Where Are Our Leaders?

Where are our leaders? As anyone who has been paying attention knows, something truly evil happened this weekend in Virginia. On Saturday, listening to the news reports of what was going on, getting worse and worse as the day dragged on until finally a car plowed into a group of people, killing one woman and injuring 19 others. Two police officers killed trying to come to the aid of the police of Charlottesville. Absolute chaos and evil reined that day.... Read more

Litany of NFP Saints

Today is the last day of NFP awareness week. You’d think as a fertility care practitioner, I’d have been all over it, making all of my dear readers very aware of NFP. The only problem is, I couldn’t think of anything to say. I’ve been teaching Creighton for almost two years now and I have seen and heard things which have challenged my faith and filled me with tremendous joy. It has also humbled me beyond anything I could have... Read more

The Fire This Time

I’m doing this really interesting thing with a Catholic lady writer friend, where we are consecrating our creativity to Mary over a period of 30 days. We offer our “fiat” to God, to use us and our writing to speak His word into the world. So naturally today is day 1 and I wake up with anger. Sitting heavy like a stone in my stomach while drinking my coffee and reading the Gospel (my mostly daily morning routine) — and... Read more

Trying to Say God Through Bodies: A Postmortem

It was the perfect time to drive to Notre Dame. There are a few weeks in June in Indiana where all is right in the world. The corn, not yet knee high, cast a lush green over the vast expanse driving on 31 between my home on the north-side of Indianapolis and South Bend. Fluffy, perfect cotton clouds of white against azure sky. The coldest iced coffee, the reddest lipstick, the loudest music chosen by a grown-up playing in the... Read more

When Generosity Looks Like Selfishness

This article first appeared on Fumbling Toward Grace in 2015. It’s a message that bears repeating.       In 2015, Pope Francis traveled to Philippines. He made quite a few beautiful remarks about large families, being open and generous when welcoming children. Then he made such a splash with “rabbit-gate”, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to see a bunny the same way again. A lot of virtual ink has been spilled talking about his words, what... Read more

A Mother’s Day Invitation: Empowering Mothers in Costa Rica

To say I have a complicated relationship with Mother’s Day is an understatement. Earlier this week I found myself standing in the card aisle of the grocery store, staring at a wall of Mother’s Day cards that left me frozen and tempted to ditch my full cart of groceries, in a sprint for the door. Grief is an elusive companion, rearing her head at the most unpredictable and inconvenient times. This is my 26th Mother’s Day buying cards for other... Read more

Jordan Edwards: But the People Just Stood Around

“Shots were fired on the street By the church where we used to meet Angel down, angel down Why do people just stand around? I’m a believer, it’s a trial Foolish and weaker, oh, oh, oh I’d rather save an angel down I’m a believer, it’s chaos Where are our leaders? Oh, oh, oh I’d rather save an angel down.” -Angel Down, Lady Gaga   Another unarmed black teenager is dead at the hands of police. This time, 15 year... Read more

In Praise of Transfigured Flesh

This morning I burned my hair on the curling iron. I’ve been using a curling iron my whole life, but today I somehow managed to lose almost an entire lock of hair to the hissing, smoking, smell of death that is human hair burning. I am a disaster, but nothing if not honest. When you see a purple-haired woman with a wild look in her eyes and a chunk of hair missing, you found me. Yet, as I frantically tried... Read more

Who Betrayed and Who Stayed

  “Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen, Anthem   On Palm Sunday, we visited another parish. It was our children’s spring break from school, so we loaded a six year old and her three year old twin siblings into the van with an embarrassingly large pile of belongings, and drove to a state park with an indoor aquatic... Read more

Hearing Black Voices: A Challenge

I’ll never forget the moment when it “clicked” for me. The moment when I realized that being anti-racist was more than opposing overt racism, and more than sharing MLK Jr. quotes in January and February. It was in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting and the acquittal of his shooter. There were protests, not only in Florida where it happened, but all over the US. Most were peaceful, some included elements of property damage. And I remember sitting in... Read more