTERVIEW, in which he talks about Gov. Haslam’s refusal to support Trump as well.] (more…) Read more

Tim Kaine walks up to a woman eating and she thinks he’s Mike Pence

Really, who can tell the difference between Democrats and Republicans anymore? Read more

Stephen Colbert helps Obama polish his resumé – “Why haven’t you had a raise in 8 years?”

President Barack Obama sits down with Stephen Colbert for a frank discussion of his career prospects after he leaves office. Read more

VIDEO: Melania Trump blames one man for her husband’s misogynistic comments (and it’s not Donald)

Well, this is painful. Read more

Hustler’s Larry Flint offers $1 M to anyone with a damaging Trump video, because of… “respect for women”

Wrap your head around the fact that the “morality police” are now sex-crazed libs. Read more

Clinton Email ’08: attack Obama for Muslim heritage, cocaine use, gay adoption, lack of patriotism

Well, this is awkward. Read more

Democrats raised $13,000 in 40 minutes to help open the firebombed GOP office

This is actually heartwarming. Read more

Why that “3rd Rock from the Sun” video making the rounds isn’t true for 2016

It’s your duty as a patriotic citizen to vote, right? Not so fast. Read more

Here’s the Saturday Night Live skit that Donald Trump said was “rigging the election”

One of the Presidential candidates is not happy with a recent skit. Watch it to see for yourself. Read more

Ron Swanson FINALLY speaks out about the 2016 election and he endorses…

Who’s been described as the most lovable libertarian of all time? The bacon loving, government hating Ron Swanson, from The Office. Read more

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