7 quick-takes Friday

1. I work for the Church; sometimes I love it, sometimes I don’t. One of the most wonderful things is that I can go to Mass everyday that I am in the office. The chapel is about five steps away from my cubicle. Having the ability to attend daily Mass is such a blessing of working for the Church.

It’s made me realize the difference it makes when you have a priest who loves his vocation and what he is doing to say the Mass. Today we had a ‘guest priest’ visiting from another diocese, and he was so wonderful. He was dynamic yes, but more than that, it was obvious that he loved what he was doing, and loved God even more than that. When a priest is truly present when saying Mass, it shows. It helps the congregation be more attentive and engaged in the mystery of the sacrifice, in my opinion anyway.

2. I never realize how important my routines are until they change for some reason. My office moved in December, then I was gone out of the state and country for the wedding a honeymoon, so my whole schedule got out of whack. I used to go to the gym three evenings a week after work, because my commute was only 30 minutes. Now my commute is 1 hour and going to the gym seems like a lot of extra time on the train (another 15-20 mins) and effort after a 8 hour day of being away from home. So, I haven’t been going. This is bad.

I haven’t really started to put a lot of weight back on, but I’m worried that if I don’t start getting into the habit of going three times a week again soon, my sugars may start to go back up. There is a gym closer to my home, but I love the atmosphere of Curves, where it is a women’s only gym. It makes me feel less awkward and more comfortable exercising.

I’m thinking of going weekend mornings (after Mass on Sundays) and then sucking it up and going one weeknight each week. Pray for me that I’ll be able to stick to it!

3. Wendy Shalit’s “The Good Girl Revolution: Young Rebels with Self-Esteem and High Standards” (previously published as Girls Gone Mild) has just arrived as reading for my thesis, and I am so excited to start reading it! I loved “A Return to Modesty” so I hope this one will be just as compelling. I’m sure I’ll post some updates as I read.

4. I really want a dog. Husband and I want to rescue one from the ASPCA when we move to Indy and will hopefully have (a) a larger apartment or possible rental house and (b) some kind of backyard. I love dogs and have missed having one since my puppy died in 2002.

5. Tonight I am going to a play which some at-risk youth that my friend works with are putting on for this interesting little theater company. I haven’t been to a play in quite a while; I think it’ll be interesting. It’s supposed to be about the housing crisis, from the perspective of a group of teens whose family is about to be evicted. It’s called “Sub-Prime Youth”. Maybe I’ll post more later with thoughts on it.

6. I love sweater dresses! I have slowly been collecting them and when I looked in my closet this morning I realized that I have six or seven, in various colors. I’m not a super trendy woman when it comes to clothes, but sweater dresses is one trend I support. Warm, comfortable, and stylish. What more could I ask for?

7. I hope everyone has a truly wonderful and lovely weekend! :)

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