Conversing: Willie Jennings on Race


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Willie Jennings, a systematic theologian from Yale Divinity School, discusses race with Dr. Labberton and reframes fraught social problems around a theology of place for Conversing, a FULLER studio podcast. You can listen to the full of interview—as well as other episodes—here.

FULLER dialogues: Race

The Black Seminarians Council at Fuller Seminary presents “FULLER dialogues on Race,” a careful reflection on racism and injustice, biblical wisdom, and ways the church can respond faithfully to today’s social crises. Watch responses below and learn more about engaging the African American church at the Pannell Center for African American Church Studies

Living With Unjust Legacies: Race, Justice, and Privilege

This event, sponsored by the Hispanic Center, African American Church Studies Program, and Africana Student Association, was titled “Living with Unjust Legacies: Race, Privilege, and Justice,” and was the beginning of a series of conversations on race and justice at Fuller. The comments from participating professors include a mix of history, scholarship, anecdotes, and personal stories. To preserve the dynamic nature of their stories, we’ve published whole portions of the session transcribed from the recording.

Conversing PodcastConversing: A Podcast Series with Mark Labberton

A whirlwind occurs at the intersection of two weather masses of differing temperature and direction that spin into a brief but powerful force. This icon is inspired by a painting by Fuller Seminary President Mark Labberton that hangs in his office, and is meant to evoke both the power of conversation and the turbulence of our times. As ambassador of Fuller, Labberton takes the occasion of his travels to speak with a broad spectrum of leaders on issues at the intersection of theology and culture. Subscribe to the Conversing podcast on iTunes.

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