Attention editors and film critics: Cue the Jaws theme

samson.jpgOh my. The following paragraphs from a new report by Variety are just what the mainstream media want to hear right now.

Cue the theme from Jaws as Gibson takes a look into the future.

As for what he’ll do after resting a while in his hammock, Gibson hinted there were myriad other stories in the Bible that deserve celluloid treatment.

“There are good stories in that book — it’s worth looking into them.”

You know, there is a comic book version of the Samson story out there. The action and dialogue — muscles, martial arts, seduction and torture — might be right up Gibson’s alley.

Sample dialogue: “Oh Lord God! Hear me please. Give me strength this one last time. I am prepared! You strengthen me, oh Lord! … Now let me die here with the Philistines!” What happens next is painted in giant, ragged, screaming letters that say “GRRUUNN,” “CRAACCKK,” “AAAIIIEEE” and one final “WHUMP!”

There might be a role in that movie for Frank Rich.

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