The Grace of Holy Saturday

In my morning prayer, the reflection in the Magnificat for today was too powerful to pass by. I spent many moments contemplating the quote from Pope Benedict XVI and the short prayer. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was indeed the prayer of a truly free person.

Perhaps someday it will be mine (and yours) as well.

What moves me, O God, to love you

is not the heaven you have promised me:

It is not the awesome hell

which prompts me not to offend you.

It is you who prompt me, Lord:

It is seeing you nailed on the cross and insulted,

seeing your wounded body,

it is the insults you have received

and your death.

Finally, it is your love,

So that I would love you

if there were no heaven,

and fear you

if there were no hell.

You need give me nothing

for me to love you,

for even if I would not hope for what I hope,

I would still love you as I love you now.

– Anonymous Spanish mystic of the 16th century

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  • Pat

    A beautiful poem. Love is unconditional. That surely is the kind of love that God showers down on us. May we all practice unconditional love. I will keep the poem in my heart to guide me.