A Fair Few

Friends, I have a few things I need to share.

First, wow. I did not intend my quick takes on Friday to be so controversial. So let me state this, really clearly so nobody misses it:



End of story.

I think it’s awesome that Michelle Obama worked full time outside the home. (and I wish she’d tell me how she landed a job that pays 300 grand a year while she’s at it).

I think it’s great that my neighbor down the street works four days a week outside the home.

I think it’s great that I (now) work a few hours per week outside the home.

I think it’s great that several of my mom friends do not work outside the home.

My point wasn’t that Michelle Obama is a bad mother because she worked outside the home.

Let me be clear, my point is that the Obama’s are full of crap.

When he said they did not have the “luxury” of Michelle staying home, what he meant was, “We cannot (or do not want to) live on only 162,000 dollars per year, which is my salary as a US Senator.”

And that is what pissed me off.

His statement implied that it would have been quite the financial hardship for their family of four to survive on $162,000 per year. Y’all, the median household income in the US is $45,000 per year. But the Obama’s just couldn’t make it on $162,000. They just couldn’t afford the luxury of only living on one grossly inflated income instead of two.

What he should have said was, “My wife wanted to work outside the home and we like having a lot of money.”

At least then they’d be honest.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Moving right along.

A car update.

We went and looked at the Sienna this weekend.

The Dark Horse Winner

Then we brought it home with us.

What can I say, my husband was right.

I wasn’t in love the shape at first, but I LOVE driving it. It really drives just like a sedan. It’s awesome.

It’s a 2012 and has almost all the features I wanted. It has the backup camera and power side doors, is 8 passenger, and the middle windows go down. The only feature it doesn’t have that I wanted was the power liftgate, but that’s not the most important.

As a somewhat new driver, I love the backup camera!

It was on an internet special because it had been sitting on the lot the longest. They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.

I’ve got plans for this guy!

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  • http://http Molly Makes Do

    I hear pharmicists at work claim that “money” is tight all the time and it just riles me up (though I give them the benefit of the doubt that they might have high medical bills or their house just exploded or something like that), particulary because they then turn around and tell us about the cruise they’re taking or the two motorcycles and three cars they own.

    If my husband brought in the “average US income” I would stay home and we’d live comfortablly – okay I might have a “few hours a week job” just to breath some fresh air.

    But you’re right at the beginning – working mothers make sacrifices, SAHM’s make sacrifices, single parents make sacrifices, married couples make sacrifices, Ph.d studenst make them and GED students make them and just because they’re different sacrifices doesn’t mean anyone is better or worse! amen!

    P.S. Ohh the new car is pretty and shiny congrats … now go fill it up 😉

  • elizaraxi

    Woohoo! Love the new ride!! :-) So glad it turned out to be such an easy experience for you guys.

  • http://michelle-endlessstrength.blogspot.com Michelle

    Wow, guess I need to go back and read the comments from Friday, LOL. I agree with you and that is pretty much the thing that ticked me off too. 162,000 is right about double what my husband and I make TOGETHER!!! holy crap!

    okay…Love the Sienna. So glad you do, too. Mine’s a 2006. I would buy another one though…maybe I should check out some 2012’s. (shh, don’t tell my husband. LOL)

  • midwestmom3

    I am so glad you like it! I suggested you check it out last week in your comment section. I really like how my Sienna drives and the reliability is awesome. You will have many happy years together!!! Congratulations!

  • joymhb

    Congrats on the new car!!

    Not meaning to re-open the can of worms but is it possible that the quote is from 16 years ago when their first daughter was born, he ran a community outreach program and they both had a boatload of student loans to pay back?

    I totally agree that as long as the children as well cared for and feel loved it is noone’s business who works where!!

  • http://diapeepees.blogspot.com Amy@Diapeepees

    Gotta say I love this: What he should have said was, “My wife wanted to work outside the home and we like having a lot of money.”

  • maggiefromtheheart

    I love how people take what you said out of context. That’s why I want to burn down the internet sometimes.

    LOVE the new ride! Now it’s time to fill it up with babies! :-)

  • spilisz08

    haha, Molly and Maggie, that’s my big plan! Fill up the van. Wish me luck!

  • Pat

    Nice minivan. It is nice that Atticus gets a change from a Caravan