Commitment to Loveliness

I found this idea at Betty Beguiles, but it originally came from Emma. What a wonderful way to add some cheerfulness and beauty to these winter months (especially for those of us who are having a Chicago winter!) Here are five things I am going to do this week to make my home more lovely. 

1. Clean out the shower. Yuck. I have been avoiding this one for a few days, but it really needs it. And husband will appreciate it so much.

2. Buy flowers for the apartment. I love this idea (thanks Betty!); I never think to buy flowers in the winter because it’s so cold, but a mix of yellow and white daisies may be just what the doctor ordered. 

3. Paint my nails. I meant to last night before Date Night, but in the rush of getting ready did not have the time. I’m going with a deep wine color; I love the dark winter nail colors that are in.

4. Finish putting away all of our wedding gifts. They are all over the place, and it will help us both to feel settled if I can find a home for everything.

5. Make a pot roast for dinner. Husband has been wanting one for a week or so, but I haven’t had the time. Friday night dinner is going to be Pot Roast with all the trimmings. I’ll finally get to use the beautiful new apron that some friends gave me as a wedding gift. 



I hope these inspire you to do some little things to bring beauty to your family and those around you!

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