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listen to the new album of amazing Catholic singer Audrey Assad! She is a CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) singer who just happens to be Catholic. (There aren’t many!)

During an interview she did with the radio show “Speaking of Faith”, Audrey said the following:  “To this convert, the Catholic Church presented herself as the answer to many questions that had plagued and rattled me for decades; I wrestled as a Protestant with why, like Bono, I still hadn’t found what I was looking for. I set off on a journey to discover the truth and, to my shock and great delight, discovered that Rome was indeed “home.”

I did and do take solace in the Church, as a sparrow makes a nest in an old, solid oak; the Church’s very age and wisdom speak quietly for themselves, silently drawing in wanderers like me. Jesus loves wanderers and prodigals; and the Church must welcome them with open arms — in my case, she did, and warmly at that.

I find it beautiful about Catholicism that worship, in her way, is not so much an experience as it is an act of the will; yes, the senses are engaged by the sweet, thick smell of incense at the alter, the soft flickering of candles, the otherworldly melodies of chant; but ultimately, as a Catholic, I go to Mass to worship — to give Jesus the honor and glory He is worthy of; I go to Mass because I love Him.

The first single “For Love of You” is so beautiful, but I am loving the whole album, which is available on iTunes for $7.99. If you can, give it a listen!

“And for love of You, I’m a sky on fire…And because of You I come alive…And it’s Your Sacred Heart within me beating…Your voice within me singing out…For love of You…”

I just love her music, and she just looks so cool. Seriously, I wish I could be her friend.

Let me know what you think of the song, and also of any new music that you love!

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  • Maggie

    Beautiful! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rebecca

    I love it! It was the perfect use for the balance of my gift card – thanks :).

  • Joy

    Lovely, thank you. It is not new music but if you have not already listen to Rich Mullin’s “Liturgy, Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band” you might enjoy it. It reflects what he learned about liturgy as he studied to become Catholic (unfortunately he died in a car accident before entering the church). My favorite is ‘Peace’, though both ‘Hold Me Jesus’ and ‘Creed’ are great, too.

  • alison

    her voice is beautiful. thanks for sharing!

  • Pat

    A beautiful song. Thank you for sharing.