I’m going to share just a short quote from St. John Chrysostom, which a wonderful, faithful couple I know through work sent to us as part of our wedding gift. It’s so beautiful, it bears repeating. Thanks Nick and Christine! “When two become one in Christ, their love can enable them to transcend any limitations imposed by the world. Dependent on their spiritual gifts, either one may teach the other, and both together may fill their common life with as… Read more

I’m going to be blunt. Sometimes its very hard for me to care about poor people. It’s harder to care, and let my own feeling of powerlessness and ineptitude overwhelm me, than it is to just harden my heart to what others suffer. Now, you’d think being a student of ‘social justice’, I would have a better skill set for dealing with this problem. I don’t. The program I am currently in has done an excellent job of pointing out, in… Read more

So I haven’t written anything in just about a month. Because in the past month I have done the following things: Finished finals and papers Mad, rushing wedding plans Flown home for Christmas Survived Christmas with my loco familia Mad, rushing wedding plans GOT MARRIED (January 3,2009) and now I’m in Mexico, sitting by the sea.  Life is very good. Today husband and I are going into downtown Puerto Vallarta to be tourists and to visit the Cathedral of Our… Read more

Being is always better than non-being.   Either that’s true, or, it isn’t.  Its an either/or, not a both/and.    Just a short reflection. I wrote 11 pages today. I’m fried. Read more

Which is all I have time to post from now until Thursday when my paper is due. After which time I hope to be able to post something significant about Advent.  The Photos: 1. Book Pile #1 2. Book shelf #1 3. me on Thanksgiving with my creation (pumpkin cake) 4. Pumpkin spice cake (yum!)    God Bless and Happy Advent! Read more

In order to avoid keeping my loyal readers in the throes of curiosity any longer, I am happy to share the results of my library crusade. 🙂 I didn’t find all of the books I was looking for, but I also found a few that I wasn’t. All in all, a pretty good library day. 1). Feather Your Nest: The Complete Guide to Outfitting, Cleaning, Organizing, and Caring for Your Home by Carentha Harris.  I figured, since I’m going to… Read more

when I remember just how much I loved the ABC show My So-Called Life, which was on in the mid-late 90’s ( I don’t remember the date, I remember I was in 6th grade). You can watch all 13 of the episodes on ABC’s website. Ah, teen angst in all its glorious-ness. From hence the mouth of insightful 15 year-old Angela Chase (played by Claire Danes) comes my quote of the day: “Sometimes it seems like we’re all living in… Read more

Taking a page from Jen at conversion diary…                                        —– 1—– The fiance and I own an absurd number of books. He put together the bookshelf we bought on Sunday (shelf #2 of ______) and we went through the formal process of deciding which books go where. We made piles, we debated about the piles. No books were thrown (but several were… Read more

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