5 Charms to the Morrigan

A Prayer of Thanks for Victory

In the presence of the finnóg,
A calm comes over me,
For she arrives red-mouthed,
Beak tipped with the blood of my enemies,
Whom I’ve put asunder.

May her cries be heard,
Around the house no more,
May she be satiated of conflict,
Blood and bile, flesh and sinew,
For she has measured our dán,
And chosen the slain and victor.

We give our thanks Glory Maker,
To the ban-tuathaigh may our gratitude fly,
Toward the Three Daughters of Ernmas.

A Mhór-Ríoghain, glacaigí lenár n-íobairt! (Morrigan, accept our sacrifice!)

A Prayer for Strength

Turning north, in the shadow of the sun soaked sí,
I pray to glimpse the Great Fairies,
There the Grand-Great-Daughters of Nuada king,
And three daughters of Ernmas might be.

I Turn on my left heel times three,
Strength be to mine and me,
Of graceful Bean Tuathai,
Stirring up the wisdom in me,
Underneath the nine cosmos trees.

A Charm for Destruction

By Bird, Boar, Salmon and Horse I myself turn to the north, and bring with me dismay and fury, as I call a storm to hurry.
Be with me this witch’s night, help me stir the cauldron right.
Roundabout against the sun, tear it down it shall be done!
Wind and lightning flash and crack, as the storm hags attack.
Send them upon their wicked way, to tear it down, it shall fall today.
That which stands between me and fate, tear it down don’t hesitate!
Do this for me in kind, and offering hordes you will find.
Be with me this wretched night, tear it down to my delight!

Queen of the Mounds

O Queen of the mounds,
O Queen of the moon,
O Queen of the sun,
O Queen of the planets,
O Queen of the stars,
O Queen of the earth,
O Queen of the sky,
Oh! Strong in your countenance,
O beauteous Queen,
O hideous Hag,
Three teats of milk,
Down over the pale,
Red and white jewels,
And a handful,
Out of every stock of them.

Modified from CG Vol 1 no 9

Queen of Generous Hosts

BLESS, O Queen of generous hosts,
Myself and everything near me,
Bless me in all my actions,
Make you me safe for ever,
Make you me safe for ever.
From every brownie and ban-shee,
From every evil wish and sorrow,
From every nymph and water-wraith,
From every fairy-mouse and grass-mouse,

From every fairy-mouse and grass-mouse.
From every troll among the hills,
From every siren hard pressing me,
From every ghoul within the glens,
Oh! save me till the end of my day.
Oh! save me till the end of my day.

Modified from CG Vol 1 no 10

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