Day Six, Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise: Nova Scotia

DAF The weather is rainy and drizzly as we pull into Halifax, Nova Scotia. [Read more...]

Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise, Day Five – Day at Sea

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 3.18.43 PM

“Wow. I’ve never seen a family of 5 have so little luggage,” the man unloading our luggage said at Port Canaveral. [Read more...]

TN Student Who Got Accepted to Every Ivy League School Chooses… Univ. of Alabama?

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David’s favorite Tennesseean is this guy: [Read more...]

Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise, Day Four – The Gut Punch of New York


“Will you marry me,” David asked after a few weeks of knowing me. No ring. No preparation. [Read more...]

Republican Presidential Contenders’ Cowardly, After-the-Fact Opposition to the Iraq War

My husband David French is not happy with the GOP Presidential slate of candidates who are sending a terrible message to a broken and fragile world. [Read more...]