Our Bumper

We had a pro-life bumper magnet. It showed a child with hands folded saying, “Pray to end abortion.” It wasn’t my favorite one, but someone gave it to us and I wanted to use it. Then, one night I was having dinner with some girlfriends at…how shall we say…a somewhat progressive establishment (with killer pulled pork BBQ) and when I came out, the magnet was gone! Yes, that’s right, someone stole it. I was pretty surprised. I mean, I don’t often see pro-choice bumper stickers, but when I do, I am never, ever tempted to steal it and/or vandalize that person’s car. There’s a level beneath which you do not sink; and vandalism of the personal property of others is where it’s at.

Anyway, I knew we’d want to get another pro-life sentiment of some kind to replace it, but I wasn’t seeing any that really encompass how we feel. I don’t like the ones which are overly antagonistic, or brash. I prefer something positive.

Then, finally, last night I was perusing the “Consistent Life” website and came across their collection of bumper stickers. I’m really excited to say I found two that we both really like!

I can’t wait until they arrive, and you can see us coming down the road with these:


Pro-Life Peace Voters Sticker (Bumper)

Have you ever had your car vandalized for a political sentiment? What’s the best bumper sticker you’ve seen lately?

  • http://catholic.nowealthbutlife.com Rae

    These are great!

    I’ve never dealt with political vandalism, but it happened both ways at my college. The Republican club joked that their stickers were great anti-theft devices to be put on expensive water bottles.

  • http://catholicmutt.blogspot.com CM

    I love that last sticker especially!!

  • http://musingsofacatholiclady.blogspot.com Michelle

    I like those. The one on our car is one of an older gentleman holding a baby and it says “Every Life Is Worth Living”

    Personally, I like the ones that say “Abortion stops a beating heart” but don’t have one of those (yet).

    And while I’m not big on the “in your face” type of bumper stickers…I always smile when I see, “You can’t be Catholic and be pro-choice.”

  • http://www.rebecca-feelmylove.blogspot.com Rebecca

    I like them both!

    I’ve not had my car vandalized for political sentiment, but I have for college football team sentiment. I had my WV magnet stolen at a football game.

    My favorite bumper sticker as of late is “When Jesus said “Love thy enemy”, I’m pretty sure He didn’t mean ‘Kill them'”.

  • http://elizaraxi.livejournal.com Elizabeth

    I really love the bumper stickers (and other stuff) that Feminists for Life makes:


  • http://modestia.stblogs.com Rebecca@Modestia

    Just stumbled upon your lovely blog!

    And actually, I’ve been looking for a new pro-life bumper sticker as my last one came off/got worn down after about a year.