7 Quick Takes Friday


You guys, it’s 8:02 am and Maggie is still sleeping!

It’s about an hour later than her usual wake up time. It’s awesome.

I got to shower and drink a cup of coffee and I might even get to write this post uninterrupted.


I have a new job!

I’ll be starting as a receptionist for Weight Watchers next week. I’ll start off working one meeting per week while I do training and then maybe go up to two or three.

It’s really, really part time (like 10 hours a week if I do three meetings), but that will help put some gas in the cars and pay for the YMCA membership.

I’m excited.


Except I guess this technically means I’ll no longer be among the ranks of moms who’ve “never worked a day in their lives”.

Oh who am I kidding, of course I will!

Because I’d much rather be lumped in with Ann Romney than with the thoughtless, cruel kind of person who’d make that remark to begin with (and if you think she’s the only one who thinks that, open your eyes and ears).

Did you all know that Ann Romney raised 5 BOYS, battled cancer, and has MS? But she’s never worked a day in her life.

You know that noise people make, like sucking air through their teeth, whenever someone says something really stupid in a public setting?

Yeah, that just happened all over America.


Since I’m on a roll, did you know the Obama’s couldn’t afford the “luxury” of having Michelle stay home with their two daughters?

Yeah, it must have been tough times in the Obama household with him making 162,000 a year as a senator and her raking in over 300,000 a year doing whatever it is she does. Probably not planting vegetable gardens otherwise my husband would be a rich man.

But you know what they could afford? To send their kids to the most prestigious private elementary school in the city of Chicago, which, in case you’re curious, costs $23,000 per year per child for grades K-5. I can totally see now why they “needed” Michelle to keep working. Their private school tuition was about the same amount as what my husband makes in a year.

 In fact, we make about 1/10 of the 400,000 a year that the Obama’s made when they couldn’t “afford the luxury” of having only one working parent. But I sure am glad that we have the “luxury” of me staying home when the poor, poor Obama’s didn’t.

Gag me with a spoon.


On a happier note, my dear friend Julie is having a baby shower here this weekend!

The theme is bees.

This is our invite:

Mom to Bee baby shower invitations - Set of 25

Well, that’s just the sample, but isn’t it darling?


Due to some of your comments on my car post, we’ve decided to give the Sienna a look-see.

We’re going this weekend. Really, I just don’t love the shape of it. But it’s very highly rated, so I told Atticus we could give it a try.

I’ll let you know!


Have a great weekend and don’t work too hard. Unless you’re a stay at home mom, then you don’t even work at all, so why not pick up a broom and do something with your life for once?

Love you all!

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  • Who me?

    Maybe…just maybe…Michelle Obama wanted to work.

    • spilisz08

      I’ll bet she did. And that’s great, it’s wonderful. What I’m saying is, it’s not exactly genuine to say they “didn’t have the luxury” for her to stay home when people who are making far less money, but who want to, make it work.
      What he should have said was, “Michelle wanted to work and I supported her in that.” None of this, “it’s a luxury to be a stay at home parent when we could have lived on 162,000 a year with just my income”. It’s a slap in the face to those of us who make it work on far, far less.

    • spilisz08

      Also, “Who me?” I work. Every mother works. Choose your words more carefully.

  • Kaitlin @ More Like Mary

    Of course Michelle Obama wanted to work! If she didn’t want to work she could have easily stayed home! That’s not the point “Who me?”. I support any mom who chooses to work-I don’t support whining about not being able to afford the “luxury” when the sacrifices I am making are far, far from luxurious.

    Great quick takes! Congrats on the job!

  • http://michelle-endlessstrength.blogspot.com Michelle

    I agree there were some major gaffes from that side of the fence this week. Wow. You know, I work outside the home to support my family. even if one parent stayed home…it wouldn’t be me, it would be my husband. And I wish I were able to pull that kind of dough. LOL

    We have a 2006 Sienna. You didn’t seem interested in that so I hadn’t commented. But we LOVE our Sienna. It’s safe and reliable and fits the 7 of us fine. Some days I pine for a 12-seat Ford VE-series van…but I imagine we’ll be driving our Sienna for at least another 5 years (we’ve had it for 6.

