Pagans to Perform Ceremony at Austin’s 2018 PRIDE Interfaith Celebration

Pagans to Perform Ceremony at Austin’s 2018 PRIDE Interfaith Celebration July 23, 2018
Photo by Amanda Godwin

I am proud to represent pagans, Gaels, and the LGBTQ+ communities at this year’s PRIDE Interfaith Celebration. Though I am not queer myself, and would prefer a queer leader of a congregation, I was sourced as a last resort as they couldn’t find any queer druids for the part.

I never turn down an invite to appear and represent the pagan community. I’ve appeared on radio shows, cable access, at the local UU pulpit, in central texas for almost a decade.

To have leaders from local public pagan groups included in this year’s celebration is something new. Though there was pagan representation last year via David, and in years before by Izzy Swanson who has a new Morrigan group, ‘Order of the Crows’. Other’s have also been welcomed, but never had a pagan leader of a largely known Austin group been considered to sit with and stand with the other ‘Faith Leaders’ before.

This truly is a remarkable achievement for Texas Pagans.

If you’d like to get connected with our community, visit the Austin Pagan Community Website.

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