+ As an institution, Fuller Seminary fully and unequivocally supports continued protection for the members of our society who are DACA recipients. Immigration legislation is a more complicated and long-term issue to solve, but for these young “Dreamers” we pledge our unwavering support. This article from President Mark Labberton shares more about our stance. The following essay was written by Norma Ramirez, Jennifer Hernandez, Jean Carlos Arce Cabrera, and Lisseth Rojas-Flores. Dr. Rojas-Flores (pictured above at left), associate professor of marital and family… Read more

“Yearning and Promise” explores Advent and the expectant longing for the birth of Christ through cityscapes, wilderness, and water (filmed at Paymaster Landing in Imperial County, CA). Watch the full video here. +The liturgical calendar spans the life of Christ in a single year—from anticipation (Advent), to hope (Christmas), to transcendence (Epiphany), to lament (Lent), to redemption (Easter), to the birth of the church (Pentecost), and through long, numbered days (Ordinary Time) back to Advent. These video meditations rely on nature… Read more

This year Fuller commemorates its 70th anniversary: not only celebrating seven decades of innovative leadership in theological education, but looking to a future of equipping men and women in new ways for a vastly changing global landscape. Founded by Charles E. Fuller in 1947 to train leaders who are intellectually sound and culturally attuned as well as solidly evangelical, Fuller is retooling to extend that founding vision more broadly than ever. In an era of declining demand for seminary education,… Read more

“Mystery and Love” acknowledges Ordinary Time—which we have chosen to share with the season of Pentecost—as a time for growth and maturing of the church. The several cities throughout the video represent the fields of harvest where the church that was born at Pentecost grows and matures. It was filmed by FULLER studio in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The audio for this video is in Korean, with subtitles in English, Spanish, and Mandarin—a poetic way to represent the… Read more

Dr. Clarke and I joined many in our extended networks in immediately denouncing on social media the violent racism on display last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. I am aware that, for many in Fuller’s extended network, Facebook is not a primary form of communication, and I wanted to extend to you as well a distillation of our shared perspectives on this critically important issue. The evil of racism so vividly unveiled in Charlottesville last weekend is tragically intertwined with American… Read more

The Fuller community mourns the loss of Max De Pree, longtime friend, board member, and faithful supporter of Fuller Seminary. He passed away Tuesday morning, August 8, at his home in Holland, Michigan, with his wife Esther and daughter Jody Vanderwel at his side. Max De Pree joined Fuller’s Board of Trustees in 1964 and served Fuller in that capacity for 40 years, with six of those as chairman of the board, until his retirement in early 2005. “Max De… Read more

“The answers that gave me solace as a child no longer do. . . . It would be easy to stop asking questions, but I feel that if I did stop asking those questions a little light would go off in my life, and I need to have some degree of mystery that I’m still curious about. Having that curiosity makes living my life better even though I don’t have the answers I thought I once did.” + David Lowery, award… Read more

Happy Fourth of July! We’re thankful to live in a country where all are free to express their faith through their lives and vocations—whether that’s through the chaplaincy or any other way. Read the stories of Fuller alumni working as chaplains to support our soldiers and veterans. Read more

“It’s so crucial to understand that God is on the side of the one who suffers and not the one who causes the suffering. . . . Jesus always responds with comfort, compassion, and healing. Sometimes art can be that solace, that channel of God’s grace, and sometimes words help as well. What we as Christians are called to do is bring that note of comfort and hope.”—Philip Yancey + In light of the Manchester bombing, the London fire, the shooting of… Read more

The liturgical calendar spans the life of Christ in a single year—from anticipation (Advent), to hope (Christmas), to transcendence (Epiphany), to lament (Lent), to redemption (Easter), to the birth of the church (Pentecost), and through long, numbered days (Ordinary Time) back to Advent. The liturgical meditation series to which this video belongs relies on nature to tell the story of God, accompanied by scriptures traditional to each season.   + “Fire and Wind” contemplates the biblical event of pentecost that marks… Read more

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