  • http://thatmarriedcouple.blogspot.com/ thatmarriedcouple

    Haha, I’m laughing at your last one. Because it’s either laugh or cry. I completely agree with you – why not just say “She wanted to work outside the home”, especially since that’s a perfectly legitimate, if not applauded, sentiment.

    And can we switch babies for a morning? Just one, please. Miriam is sleeping through the night now but she has it in her head that wake-up call is at 5:30 am. FIVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING. The sun isn’t even up yet.

    Congrats on the job! That’ll be fun! What are you going to do with Maggie during that time?

  • http://www.dacia-prayingtwice.blogspot.com Dacia Wells

    Haha loved your last one! Hope your first day on the job goes well.

  • Pat

    A colleague at work has a 10 year old Town and Country with 180,000 miles and she has always loved the car. It does have a relatively short front end so that you have a good sense of where the front end is located when parking, turning, etc.

    Finishing high school in 1968, I grew up at a time when smart girls were encouraged to consider nursing or teaching. They were considered family friendly jobs that could be put on hold so that the mom could take time off from her career when the kids were little and then resume the career when the kids were in school. Teaching especially works for this plan. I chose teaching.

    Culture was changing during that time. Indiana was a little behind the times, but it was also changing. When I was a freshman at Purdue, women had “hours”. That meant that the dorm doors locked at a certain time. You had to be in. And we wore skirts to class. By the time I finished 4 years later, all of that had changed.

    And smart girls were being encouraged to consider engineering, medicine– being a physician instead of a nurse, law, business and other male dominated area.

    And I appreciate that times changed for women.

    I applaud all the efforts of women.

    I think it is a crime that childcare providers at most daycare centers are low paid. Teaching is no longer such a family friendly job. The pressure on teachers, especially the teachers who are now judged by the students’ test scores, is huge and teachers work long hours that interfere with being the moms they might want to be.

    I respect all mothers, whether they stay home or work fulltime or part time. There is no one best model. Unfortunately, many (probably most) women do not have a choice economically. They have to work. And, sadly, many of those women cannot afford truly quality childcare.

    But a woman should not be ashamed to say that she enjoys getting away from the kids and enjoys going to her job outside the home.

    It was stupid to start the statement with Ann Romney has not worked. She worked as a stay at home mom. And she has dealt with cancer and a serious chronic disease. But I would guess that Ann Romney’s stay at home experience was made easier by the wealth she has.

  • Pat

    I need to finish the above comment. I could go on and on about this whole issue of working mothers. Stay at home mothers give up monetary luxuries, but they also have pleasures that go with being a stay at home mom. Moms who work outside the home might have heartache when they leave the kids, but they might also enjoy their work.

    And many many women just have it hard. They live in cramped apartments, work low wage jobs, leave their children in less than good childcare arrangement, and do not have much of a support system.

    I was so fortunate to work half time during the school year. But there were days when I did not want to go to work. But I also enjoyed the work, much of the time. I liked the contact with the outside world. I think I would have loved quarter time work during the school year.

  • http://www.lifehappenswhen.com/ Leanne@ Life Happens When

    Sorry to chime in a little late! I’ve been out of town (and out of touch apparently) for the last week at our family lakehouse where this isn’t any cell phone/internet service!! :) I feel like I’m in an interesting position because I’ve worked full time outside the home and now I am a stay at home mom (though I tutor a few hours a week). I can definitely vouch for working moms (It is hard work! It is sacrifice!) and stay at home moms (It is hard work! It is sacrifice!).

    I REALLY wish we mothers would just stop this nonsense! No matter how you slice it- being a mother is HARD! And 99.9% of the reason we mothers feel so much guilt and stress and anger and frustration about what we do with the hours in our day is thanks to other mothers!

    Every mother has her own unique situation and every mother should live her life according to that situation!! And just support the other mothers around her. End of story!!