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Zack Exley on Christianity and Empire

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten acquainted with a movement of Christians that is vibrant, enormous, and yet refuses to let itself be named or to take credit for any of its accomplishments. Some have named subsets or aspects of the movement — for example, "The New Monastics," "The Emergent Church," "Ordinary Radicals," and even "Revolutionaries." But there are millions of people swept up into this movement who have never even heard those phrases.I grew up an atheist and a left-wing act … [Read more...]

Rev. Dr. Jaime Clark-Soles on Radical Ministry

And he said to them, "Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like the master of a household who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old." (Mat 13:52 NRS)I’m a scribe. In modern lingo, I’m a New Testament scholar who teaches seminary students. I’m also a disciple of Jesus Christ trying my best to honor treasures both old and new.I teach and learn with students who are passionate, faithful, creative and visionary. God has given them big dream … [Read more...]

Cana as Matchmaker, Midwife, Town Crier

As excitement and hope continue to grow about our efforts at creating a convergence of people who are committed to Convening, Advocating, Networking for Action amongst the Generous, Liberative Christianity Movement there are many exciting things happening on the world of Cana.Think of the Cana Initiative as a Verb. Rather than thinking of the Cana Initiative primarily as an organization the suggestion was made to frame our efforts as a verb - as in “to Cana something”. To Cana it means to put … [Read more...]

Amanda Henderson on Building Bridges

It took us a few weeks to coordinate our schedules, but when we finally connected, we decided to meet at the funky, hipster coffee shop on the edge of downtown Denver that lies halfway between the churches that we each serve. Rob is the pastor at a new church plant in the neighborhood where I serve a mainline, 124 year-old congregation. At first glance we couldn’t be serving more different communities. Rob is serving a non-denominational Evangelical church that meets in a renovated warehouse … [Read more...]

A Lenten Meditation from Aaron Klinefelter

A Lenten Meditation: In the midst of the liminal, or What do a hawk, pigeon, and goose have to teach us?We have a visitor at our church. She stops by from time to time. But often she’s only around for a fleeting moment, just long enough to keep an eye on things. She perches atop our steeple, carefully balancing up on the cross, ever vigilant but always wary. She’s a red-tailed hawk, full of powerful grace and scary beauty. I had the arresting good fortune of seeing her on the gro … [Read more...]

CANA Initiative #4- Generous Christianity Ethos

CANA(Convening, Advocating, Networking, and Acting) has a group of four major initiatives to spearhead in the next year. These first four areas can be viewed as a bit of the origin story of CANA over the last nine months, but were clearly defined by participants at the CANA kick off meeting in November 2013 at the Washington Cathedral. The fourth initiative is the:Generous Christianity Ethos InitiativeGoals    Encourage new, expanding, generative and meaningful expressions of Ch … [Read more...]

Join us – Cana Calendar

Life in the world of the Cana Initiative has been very busy and productive. We continue to hear relief, excitement and hopefulness in people when they learn that there is a concerted effort of Convening, Advocating, Networking and Acting for A Generous Christianity in North America.The Cana approach is to provide crucial convening, advocating, networking energies at the right time in the most crucial and “pregnant” efforts in order to extend, broaden and sustain the Generous Christianity Mov … [Read more...]

Everyone Belongs by Shawn Casselberry

Everyone Belongs Imagine a world where everyone belongs.  Where we don’t demonize people who think differently than us. Where we don’t think we’re better than anyone else. Where there is no “us and them.”  There’s just “We.” Where we are one human family. Where there are no labels except “beloved” and “Child of God.” Where we live together in the same neighborhood despite racial and economic differences. Where there are no prisons or walls to divide us. Where we share resources so that … [Read more...]

#SundayWisdom: An Invitation to Live Tweet Lent

This year, the CANA Initiative would like to invite you to an experiment....An Invitation to Live Tweet LentDear Emergent/Mainline/Progressive Christians:It became the custom of the early Christians to prepare for Easter with the season of devotion that we call Lent. Customs are funny things -- they change as culture changes. This year, we would like to invite you to an experiment marking the season: A Generous Christianity Lenten Twitterfest named #sundaywisdom.Every Sunday, … [Read more...]

Share 30 seconds of good news

Share 30 seconds of good news on a video and we will share it with others in the Cana ecosystem.Just shoot a video with your webcam or phone and send link to or Tag CanaCast on Youtube  … [Read more...]