Cana as Matchmaker, Midwife, Town Crier

As excitement and hope continue to grow about our efforts at creating a convergence of people who are committed to Convening, Advocating, Networking for Action amongst the Generous, Liberative Christianity Movement there are many exciting things happening on the world of Cana.Think of the Cana Initiative as a Verb. Rather than thinking of the Cana Initiative primarily as an organization the suggestion was made to frame our efforts as a verb - as in “to Cana something”. To Cana it means to put … [Read more...]

Join us – Cana Calendar

Life in the world of the Cana Initiative has been very busy and productive. We continue to hear relief, excitement and hopefulness in people when they learn that there is a concerted effort of Convening, Advocating, Networking and Acting for A Generous Christianity in North America.The Cana approach is to provide crucial convening, advocating, networking energies at the right time in the most crucial and “pregnant” efforts in order to extend, broaden and sustain the Generous Christianity Mov … [Read more...]

Share 30 seconds of good news

Share 30 seconds of good news on a video and we will share it with others in the Cana ecosystem.Just shoot a video with your webcam or phone and send link to or Tag CanaCast on Youtube  … [Read more...]

Improvement, Innovation, Invention – We need them all

Zern Liew is a strategic design consultant.I know of him because I spend a lot time thinking and writing about the interplay of Improvement, Innovation and Invention. And Zern writes about such things. In the area of design consultants the distinction of these three notions really matters. And, I think in the world of faith formation and cultural impact they also really matter.These three stages of creation take on different degrees of the creation process. They are all … [Read more...]

All-hands-on-deck moment in history

My friend Thom Olson is right. Thom is a really bright guy with experience as a theater director, seminary graduate, Chemical Dependency Counsellor and Post-prison Program Director. Thom says things like “my faith has been made so much better by spending time with and learning from liars, cheaters and convicts”.Spend any time with Thom and you will hear him say “We live in All-hands-on-deck moment in history”.Thom is right. Especially when it comes to what it will take for us to pursu … [Read more...]