Dear Rachel Dolezal, White People Can Parent Black Children

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When Matt Lauer interviewed Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who identifies as black, she explained one of the reasons why she told everyone that she was black.  (Dolezal and her ex husband have a son, and she also has legal guardianship over her adopted brother, Izaiah.) [Read more...]

Fascinating Lauer/Couric Media Interviews Show Media Double Standard

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My husband David has a fascinating side-by-side video observation between how Matt Lauer treated the white women who thinks she’s black, compared to Katie Couric interviewing the black man who presents as a woman:

From age five she colored herself with a brown crayon, and she declared unequivocally, “I identify as black.”

[Read more...]

How Should Pastors Preach about Caitlyn Jenner Sunday Morning?

I love thoughtful friends who think about engaging the culture in meaningful ways.  When I got this challenging, poignant e-mail from a former pastor friend, I thought I’d share.

Here’s the question my friend posits and answers very powerfully:

If you were a pastor, what would you say about Caitlyn Jenner? [Read more...]

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The Post’s New Poll on Campus ‘Sexual Assault’ Is Bogus

Harvard Campus in Fall
David French talks about the latest poll on National Review:

Rachel Dolezal Is Blacker Than Bruce Jenner Is Female

David has an interesting take on the Rachel Dolezal story — the woman who pretended to be black in order to be an official at the NAACP: [Read more...]